Franklyn Monk Dronecast #32, Raumo: z0 Z0 or Z0 may refer to: Characteristic impedance, a ratio used in electronics Impedance of free space, a physical constant Z boson, an elementary particle that mediates the weak force a rare rail transport modelling scale Roughness length, a factor used in wind speed calculations Z0 sex-determination system in biology Audio: REAPER Video: ffmpeg, with heavy postprocessing in ShotCut and iMovie Titles: inkscape, and no I'm not satisfied with them. I just had to stop, I had to stop. So I stopped with the promise that my next video will have better title/credit cards. Episode link | Archive.org item | Youtube Follow me Twitter: @fqmonk Facebook: facebook.com/fqmonk Website: fmonk.quasigentsia.com

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