The greatest present of all time

Amy: Hello listeners! This is Amy Smalley reminding you this holiday season that sometimes the very best present you can give your family is…...being….present. Michael: Oh Amy…. Amy: What? You don’t get it? It’s present like a gift but also like you know the present…. Michael: Oh no I get it, listeners I’m so sorry I think that may be the last time I let Amy open the show. Amy: Hey, everybody loves puns they’re so, punny. Michael: oh no. Amy: You should probably put me in a punitentiary Michael: Listeners I’m so sorry I promise today’s episode will not in fact be about puns. We are going to talk about how you need to make sure you remain present this holiday season so you don’t miss out on all the wonderful memories happening all around you. Amy: So to find out about how to wrap up this present of presence, stay tuned! Distraction of the Day: I’m pretty excited about driverless cars but I just learned something from a legitimate scientific study that shows why driverless cars will be the greatest invention of our time! Amy, can you guess what would get me overly excited? BOOK US FOR A COMEDY NIGHT OR RELATIONSHIP EVENT  Follow us on your favorite social app: Instagram Facebook Twitter

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