Wash. Post: WH Drafts More Clearance Cancellations Demanded by Pres. Trump, Could be Released as Distractions to Unfavorable News; Pres. Trump Once Again Voices Support for Manafort as Criminal Trial Recesses for Week; Amid Jury Deliberations Pres. Trump Aug 18, 2018 Listen
dm. McRaven: Revoke My Security Clearance, Too, Mr. President; Dept. of Defense Postpones Military Parade Pres. Trump Wanted; Omarosa Manigault Newman's Publisher Tells Trump Campaign: We "Will Not Be Intimidated;" Aretha Franklin: 1942-2018Aug 17, 2018 Listen
Former CIA Director Michael Hayden Responds to President's Thinly Veiled Threat to Revoke His Security Clearance; Prosecution's Closing Argument to Jury: Manafort Lied; Four-Year-Old Adopted Girl Faces Possible DeportationAug 16, 2018 Listen
EXCLUSIVE: Lynne Patton Responds to New Audio from Omarosa Manigault Newman; WH Falsely Claims Blanket Non-Disclosure Agreements Commonly Used By Past. Admins.;Stephen Miller's Uncle Calls Him an "Immigration Hypocrite;"Aug 15, 2018 Listen
Manigault Newsman Threatens to Release More WH Tapes; FBI Agent Peter Strzok Fired Over Anti-Trump Texts; res. Trump Hits McCain on Health Care Vote, Again; White Supremacists Rally Again, Feel Emboldened By Pres. Trump;Aug 14, 2018 Listen
President Launches Broadside Against Protesting NFL Players as Charlottesville Anniversary Approaches; Pres. Trump's Private Attorneys Repeat Insistence of No "Perjury Trap" For Their Client; Fires Burns as Arson Suspect Appears in Court;Aug 11, 2018 Listen
Nunes: "We Have to Keep the Majority" to Protect Pres. Trump; Special Counsel's Office Cities "Ongoing Investigation" in Request to Keep Manafort Trial Discussion Secret; Spike Lee Connects Past to Present in New Film "BlacKkKlansman;"Aug 10, 2018 Listen
Rep. Collins Speaks After Insider Trading Charges; President's Legal Team Doesn't Want Questions it Considers a 'Perjury Trap; One-on-One with Longtime Trump Ally Roger Stone; Marathon Algae Bloom Kills Marine Life in Southwest FloridaAug 09, 2018 Listen
Crucial Primary Races in Kansas, Michigan, Missouri and Washington State; Manafort's Defense Tries to Destroy Gates' Credibility; Largest Wildfire in California History Among 17 Now BurningAug 08, 2018 Listen
Rick Gates Takes The Stand As Star Witness For The Prosecution In Manafort Trial; Source: President Urged to Stop Tweeting About Trump Tower Meeting; Pres. Trump Questions LeBron James' IntelligenceAug 07, 2018 Listen
Accountants: Manafort Doctored Financial Statements; CNN: Mueller Team Interviews "Manhattan Madam;" Mueller Team Zeroes in on Manafort's Alleged Tax, Bank Fraud; A Tale of Two White Houses, Part Two; Pres. Trump Slams Russia Probe as a "Hoax" Hours AfterAug 04, 2018 Listen
Wait. Russia Is A Threat?; Prosecutors Highlight Paul Manafort's Lavish Spending, Bookkeeper Testifies He Was Broke By 2016; Alleged Russian Agent's Infiltration Of GOP Circles Anything But Subtle; Politico: Giuliani Says Pres. Trump To Make Mueller SitAug 03, 2018 Listen
Cleanup On Aisle One; With Presidential Encouragement; Growing Hostility Toward The Press Encouraged By Trump; Witnesses Detail Manafort's Lavish Lifestyle In Day 2 Of Trial; TSA Considering Eliminating Screening At Smaller Airports; Qanon Goes MainstreamAug 02, 2018 Listen
Mueller Team Portrays Manafort As A "Shrewd" Liar As Former Trump Campaign Chairman's Trial Begins; Manafort's Team Blames Associate As Trial Gets Underway; You'll Get Nothing, And You'll Like It ; Federal judge Blocks Release Of Blueprints For 3-D PrinteAug 01, 2018 Listen
Goalposts. Moving.; Wash. Post: US Spy Agencies See Signs That North Korea Is Working On New Missiles; Pres. Trump Brags About Putin Meeting Again; Pres. Trump Willing To Meet With Iranian With "No Preconditions"Jul 31, 2018 Listen
Where The Truth Lies; Difficult To Know Who's Telling The Truth; Pres. Trump, Michael Cohen Come Apart At Seams; White House Toggles Between Cohen Staging Epic Attack Against Pres. Trump, Strong Economic ReportJul 28, 2018 Listen
"Allen Knows Where All The Financial Bodies Are Buried"; NY Times: Mueller Examining Pres. Trump's Tweet About Sessions And Comey In Obstruction Probe; White House Says It Didn't "Ban" CNN Reporter; 711 Children Remain Separated At ReunificationJul 27, 2018 Listen
We'll Leave The Gaslight On For You, Part 11; Republicans On Capitol Hill React To Recording; Pres. Trump Slams Cohen For Releasing Recording Of Them Discussing Hush Money For Former Playboy Model; The Summit Of SilenceJul 26, 2018 Listen
WH Ends Practice Of Summarizing Calls With Foreign Leaders; We'll Leave The Gaslight On For You, Part 10; Official: Demi Lovato In Stable ConditionJul 25, 2018 Listen
Pot, Meet Kettle; Avenatti On Cohen Tapes; Woman Who Lost Nine Relatives In Boat Accident Speaks; Judge Grants Immunity For Five Witnesses In Manafort Case; Pres. Trump's All-Caps Tweet On Iran; Immediately Escalates International Tensions; Everything OldJul 24, 2018 Listen
"We Have No Knowledge Of Any Of This"; FBI Has Cohen Tape Of Trump Discussing Playmate Payment; Source: Mueller Wants To Talk To "Manhattan Madam" Who Once Worked For Roger Stone; More Information From Moscow About Meeting; None From White House;Jul 21, 2018 Listen
WH: Talks Underway On Second Trump-Putin Summit On Third Day Of Damage Control From Helsinki; New Poll: Most Americans Disapprove Of Pres. Trump's Handling of Putin At Summit; Kremlin Starts Campaign To Free Alleged Russian Spy in U.S.Jul 20, 2018 Listen
