2011 #01: Michael Legge and Catie Wilkins

Here it is, almost live from The Stand comedy club in Edinburgh. The very first RHEFP (rhefp), a daily podcast keeping you up to date with all the Fringe gossip and hot and not shows. Plus loads of stupid banter with a top comedy guest (or in this case Michael 'Nerrin' Legge). It's the first try so sorry if the sound is a bit uneven - we tried to record it with the Tascam but some audience interaction sent that smashing to the floor and so this is the version recorded through the desk, and I think Michael might have forgotten to speak into his microphone. Because he is a dick. Or the balance might have been off. But let's blame Michael. We talk about foam pies and pizzas in eyes and Twitter threats, as well as finding out which made-up shows the audience have already seen. There's stand-up from Catie Wilkins and a competition in which you will find out Rasputin's phone number and who Michael may or may not be cat-sitting for. Plus tales of Hunter from Gladiators and being wanked off by a ventriloquist dummy (not the same story). And someone won 50 in cash.

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