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Hey Everybody!
Rose Caraway here, your favorite Sexy Librarian... just stopping in to say, "Hey! What's Up?"
As I have stated previously, I am adding another 'job' hat to my collection by taking on the title: BLOGGER and diving right into it (unedited with a little goofing off for added fun). This blog will serve as an audio blog as well as a written one and is going to vary (widely) on topic matter. For example; current project status regarding audiobook narrations, "The Kiss Me Quick's" upcoming episodes (including any guest writers/narrators to be featured on the show), fun erotica book reviews... and eventually I will be working up to add in some actual (oh god!) interviews AND of course anything else that seems fun and interesting along the way.
Today's 'audio' blog-post is titled, "The Right People Get It".
1. Current audiobook, Allen Dusk's "Diverse Desires", featuring 11 Dark Erotica tales.
2. News on Rachel Kramer Bussel's"The Big Book of Orgasms: 69 Sexy Stories" audiobook
3. Up next on the KMQ, "All over the King's Bed"   4. Latest Reads: Sommer Marsden's"Coming Together: Hungry for Love" a Zombie Erotica anthology featuring 17 different authors. And Tamsin Flowers'"Zombie Erotoclypse", another Zombie Erotica anthology featuring 5 stories by Tamsin Flowers. (I see a KMQ Halloween episode coming from this one!!!)
5. Currently Reading: Zander Vyne's"Amaranthine Rain".
(Notice a little theme yet?)    6. Finally... What do "Tears of Tess (Monsters in the Dark #1)"-"Friday the 13th"-"Touristas"-"300" have in common?

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Thanks so much for listening!
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