"Very Strong," When No One Was Looking; We'll Leave The Gaslight On For You, Part 7; Trump On Putin, Meddling: "I Let Him Know We Can't Have This"; Trump Slams Former Leaders Of U.S. Intelligence CommunityJul 19, 2018 Listen
Would, Wouldn't, Worst; President Says Just One Word To Blame For Helsinki Uproar; Do Pres. Trump's Helsinki Remarks Amount To Treason?; Grand Jury Indicts Russian Woman On Charges Of Being A SpyJul 18, 2018 Listen
That Was A First. Not The Good Kind; Pres. Trump Throws U.S. Intel Agencies Under Bus At Summit, Refuses To Say Putin Attacked 2016 Election ; GOP Lawmakers Call Pres. Trump's Summit Performance "Disgraceful", "Shameful", "Bizarre and Flat-Out Wrong" ; U.Jul 17, 2018 Listen
Hunting Witches...And Finding Them; Mueller Indicts 12 Russian Military Officers For Election Hacking; As Thousands Protest Against Pres. Trump In London, He Falsely Calls His Own Interview "Fake News"; Six-Year-Old Immigrant Girl Heard On Anguished Tape Jul 14, 2018 Listen
FBI Agent Who Sent Anti-Trump Texts Defends Against Republican Claims Of Bias In Contentious Hearing; SUN Newspaper: Pres. Trump Says He Feels "Unwelcome" In LondonJul 13, 2018 Listen
How Does This Thing Work, Anyway?; Pres. Trump Slams NATO Allies In Brussels, Says Germany Is "Captive to Russia"; Top W.H. Official's Wife: Women In The Military Should Expect Sexual Harassment; Pace Of Immigrant Children Reunification Remains Slow; FirsJul 12, 2018 Listen
"One of The Greatest Acts Of American Generosity And Charity"; Chilly Reception; The New John Dean?; President Trump Blasts NATO On Eve of Summit, Says Putin Meeting Might Be "Easiest" Of His Trip; Judge Kavanaugh Begins His Rounds On Capitol Hill; OfficiJul 11, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump Nominates Brett Kavanaugh To Supreme Court; Rescuers Resuming Efforts To Save Those In Thailand Cave; Federal Judge Rejects Trump Administration Bid To Detain Children For More Than 20 DaysJul 10, 2018 Listen
Where Are The Kids?; Manafort Bank Fraud Trial Has Trump Campaign Connection, According To Court Filing From Mueller Prosecutors; Pres. Trump Trashes GOP Legends; NY Times: Pres. Trump's Lawyers Set New Conditions For Mueller Interview, Says It's increasiJul 07, 2018 Listen
Scandal-Plagued Pruitt Resigns As EPA Administrator; Transparency Failure On Kids In Custody; Pres. Trump Closing In On His Court Nominee; Pompeo Heading For More Talks In N. Korea As Pres. Trump Shrugs Off Concerns; Rescuers: 6 Hours To Reach BoysJul 06, 2018 Listen
GOP's Jordan publicly denies knowledge of abuse at Ohio state; CNN: Trump's patience with EPA chief hits "tipping point"; CNN: Trump asked aides about possibility of invading Venezuela; Crews unsure how to free boys from cave in ThailandJul 04, 2018 Listen
GOP-Led Senate Panel Backs Up Intelligence Community Assessment That Putin Meddled In Election To Help Trump; Search Teams Unsure How To Free Trapped Soccer Team; CNN: U.S. Intel Agency Believes Kim Jong Un Won't Fully Denuclearize;Jul 04, 2018 Listen
Cohen: Loyalty Is To Family & Country Before Pres. Trump; Nuclear Wakeup Call; Some Democrats Call for Abolishing or Overhauling ICE; Whistleblower: Pruitt Scrubbed Official Calendar To Hide Meetings; Missing Soccer Team Found Alive, But Not Out Of DangeJul 03, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump Will Announce Supreme Court Pick On July 9; Comedian Making Prank Call Says He Got Trump To Call Him From Air Force One; Vigil Going On In Annapolis, Maryland; Wife of Editor/Columnist Shares Her Memories; Pres. Trump Again Blames Pres. Obama Jun 30, 2018 Listen
Police: At Least 5 Dead, Multiple Wounded in Newspaper Shooting; Two Newspaper Writers Share What They Saw; Deputy Atty. Gen. Rod Rosenstein, Republicans Clash in Tense Hearing; CNN Questions About Immigrant Family Reunification Go Unanswered By HHSJun 29, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump Gets Another Supreme Court Pick As Justice Kennedy Retires; Justice Kennedy's Legacy; Details of Trump-Putin Summit; Bill Shine Accepts Top White House Job; Late-Night Order By Federal Judge Threatens An Already Consuming Family Immigration PoJun 28, 2018 Listen
A Call For Civility...And Cash; If At First You Don't Succeed; Photo From "Team Mitch" Celebrates Court Ruling; Govt. Declines To Detail Reunification Process For More Than 2,000 Children Separated From Their Parents; Contests in 7 States; Romney Aims ForJun 27, 2018 Listen
We'll Leave the Gaslight On For You, PT 5; New Low For Political Discourse?; New Tweet, Same Old False Claim on Wiretapping;Jun 26, 2018 Listen
Confusion, Chaos and Cruel Words; Migrant Girl Finally Reconnects With Her Mom; Tweets And A Visit Overshadowed By A Bizarre Jacket: First Lady And Ivanka Trump React To Border Crisis; Refusing To Forget The Forgotten; Sen. Marco Rubio Talks To David AxelJun 23, 2018 Listen
The Artlessness of the Deal; Detained Children Cry Out For Their Mom And Dad; New York Governor Tours Facility For Detained Children; The Trauma of Separation; What Was The First Lady Thinking; Emails Suggest "Zero Tolerance" Effectively On Hold, Despite Jun 22, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump Signs Exec. Order to End His Own Family Separation Policy; Does Nothing For Families Split Apart; Texas Charity Operates Dozens of Shelters, Schools For Separated Children; CEO Earns Millions;Jun 21, 2018 Listen
