The Lesser Pump

The beginning and the end are worn. Virtual instruments controlled by samples. A G-man posing as a number station. A preachy New Year’s reveler. Ice calving from an iceberg. A hammer strike. Dronecast #38 Show Notes: Download: audio, video TITLE: The Lesser Pump SHORTDESC: Experimental track featuring virtual instruments driven by samples ARTIST: Franklyn Monk ALBUM: Dronecast TRACK: 38 GENRE: Ambient, Drone, Experimental, Field recording YEAR: 2017 PUBLISHER: Quasigentsia LINKS Permalink Archive Audio Archive Video TAGS: music, experimental, electronic, ambient, drone, field recording, homebrew, franklyn monk, dronecast, podcast, 38, reaper, audio, video, sound effect, MIDI CC, samples, FBI, NOAA, PMEL, cleaving, vinyl, hammer strike MIRRORS: YouTube FaceBook SoundCloud SOFTWARE: Audio REAPER (v. 5.33.0) Video Shotcut (v. 17.02) SOURCES: United States Department of Justice Federal Bureau Of Investigation. The Salvage Racket, 1956 Carpenters (2 Cuts). 78 shellac record sardana. File Under Toner PMEL Acoustics Program (NOAA). Cryogenic (Ice) LICENSE: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International

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