Franklyn Monk Dronecast 28: Outtakes. Just some scraps I had laying around. I record as I write and delete everything up to the final recording—to save disk space, and because there's always too much to review. Recordings get scattered all over the place, and I'll loose track of them, and sometimes stumble over them again. Instead of deleting them this time, I decided to give you a behind the scenes look at my writing process. You can listen to the evolution of Tour Guide (formerly Fairy Tale, and before that Nursery Rhyme. It was originally scheduled to be #26, but took longer than I had anticipated to work out. I like all the versions, but the one I pushed out is my favorite. There's also some other stuff that never became anything. Important lesson here, don't waste your time on shit that ain't gonna work—you'll get a sense of what's salvageable and what's torturous. Anything could be made to work, with enough aggravation and toil and effort. But if it's aggravating and toiling and effortful, just stop, you'll end up hating yourself. Every word you write isn't gold, every phrase you utter isn't a poem, learn the difference and move on. There's some cool lines there though, and it's funny as hell, so here, some rough cuts. I probably have more on my phone I might push out sometimes, but not soon, this took too much work. Since I put this together in a coffeehouse I couldn't record the intro, so I had my computer read it. There's also a computer generated voice reading the segments of a podcast—as best I can determine them to be. I thought about doing the whole talk my audience to death with personal info, and what not, but I hate it when podcasts have long intros, and outros, and pandering fucking personal tales, etc. I know it's done because people are more likely to follow the person, not the work, and it's easier to brand, and the additional length makes ads more palatable, and give the audience warm fuzzies, but I can't stand it, I can't skip them fast enough—so, I won't do it, but I reserve the right to change my mind at a later date. The parts of a podcast segment is funny though. Sorry for the ramblings, I've been at this all day, something like nine hours, heading out now, bye! Episode Link | Archive Item | YouTube Twitter: @fqmonk Facebook: facebook.com/fqmonk Website: fmonk.quasigentsia.com

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