#285: Is It Time to Reinvent Yourself?

When your business is on the growth track—think more locations, more customers, more payroll—it’s easy to forget that with growth comes new challenges. And, as author Dr. John Hillen warns, a blind spot will quickly turn into a full-blown crisis if you’re not adapting your leadership along the way. Tune in as John shares common signs of trouble and, better yet, exactly what to do to avoid it altogether. Also joining us is Ramsey Solutions Senior Vice President Daniel Tardy and EntreLeadership Vice President Sarah Sloyan to talk about the importance of replacing yourself as your organization gets bigger. entreleadership.com/podcast Buy the book: What Happens Now? The EntreLeader's Guide to Delegation from EntreLeadership Personalized Growth Planner from Infusionsoft Want expert help with your business question? Call 844-944-1070 and leave a message or send an email to podcast@entreleadership.com. You could be featured on a future podcast episode!  

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