We'll Leave The Gaslight On For You, PT. 6; Source: Pres. Trump Told GOP Lawmakers That "The Crying Babies Doesn't Look Good Politically" ; Catholic Priest Lashes Out at "Zero Tolerance" Policy On Border; New Insight On Audio Of Separated ChildrenJun 20, 2018 Listen
Homeland Security Secretary Defends Controversial Separation Policy at U.S-Mexico Border; DHS Chief Denies Family Separation Amounts to "Child Abuse"; Trump Associates Reveal Contact With Russian in 2016Jun 19, 2018 Listen
Judge Orders Former Trump Campaign Chair Jailed; Trump Lawyers Believe They Can Use IG Report To Challenge Mueller Subpoena; The President VS. The Facts; Trump Told Shinzo Abe He'd Ship 25 Million Mexicans To Japan; CNN on Scene As Border Patrol Agents Jun 16, 2018 Listen
DOJ Watchdog: Comey Violated FBI Norms On Clinton Probe, But Not Politically Motivated; By Choice, Not By Accident; Inside A Border Shelter Housing Immigrant Children; Trump Foundation Sued; Expert Slams Pres. Trump For Saying N. Korea Not A Nuclear ThreaJun 15, 2018 Listen
Whose Party Is This Anyway?; Presidential Primary Clout And What It Means; Pres Trump: North Korea "No Longer A Nuclear Threat" ; Source: Cohen Would Not Be Shocked If He's Indicted; The RidiculistJun 14, 2018 Listen
Trump's Pledge to Stop "Provocative" Military Exercises Provokes Alarm And Confusion in Seoul And Washington; Pres Trump to Senator Graham: We Had A Good Initial Meeting With Kim Jung Un; President Trump on Kim Jung Un: "His Country Does Love Him"Jun 13, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump, Kim Jong Un Arrive At Summit Site; Trump Tweets That Larry Kudlow Has Suffered A Heart Attack, Is In Walter Reed Medical CenterJun 12, 2018 Listen
Remembering Anthony BourdainJun 09, 2018 Listen
Exclusive: Kim Kardashian West Talks to CNN About The Commuted Sentence For Alice Marie Johnson; Exonerated Member of Central Park 5 Speaks Out; First Lady Melania Trump's Office Fires Back at Rudy Giuliani; Pres. Trump Escalates War of Words With Allies;Jun 08, 2018 Listen
Alice Marie Johnson, Daughter, Reunited For First Time Following Her Release From Prison, After Pres. Trump Commutes Her Sentence; Pres. Trump Considering at Least 30 New Pardons; Former Fox News Military Analyst Speaks Out; Stormy Daniels Files Lawsuit AJun 07, 2018 Listen
Moving the Goalpost; Stone Wall Rising; Iconic Designer Kate Spade Found Dead in Her Apartment; D'Souza's Prosecution Conspiracy TheoryJun 06, 2018 Listen
Is The President Above the Law?; Pardoned Conservative Firebrand Speaks Out; Pres. Trump Cancels Philadelphia Eagles' WH Visit Over Anthem Dispute; Mueller's Office Accusing Paul Manafort of Attempted Witness Tampering; Apple Announces New FeaturesJun 05, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump: June 12 Summit With Kim Jong Un Is Back On; Presidential Double Standard?; "Parts Unknown" In Hong Kong Sunday At 9PM ETJun 02, 2018 Listen
It's Good To Be The King; Reluctance On Racism?; Samantha Bee's Vulgar Remark About Ivanka Trump Sparks Backlash; Trump Silent on Estimated 4,600+ Deaths in Puerto Rico;Jun 01, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump Silent on Roseanne Barr's Racism, Instead Attacks ABC for Apologizing; Roseanne Barr's Ex-Husband Speaks Out; Saying "Spy" Doesn't Make It So, Pt. 3May 31, 2018 Listen
ABC Cancels "Roseanne" After Star's Racist Tweet; Pres. Trump Asked Sessions To Retain Control Of Russia Probe After His Recusal, Mueller Team Investigating;May 30, 2018 Listen
Trump Unleashes on Mueller Investigation, Calls it "Rigged"; Trump Honors Fallen Service Members at Arlington; Trump Administration Loses Track of 1400+ Immigrant Children; Storm Alberto Nearing Landfall on Florida's Panhandle; RFK JR. Want Probe of FatheMay 29, 2018 Listen
NSC Confirms Talks Back On With North Korea; Russian Oligarch Met With Cohen 11 Days Before Inauguration;May 26, 2018 Listen
North Korea Reacts To Pres. Trump Canceling Summit; CNN: Special Counsel And Trump's Lawyers Discussed January Date For Presidential Interview With Mueller;May 25, 2018 Listen
Saying "Spy" Doesn't Make It So, PT. 2;May 24, 2018 Listen
CNN: Trump Lawyers Make Offer For Mueller to Interview the President, Want to Limit or Eliminate Obstruction Questions; Saying "Spy" Doesn't Make It So; Carter Page Speaks Out on Confidential FBI Source;May 23, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump Meets With Top Justice, FBI And Intel Officials After He "Hereby" Demands Probe Of Campaign "Spy" Claim; NY Times: Before Election, Donald Trump Jr. Met UAE And Saudi Arabia Emissary Offering To Help Trump Campaign WinMay 22, 2018 Listen
Ten Killed, Ten Wounded In Texas High School Shooting;May 19, 2018 Listen
A Year Of Mueller Time; Team Trump Pounds Away At Mueller Investigation;May 18, 2018 Listen
Giuliani: Mueller Told Trump Team President Can't Be Indicted; New Information Revealed About Infamous Trump Tower Meeting Questions Surround A Mystery Phone Call;May 17, 2018 Listen
North Korea Threatens To Pull Out Of U.S. Summit, Suspends Talks With South Over Military Exercise;NY Times: Justice Dept., FBI Are Investigating Cambridge Analytica;May 16, 2018 Listen
Melania Trump Undergoes Kidney Procedure; Will Remain Hospitalized Through The Week; Palestinian Ministry Of Health: At Least 58 Killed In Gaza As U.S. Opens New Embassy In Jerusalem;May 15, 2018 Listen
