Coach Carson - The Simple Way to Retire Early with Real Estate

After delivering an epic guest post on the tax advantages of investing in real estate, I asked Chad Carson from to join me on the podcast to hear more about his own experiences with real estate investing. Chad started with only $1,000 in the bank and was able to build up a real estate empire that now consists of over 90 units! It’s an incredible story of hard work, intelligent money management, and perseverance so listen to find out how he did it. And if you’ve ever wanted to know what it felt like to be a full-time real estate investor when the entire housing market collapsed in 2008, hear how Chad survived despite making over 50 acquisitions in 2007 alone! Highlights: How to get started in real estate with no money What is ‘bird dogging’? Why you should invest in something that’s simple and understandable The numerous ways to finance real estate purchases What it was like to survive the financial crisis as a real estate investor after making 50+ acquisitions in 2007 The importance of having a cash reserve Why you should house hack or do a live-in flip if you want to retire early What Chad would do if he was starting again and wanted to reach financial independence as quickly as possible Why you need to be cautious when considering passive real estate investing options How buying real estate to live in is much different than buying real estate as an investment  

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