Network Reliability Engineering

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DESCRIPTION: Brian talks with Matt Oswalt (@mierdin, NRE @JuniperNetworks) and Derick Winkworth (@cloudtoad, Product Marketing Manager @JuniperNetworks) about how networking has adapted to DevOps and SRE, internally marketing the evolution to teams, and how NRE Labs are helping network engineers get up to speed. SHOW SPONSOR LINKS:MongoDB Atlas - Automated cloud MongoDB serviceVisit to learn more. MongoDB Atlas handles all the costly database operations and admin tasks that you’d rather not spend time on, like security, high availability, data recovery, monitoring, and elastic scaling. Try MongoDB Atlas today!Datadog Homepage - Modern Monitoring and AnalyticsTry Datadog yourself by starting a free, 14-day trial today. Listeners of this podcast will also receive a free Datadog T-shirtGet 20% off VelocityConf passes using discount code CLOUDCLOUD NEWS OF THE WEEK:Google announces Hybrid Cloud platform - "Anthos"SHOW INTERVIEW LINKS:Keeping It Classless (Matt Oswalt’s Blog)Network Reliability Engineer (NRE)What is DevNetOps? NRE Learning “Antidote” Derick’s “Network Interrupted” blog on Packet PushersMatt Oswalt on The Cloudcast (Eps. 285) - “Automation, Devops and Reddit”SHOW NOTES:Topic 1 - Welcome to the show Derick and welcome back Matt. Tell us about your background and some of the things you’re working on now at Juniper.Topic 2 -  We talked a couple weeks ago with Gustavo Franco from Google about SRE, you guys have been working on something you’re calling “NRE”. Tell us about the NRE concept and how this fits into the world of Networking and DevOps.Topic 3 - Networking hasn’t been a very static thing in a long time (DHCP, WiFi access, VPNs), but now we also have applications joining and changing on a regular basis (CI/CD pipelines, containers, etc.). So how is that world changing the demands on “DevNetOps”? Topic 4 - What are you guys working on to tangibly move people forward in this space? Are there any resources or projects they should be aware of?Topic 5 - When you’re a foundational technology, such as networking or storage, it can be tough to adapt rapid DevOps type activities or culture. How much of NRE or DevNetOps is tooling (automation, controllers) and how much is culture changes? Topic 6 - Change is always a journey. What are some of the steps that you’re seeing people take towards NRE or DevNetOps, and maybe what are some of the common early mistakes they make?
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