WH Won't Apologize for Aides' Cruel McCain Joke; WH Doesn't Deny Trump Aide Made Insulting McCain Joke as Calls Grow for Aide to be Fired; Kelly: Undocumented Immigrants Lack Skills to Assimilate; The Trump Cabinet: The Long List of Who Threatened to QuitMay 12, 2018 Listen
WH Aide On McCain Opposition To Hapsel As Next CIA Chief: "He's Dying Anyway"; New CNN Poll: Only 17% Of Republicans Approve of MuellerMay 11, 2018 Listen
Sources: Cohen Pitched Himself Promising Access To Trump;Source On Cohen's Pitch To Potential Clients: "...You Should Fire Them All, I'm The Guy You Should Hire, I'm Closest To The President";May 10, 2018 Listen
Stormy Daniels' Atty: Cohen Received Approx. $500K After The Election From Company Linked To Russian Oligarch With Ties To Pres. PutinMay 09, 2018 Listen
WSJ: Trump Layers Hope To Decides By May 17 On Mueller Interview, Faced Frequent Interruptions At Practice Session; First Lady Unveils To Help Children, Includes Plan To Combat Cyberbullying; Lava Consumes At Least 26 Homes On Hawaii's Big Island;May 08, 2018 Listen
WH Legal Team: Giuliani Performance A "S**t Show"; WSJ: Trump's Lawyer Micheal Cohen Took Out Lines Of Credit To Secure Access To As Much As $774,000 As Campaign Heated Up; Pres. Trump Assures NRA He's On Their Side;May 05, 2018 Listen
White House Struggles With New Stormy Daniels Story; Will Ivanka Trump Be Called As A Witness; Confusion Over Status Of 3 American Detainees In North Korea;May 04, 2018 Listen
The Story Denied, The Story Now Confirmed; Giuliani: Pres. Trump Open To An Interview If Mueller's Team Is Open To The Possibility "Comey May Be Lying";May 03, 2018 Listen
Rosenstein Warns GOP: Justice Dept. Won't Be Extorted; Wash. Post: Mueller Raised Possibility Of Presidential Subpoena In Meeting With Pres. Trump's Legal Team; 17 More Migrants Accepted For Asylum Processing;May 02, 2018 Listen
Source: Kelly Said The President Was Becoming "Unhinged;" Stormy Daniels Files Defamation Suit Against Pres. Trump; VP Pence's Physician Alerted WH About Ronny Jackson Last Fall; Wall of Untruth; Pres. Trump Says "I've Been 100% Right" As Israel Claims ToMay 01, 2018 Listen
House Intel Republicans Find "No Evidence" Trump Campaign Colluded Even As New Details Surface; Sources: Dr. Jackson Ran A "Grab And Go" Clinic With Easy Access To Drugs For WH Staffers; War & Peace & The President; House Chaplain Forced Out, Lawmakers DeApr 28, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump Admits for First Time Cohen Represented Him In Stormy Daniels Case; Prosecutors Use Trump's Own Words Against Him; Historic Korean Summit Underway; Kim Jong Un Is First North Korean Leader To Step Foot Into South Korea; Jackson Withdraws As VAApr 27, 2018 Listen
Town Hall With James ComeyApr 26, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump Meets With VA Pick; Source Says Dr. Ronny Jackson Is Not Withdrawing For Now; Source: White House Debating If Pruitt Can Stay At EPA; Pres. Trump, First Lady Host French President At First State DinnerApr 25, 2018 Listen
Former Pres. George H.W. Bush In Intensive Care; WH Won't Rule Out Pardon For Cohen; A Question Of "Breeding'"; Suspect in Custody After Day-Long ManhuntApr 24, 2018 Listen
North Korea announces shutdown of Nuclear test site ahead of Trump summit; Washington Post: Sessions tells White House he might quit if Rosenstein is fired; NYT: Maybe Michael Cohen won't "take a bullet" for Trump anymoreApr 21, 2018 Listen
Rudy Giuliani Joins Pres. Trump's Personal Legal Team; WH: Pres. Trump Will Not Go To Barbara Bush's Funeral;Apr 20, 2018 Listen
New Trump Comments On Russia Investigation; Pres. Trump Now Says Russia Will Face New Sanctions "When The Time Is Right";Southwest Pilot Praised For "Nerves Of Steel"Apr 19, 2018 Listen
Former First Lady Barbara Bush Dead At 92Apr 18, 2018 Listen
Trump Lawyer Cohen Reveals His Secret Client Sean Hannity; Judge Orders Government To Turn Over Material To Cohen's Legal Team; Supporters Of Pres. Trump On The Comey Interview;Apr 17, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump: "Mission Accomplished" in Syria; U.S. Officials confident chlorine and sarin used in Syria attack; Trump attorney Michael Cohen expected in federal court MondayApr 15, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump Calls Lawyer Michael Cohen To Touch Base As Prosecutors Say Cohen Is Under Criminal Investigation;Feds Reveal Cohen Search The Result Of A Months-Long Investigation; Pres Trump Claims Comey As "Untruthful Slime Ball";Apr 14, 2018 Listen
Wash Post: Comey Says Trump Was Fixated On Lewd Dossier Details; CNN Exclusive: White House Prepping Talking Points To Undermine Rosenstein's Credibility in Russia Probe; Reports: Tabloid Paid Doorman, Buried Trump Love Child Rumor;Apr 13, 2018 Listen
Sources: FBI Raid Sought Trump's Communications With His Lawyer Michael Cohen Regarding "Access Hollywood" Tape; Pres. Trump Taunts Russia Over Syria: Missiles "Will Be Coming";Apr 12, 2018 Listen
Sources: Trump Considering Firing Rosenstein To Check Mueller; NYT: Trump Wanted Mueller Fired In December; FBI Raid Targeted Records Of Payments To Porn Star, Playmate; Facebook CEO: "We Have Made A Lot Of Mistakes:'Apr 11, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump On Whether He'll Fire Mueller: "We'll See"; FBI Raids Office, Hotel Room Of Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen; Pres. Trump On Syria Attack: "It Will Be Met Forcefully"Apr 10, 2018 Listen
