Jeff Hays: Entrepreneurship, Crowdfunding, & Controversy - #195

Bought, the Movie will be available to view for free from Feb 20th – Mar 6th. Click HERE to register and watch one of the most important documentaries you will ever see!   Jeff Hays is a filmmaker, serial entrepreneur, and the visionary behind Capstone Entertainment, a film and television production and distribution company. Jeff is most well known for his work on the controversial documentary, FahrenHype 9/11, and for his production of On Native Soil, for which he was nominated for an Academy Award in 2005. His most recent work was the production of Doctored, a deep investigation exposing the unseen tactics, deception, and criminality that are rampant in the medical industry, a film that became one of the most successful independently distributed DVDs of 2012 following its release in theaters. Jeff is currently working on a follow-up film titled Bought, which will dive into the world of Big Pharma and the controversies behind vaccines and the truth about GMOs in the American food supply. On top of his film-making prowess, Jeff has also started more than 20 companies, including NextFitness, Zingback, and Talk 2 Technologies, and he also owns eight tech patents for good measure.   Why you should listen –     Jeff comes on Bulletproof Radio to discuss crowdfunding, how to avoid the buzz-saw of failure, the controversy surrounding vaccines and GMOs, and walking the line between two extremes to find the truth. Enjoy the show!

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