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Once upon a time in a desolate land In the middle of a Familiar worldsystem You'd recognize it It's right over there Stood a tree. Under the tree sat a poet. It was the last tree and the last poet. Fitting they should die together Thought the poet. Fitting, thought the tree, But useless. No more useless than Love thought the poet. And the tree dropped a leaf. We shall die, We shall die together We shall die, We shall die together And they did. The tree lost its branches and the poet decomposed. LAUGH They're still there A dead testament to waste And desolation For whoever should wander by The commentator shakes Its head and says What I mean to say Once upon a time In a desolate land The last poet And the last tree Sacrificed themselves So that you may Stare in despair and regret What you have done HORROR HORROR Look at what you have wrought Look at what you wrought. CRY LAUGH Episode Link | Archive Item | YouTube

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