One-On-One With Longtime Trump Ally Roger Stone; Roger Stone And Julian Assange: How Close The Connection?;Apr 07, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump Says He Didn't Know About Stormy Daniels Payment;Pres. Trump: Embattled EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Is "Fantastic"; Pres. Trump Clashing With Military & National Security Team Over U.S. Troops In Syria;Apr 06, 2018 Listen
The President Speaks, The White House Cleans Up; Former Attorney For Daniels And McDougal Speaks For The First Time About His Clients, Interactions With Michael Cohen;Apr 05, 2018 Listen
At Least 3 Wounded, Suspect Dead In Shooting At YouTube Headquarters; President Trump, Unedited; Trouble Mount For EPA Administrator Who Delivers On Trump Agenda;Apr 04, 2018 Listen
What Triggered Twitter Tirade?; Local Anchors Forced To Read Same Script About "Fake" News; WSJ: Mueller Team Looking Into Roger Stone's 2016 Claim That He Met With Julian Assange;Apr 03, 2018 Listen
Advisers? Who Needs 'Em?; CNN: Mueller Pushed For Rick Gates' Help On Collusion; Family Autopsy: Police Shot Stephon Clark 8 Times, 6 In The BackMar 31, 2018 Listen
CNN: Mueller Pushed For Trump Campaign Deputy's Help In Probe Of Possible Collusion With Russia; Fired Va Secretary David Shulkin Responds To Ouster; Pres. Trump Tweets Photos And Says New Border Wall Construction Has "Started" (It Hasn't)Mar 30, 2018 Listen
Pardon Me?!; NYT: Trump Lawyer Floated Idea Of Pardons For Flynn, Manafort; Stormy Daniels' Atty Seeks To Depose Pres. Trump, Michael Cohen; Protests Continue After Police Kill A 22-Year-Old Unarmed Black ManMar 29, 2018 Listen
Chinese State Media: Kim Jong Un Making Surprise Visit to Beijing; Storm Daniels Atty: 8 Women Have Come Forward With Similar Stories; Two More Lawyers Decline To Join Trump Legal Team; Pres. Trump Floats Notion That Pentagon Pay For Border WallMar 28, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump Expelling 60 Russian Diplomats; Stormy Daniels Suing Trump's Lawyer For Defamation; Stormy Daniels: I Am Taking A Big Risk Speaking Out; Former FEC Chairman: Money To Stormy Daniels Could Be Seen As A Contribution To Benefit The Trump CampaignMar 27, 2018 Listen
; WSJ: President Has Asked Advisers Whether He Should Publicly Fight Affair Allegations; Justice Dept. Moves To Ban Bump Stocks; 12-Yr-Old Sandy Hook Shooting Survivor Will March Tomorrow;Mar 24, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump Replaces National Security Adviser McMaster With Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton; CNN Exclusive: Ex-Playmate's First TV Interview On Her Alleged Sexual Affair With Donald Trump; McDougal On Alleged Trump Affair: I Had Many Phone Numbers AndMar 23, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump Furious Over Leak Of Warning He Got About Putin; Special Counsel Wants To Question President About Trump Tower Meeting With Russians, Trump Jr. Statement & Comey, Flynn Firings; Police: Austin-Area Bomber Left Behind 25-Minute Confession;Mar 22, 2018 Listen
Wash Post: Pres. Trump Ignored Warning Not To Congratulate Putin; Porn Star, Playmate And Reality Star All In Legal Action Over Trump; Stormy Daniels Truthful About Sex With Trump; Report: New Explosion In Austin;Mar 21, 2018 Listen
Mueller Gives Trump Lawyers More Details Of What They Want To Talk To President About; Source: Mueller's Team Wants To Ask Pres. Trump About Sessions Involvement In Comey's Dismissal;Mar 20, 2018 Listen
WH: Kelly Reassuring Staffers Fearing More Firings; Stormy Daniels' Lawyer: Other Women Have Come Forward; Will McCabe Get Fired In The Next 48 Hours? U.S.: Russia Targeted Nuclear Plants, Electric Grid, Water SupplyMar 17, 2018 Listen
Mueller Subpoenas Trump Organization In Russia Probe; The Thin Line Between TV And The White HouseMar 16, 2018 Listen
New Connections Between Stormy Daniels And Trump Organization Revealed; A Trump in Lamb's Clothing?;Mar 15, 2018 Listen
Candidates neck and neck in Pennsylvania house race; Key Race Alert; Absentee and provisional ballots being countedMar 14, 2018 Listen
Republicans On House Intel Committee Ends Russia Probe Interviews Without Consulting Democrats; Former Trump Aide Speaks Out After Grand Jury Appearance; Austin Police: 3 Package Explosions Appear To Be Connected;Mar 13, 2018 Listen
S. Korea: Pres. Trump Agrees To Meet Kim Jong Un By May;Pres. Trump Imposes Tariffs On Aluminum And Steel Imports;Mar 09, 2018 Listen
The President And The Porn Star; NY Times: Pres. Trump Spoke With Key Witnesses About Matters Discussed With Special Counsel; Sen. Bernie Sanders On WH Resignations And More;Mar 08, 2018 Listen
Trump Top Economic Adviser Gary Cohn To Resign; George Nader Attended Secret Meeting In Seychelles With Trump Associate; Pres. Trump: North Korea Seems "Sincere" In Talks With South Korea;Mar 07, 2018 Listen
Former Trump Aide Says He Will Defy Russia Probe Subpoena; Republicans Signal House Intel Investigation Could Wrap Up Soon; The Unpredictable PresidentMar 06, 2018 Listen
Defiant Kelly Misrepresents His Handling Of Scandal To Reporters; NYT: Trump Asked Kelly For Help Pushing Out Ivanka, Kushner; NRA: Pres. Trump Doesn't Want Gun Control; New Twitter War Between Pres. Trump And Alec BaldwinMar 03, 2018 Listen
CNN Exclusive: FBI Counterintel Investigating Ivanka Trump Business Deal; CNN: McMaster Could Leave White House By End Of Month; Kushner's Family Business Get Billions In Loans After White House Meeting;Mar 02, 2018 Listen
