Calm down holiday drama in 3 minutes or less

In this corner, we have Uncle Joey who’s had too much to drink and some strong opinions about the recent elections. Annnnnnnd in this corner we have our challenger Aunt Marge who feels the need to correct people about practically everything and is just itching for an opportunity to disagree. In this epic clash of opinions who will win in this holiday Battle Royale? Amy: Um, I don’t really think anyone wins? Michael: *sarcastic* But there’s always a winner! Amy: No, I don’t think so. Really in these family battles no one wins and everyone just feels kinda awkward. Michael: So what you’re saying is engaging in family drama doesn't actually fix anything and just creates more tension? Huh, who knew? Amy: So today we are going see how engaging in family drama isn't really helpful and how we, as Christ followers, should be seeking to de-escalate conflict instead of provoke it. Michael: And we’re going to teach you a method that can de-escalate this conflict in just three minutes. For the Distraction of the Day, I’ve got a special video for Amy today. It’s only a one minute commercial for Spotify, the music streaming service. There’s no way their commercial could cause Amy to be there? Stay tuned till the end of this podcast to find out whether or not I can succeed in terrifying Amy with a Spotify commercial. BOOK US FOR A COMEDY NIGHT OR RELATIONSHIP EVENT  Follow us on your favorite social app: Instagram Facebook Twitter

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