White House Communications Director Hope Hicks Resigns; Sessions Pushes Back On Trump After "Disgraceful" Insult; Woodward And Bernstein, Together Again, On Trump, Russia And The Shadow Of WatergateMar 01, 2018 Listen
Washington Post: At Least Four Countries Discussed Ways To Manipulate Kushner Based On Business Dealings; Sources: Jared Kushner Loses Top-Secret Security Clearance; CNN: Mueller Probes Trump's Russian Business Dealings Prior To 2016 Presidential CampaignFeb 28, 2018 Listen
Sources: Pres. Trump Appears To Be Backing Away From 21 Year Age Limit For Assault Weapon Purchases; Hope Hicks Expected Before House Intel Committee Tomorrow; Fast Friends For More Than Three Decades Wind Up Being At The Center Of Two Horrible School ShoFeb 27, 2018 Listen
Teachers Return To Stoneman Douglas For The First Time Since Shooting; Students Return Next Week; Ex-Trump Campaign Aide Rick Gates Pleads Guilty To Conspiracy To Defraud U.S., Making False Statements; GOP Congressman Supports Assaults Weapons Ban;Feb 24, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump: "We Have To Harden Those Schools, Not Soften Them; Deputy Resigns After Being Suspended; Mueller's New Indictment: Former Trump Campaign Chairman And His Deputy Laundered More Than $30 Million In Income; Some Distance Now Between Sen. Rubio AFeb 23, 2018 Listen
School Shooting Survivors Speak, Rally, Demand Action; Superintendent: "We Don't Need To Put Guns In The Hands Of Teachers; Stoneman Douglas Alumni Tribute; Pres. Trump Expresses Support For Teachers Carrying Concealed GunsFeb 22, 2018 Listen
The Real Russia Ruse; School Shooting Survivors Demand Action On Gun ControlFeb 21, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump Uses Florida Massacre To Attack Mueller Probe; CNN Exclusive: Mueller's Interest In Jared Kushner Expands To Include Foreign Financing Efforts; WH: Pres. Trump Supports Improving Gun Background Checks; Florida Students Speak Out For Gun ControFeb 20, 2018 Listen
Mueller Charges 13 Russians With Interfering in 2016 Election; Report: Former Playmate Claims She Had An Affair With Trump Years Ago; FBI Admits It Failed To Act On Tip In January On KillerFeb 17, 2018 Listen
17 Dead, At Least 14 Hurt In Florida School Shooting; Shooter In Court Today, Denied Bond;Feb 16, 2018 Listen
17 Dead in Florida High School Shooting;Feb 15, 2018 Listen
We'll Leave The Gaslight On For You, Part 2; WH Now Pins Porter Scandal On Obscure Personnel Security Office; WH Stands By Porter Timeline Despite FBI Contradictions;Feb 14, 2018 Listen
We'll Leave The Gaslight On For You; White House Defends Pres. Trump Amid Porter Scandal; Pres. Trump: Up To Dems If They Want DACA Legislation To Succeed;Feb 13, 2018 Listen
Trump won't approve of Democratic memo; New details of White House cover-up after Porter abuse allegations; Trump defends Porter, doesn't mention womenFeb 10, 2018 Listen
"Fully Aware" Means What, Exactly?; Porter's Ex-Wife:FBI Didn't Ask Me Specific Questions About Abuse;Feb 09, 2018 Listen
Sources: White House Officials Knew About Porter's Abuse Allegations And Scrambled To Protect Him; WH Democrats' Memo Still Being Vetted, Facing Same Scrutiny As Nunes Memo;Feb 08, 2018 Listen
WH Chief Of Staff: Vetting Of Democrats' Memo Will Be Done In Responsible Way; Pres. Trump: "Let's Have Shutdown" If No Deal On Immigration;Feb 07, 2018 Listen
House Intelligence Committee Unanimously Votes To Release Democrats' Rebuttal Of GOP Memo; NY Times: Pres. Trump's Lawyers Want Him To Refuse An Interview In Russia Inquiry; Market Meltdown: Dow Plunges 1,175Feb 06, 2018 Listen
Sound And Fury, But About What?Feb 03, 2018 Listen
Sr. Official: Pres. Trump "OK" With Memo, Moving Toward Release; CNN: FBI Director Frustrated WH Is Not Listening To Memo Concerns;Feb 02, 2018 Listen
Source: WH May Recommend Redactions Of Nunes Memo Over FBI Concerns; CNN Exclusive: Pres. Trump, During December Meeting, Asked Deputy AG Rosenstein If He Was "On My Team";Feb 01, 2018 Listen
Standing By For Trump's First State Of The Union;Jan 31, 2018 Listen
"Extraordinarily Reckless"; GOP Votes To Release Partisan Secret Memo Alleging FBI Misconduct; Official: GOP Memo On FBI At WH For Review;FBI Deputy Director McCabe Abruptly Steps Down After Weeks Of Attacks From President Trump;Jan 30, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump Returns To White House Amid Mueller Bombshell And Questions About Possible Obstruction Of Justice;Jan 27, 2018 Listen
Anatomy Of A (Debunked) Conspiracy Theory; Pres. Trump Proposes Path To Citizenship For "Dreamers" In Return For border Wall And An Immigration Crackdown; NY Times: Pres.Trump Ordered Mueller Fired Last June, But Backed OffJan 26, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump Says He's " Looking Forward" To Testifying Under Oath For Mueller's Russia Probe; Pres. Trump Goes After Deputy FBI Director McCabe; Pres. Trump Considering Plan To Give Dreamers A Path To Citizenship "At Some Point In The Future"Jan 25, 2018 Listen
Wash Post: Mueller Seeking Question Pres. Trump In Coming Weeks; Wash Post: Pres. Trump Asked The Acting FBI Director Whom He Voted For During Oval Office Meeting;Jan 24, 2018 Listen
Shutdown Ending; Congress Punts And Sets Up Same Showdown In 17 Days; House, Senate Pass Bill To End Government Shutdown; GOP Considered Releasing Intel Alleging FBI, Surveillance Abuses;Jan 23, 2018 Listen
White House Urgently Scrambles To Avert Shutdown; Trying To Sway Senators' Votes; Shutdown Approaches, So Does Senate Vote To Stop It; WSJ: Alleged Payment To Porn Star Arranged Via Private Company Registered in Delaware;Jan 20, 2018 Listen
House Approves Short-Term Spending Bill But Shutdown Threat Remains; House Votes To Avert Govt Shutdown But Senate May Not Go Along; House Intel Delays Hope Hicks Interview In Russia Probe;Jan 19, 2018 Listen
Art Of The Blame; Source: Kelly Says Pres. Trump's Pledges On Border "Uninformed"; Axios: Bannon Had A 'Slip-Up' In House Intelligence Answer;Jan 18, 2018 Listen
Steve Bannon Facing Subpoena From House Intelligence Committee And From Special Counsel Mueller; WH: Focus Should Be On Immigration Policy, Not Vulgar Remarks; DACA Deal In Peril, Govt. Shutdown Looms Amid "Shithole" Fallout; ;Jan 17, 2018 Listen
President Trump attacks Democrat who confirmed vulgar slug on immigrants; After calling for day of service, Trump goes golfing; GOP Senator's defense of President Trump draws laughterJan 16, 2018 Listen
Many Republicans silent on President Trump's "shithole" remark; President Trump "loves" controversy over "shithole" remark; Wall Street Journal: Trump Lawyer arranged $130K payment for porn star's silence a month before the 2016 electionJan 13, 2018 Listen
Source: President Trump asks "why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?"; Source: President Trump also asked "why do we need more Haitians? Take them out"; President Trump slams, then supports surveillance programJan 12, 2018 Listen
President Trump: "No collusion," no commitment to talk to Mueller; President Trump slams "sham" libel laws; Trump administration drops Florida from offshore oil drilling plan, other states left hangingJan 11, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump: I Made Clear Today, A Wall Must Be Part Of DACA Deal; Top Dem Defies GOP, Releases Dossier Interview Testimony;Source: White House Preparing For Possible Staff Exodus;Jan 10, 2018 Listen
CNN Sources: Pres. Trump's Lawyers Anticipate Mueller Interview Request And Want To Limit Its Scope; CNN Sources: Oprah "Actively Thinking: About Presidential RunJan 09, 2018 Listen
The Russia Puzzle Pieces; Source: Two other High-Ranking Officials Also Pressured Attorney General Jeff Sessions Against Recusal; GOP Senators Seeks Criminal Probe Of "Trump Dossier" Author; Wolff: I Stand By Absolutely Everything In The Book;Jan 06, 2018 Listen
New revelations from the book on Trump White House; CNN obtains bombshell book on Trump White House; New York Times: President Trump ordered White House lawyer to stop Attorney General Jeff Sessions from recusing himself from Russia probeJan 05, 2018 Listen
Who's This Steve Bannon Guy?; Book: Bannon Calls Trump Tower Russia Meeting "Treasonous"; Manafort Sues DOJ, Special Counsel Over Russia Probe; Book: Bannon Says Don Jr. Will "Crack Like An Egg" In Russia Probe;CNN: Pres' Trump's Explosive Two Days FueleJan 04, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump Tweets " I Too Have A Nuclear Button, But It Is A Much Bigger & More Powerful One... And My Button Works!"; 21 Dead in Sixth Day Of Protests; Moments After Tweet On Nuclear Button, Pres. Trump Pledges To Announce "Corrupt Media" Awards Next WJan 03, 2018 Listen
Kim Jong Un: Nuclear Button Is "Always" On My Desk; Trump: "Time For Change" In Iran; 2018 Challenges: Govt Budget, Dreamers, Infrastructure; Months After Maria: Thousands Still Without Power; Politics, Extreme Weather, 'The Royals' To Make HeadlinesJan 01, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump Claims "No Collusion" 16 Times in 1 Interview; Pres. Trump: "I Have Absolute Right To Do What I Want To Do With The Justice Department"; Pres. Trump: Mueller Will Treat Me Fairly; Most Of U.S. 20 To 40 Degrees Colder Than Usual On NYEDec 30, 2017 Listen
Judge rejects Roy Moore's election challenge; Democrat Doug Jones certified as winner; Washington Post: West Wing planning revamp amid political concerns; Democrat lawmaker says she can work with the President on issues like rebuilding infrastructureDec 29, 2017 Listen
Trump falsely claims most legislation since Truman; President Trump tweets "FBI tainted"; Planned drawing for Virginia House race postponedDec 28, 2017 Listen
President Trump claims Russia dossier "bogus", FBI "tainted"; President Trump has spent nearly 1/3 of presidency at a Trump property; Does tax overhaul "essentially repeal" Obamacare?Dec 27, 2017 Listen
Trump: Bonuses, not me, will help sell new tax law; Pentagon: Russia intentionally violated Syria agreement; Report: Emails suggest toxic culture at Miss AmericaDec 22, 2017 Listen
FBI official backs up Comey's claim that President Trump asked for loyalty; CNN Poll: 47% approve Mueller's handling of Russia probe; UN votes 128-9 to condemn U.S. embassy move to JerusalemDec 22, 2017 Listen
President Trump, GOP celebrate passage of landmark tax bill; Warner: Firing Mueller would be "gross abuse of power"; White House after Warner speech: "There is no consideration of firing the Special Counsel"Dec 21, 2017 Listen
Tax cuts, the President and the truth; Representative Speier: "Rumor" President Trump will fire Mueller Friday; President Trump disputes report about rescinding Gorsuch nominationDec 20, 2017 Listen
Derailed train car dangles over highway; at least 3 deaths; Trump transition team; Muller spar over emails; Senator Collins and Senator Lee say they will vote "yes" on GOP tax billDec 19, 2017 Listen
President Trump lawyers to meet with Special Counsel as early as next week; President Trump on a Flynn pardon: We'll see"; Final GOP tax bill released; Corker & Rubio to vote "yes"Dec 16, 2017 Listen
Presidents Trump and Putin spoke today by phone; Justice Department: Inspector General offers new details on discovery of FBI official's anti-Trump text; Tax bill in limbo after Senator Rubio says he'll vote "no"Dec 15, 2017 Listen
Doug Jones: "Gracious" call from President Trump after historic Democrat win; Deputy Attorney General: "No good cause" to fire Mueller; Senator Hirono joins other Democrats calling for President Trump to resignDec 14, 2017 Listen
The elephant in the room; Candidates Moore, Jones make final pitches to Alabama voters; Four Senators calling on President Trump to resign: Gillibrand, Wyden, Booker and MerkleyDec 12, 2017 Listen
Pres.Trump Speaks At Rally; Friend Corroborates Leigh Corfman's Allegations Against Roy Moore; NY Times: FBI Warned Trump Adviser Hope Hicks About Emails From Russian Operatives; Six Major Wildfires Burning In Southern CaliforniaDec 09, 2017 Listen
A Reckoning. For Some People; Newly Surfaced Comments From Roy Moore; Rep. Trent Franks To Resign Following Sexual Harassment Claim; New Fires Burning In CaliforniaDec 08, 2017 Listen
Donald Trump Jr. refuses to detail conversation with his father about Trump Tower meeting with Russian lawyer; Once abandoned, Roy Moore now receives GOP support; Woman who accuses President Trump of groping her on airplane decades ago speaks outDec 07, 2017 Listen
Roy Moore campaign rally underway in Alabama; Lawyer for former Trump aide: More charges could be coming; State Department warns of violence ahead of President Trump's expected Jerusalem announcementDec 06, 2017 Listen
The "above-the-law" defense; Trump's lawyer claims President cannot obstruct justice; CNN: FBI agent dismissed in Mueller probe changed Comey's description of Clinton's actionsDec 05, 2017 Listen
Flynn Pleads Guilty To Lying To FBI; Cooperating In Probe; Source: Jared Kushner & KT McFarland Were Transition Team Members Who Spoke With Flynn About Contacts With Russian AmbassadorDec 02, 2017 Listen
Elevating The Conversation; Undocumented Man Acquitted In Death Of Kate Steinle; Case Was Center Of Trump Campaign, Sanctuary City Debate; Fate Of Senate GOP Tax Bill Uncertain After New Report Shows it Would Add $1 Trillion To DeficitDec 01, 2017 Listen
Pres. Trump, Re-tweets, And Hate; Source: Pres. Trump Questioned Politics Of Disavowing Obama Birther Claim; Matt Lauer Fired Amid Asexual Misconduct Allegations; Jared Kushner Met With Special Counsel Investigators Earlier This Month To Discuss Form NatlNov 30, 2017 Listen
North Korea launches ballistic missile capable of hitting east coast; Graham on North Korea: "We're headed to a war if things don't change"; GOP tax bill advances after President Trump lobbies SenatorsNov 29, 2017 Listen
New York Times: President Trumps questions authenticity of 'Access Hollywood' tape; President Trump calls Warren Pocahontas in front of Navajo group; Putting facts firstNov 28, 2017 Listen
BEST OF: Melania Trump interview; Harvey Weinstein scandal; Spike Lee on Colin KaepernickNov 24, 2017 Listen
BEST OF: Hillary Clinton interview; Pete Carroll on NFL Anthem protests; Secret MLK document in JFK fileNov 23, 2017 Listen
President calls player's Dad an "ungrateful fool"; Alabama voters sounds off on President Trump's support of Moore; GOP Representative Joe Barton apologizes for explicit photo on twitterNov 23, 2017 Listen
President Trump supports Moore despite sex abuse allegations; Roy Moore's opponent speaks out; President Trump backs Moore: "We don't need a liberal" in seatNov 22, 2017 Listen
President Trump still silent, White House aides hint they hope Roy Moore wins; Charlie Rose suspended, facing sexual harassment allegations; President Trump criticizes UCLA player's father, NFL player & Senator FlakeNov 21, 2017 Listen
Kushner Testified He Did Not Recall Campaign Contact With Wikileaks; Senators Say Kushner Received Emails About Wikileaks; Pres. Trump Blasts Franken, But Stays Silent On Moore; Alabama GOP Gov.: "No Reason To Disbelieve" Moore's Accusers, But Will Vote FNov 18, 2017 Listen
The President takes a pass; Senator Franken apologizes for groping woman in 2006; Senator Al Franken accuser speaks outNov 17, 2017 Listen
The silence is deafening; Roy Moore's campaign pushes back against allegations; Washington Post: Two more women describe unwanted overtures by Roy Moore at Alabama mallNov 16, 2017 Listen
I can't recall well maybe I can; Sessions: I haven't lied under oath; President Trump hasn't influenced me; Sessions responds to reports of possible new special counsel probe on ClintonNov 15, 2017 Listen
Report: Trump Jr., Wikileaks Exchanged Private Messages During 2016 Presidential Campaign; New Accuser: Roy Moore Assaulted Me When I Was 16Nov 14, 2017 Listen
Roy Moore denies sexual abuse of 14-year-old girl when he was 32; Moore: Claim of relationship with teen "politically motivated"; Wall Street Journal: Flynn and son allegedly offered up to $15 million to "forcibly remove" cleric wanted by TurkeyNov 11, 2017 Listen
Ex-Trump security chief testifies he rejected 2013 Russian offer to send five women to Trump's Moscow hotel room; Washington Post: Woman says Alabama Senator candidate Roy Moore initiated sexual encounter when she was 14, he was 32; Neighbor accused of asNov 10, 2017 Listen