Discussing Service Mesh Architectures

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Description: Aaron and Brian talk with Armon Dadgar (@armon, Founder/CTO @HashiCorp) about the problems service mesh can solve, the underlying technologies, control plane vs. data plane considerations, and who is making decisions about service meshes within an IT organization.Show Sponsor Links:Liquid Technology - IT Value RecoveryTry CloudLast Service, get a free t-shirt and chance at Amazon Gift CardDatadog Homepage - Modern Monitoring and AnalyticsTry DataDog yourself by starting a free, 14-day trial today. Listeners of this podcast will also receive a free Datadog T-shirtCloud News of the WeekJFrog acquires Shippable, adding continuous integration and delivery to its DevOps platformAmazon launches third Alexa Accelerator for conversational startupsAzure Kinect DK - Build computer vision and speech models using a developer kit with advanced AI sensorsFollow the CAPEX: Cloud Table Stakes 2018 Edition (Charles Fitzgerald - Platformnomics)Show Interview Links:Hashicorp - http://hashicorp.comWhat is a Service Mesh - https://www.hashicorp.com/resources/what-is-a-service-meshConsul - https://www.consul.io/Show Notes:Topic 1 - Welcome to the show. It’s been a couple years since HashiCorp has been on the show, so give us an update on the company - big round of funding ($100M) in November.Topic 2 - A couple months ago we saw you in a video called “What is a Service Mesh?”. It was intended to be a “let’s make this simple” and you realize that a Service Mesh could be a lot of things - L4-L7 routing, Proxy, Encryption, Authentication, Application patterns. Is a Service Mesh solving a new problem, or is it pulling together lots of things that have existed at L4-L7 and application stacks in the past? Topic 3 - “Service Mesh” has become a pretty crowded and fragmented market over the last couple years. HashiCorp Consul has been around since 2014 (was originally “Service Discovery”) and now there’s Linkerd, Istio, Envoy and a bunch of variations. As you talk to people in the market, how are they evaluating the options out there?  Topic 4 - Consul has evolved from Service Discovery to Service Mesh, and seems to have come from more of an authentication and security perspective (some others tends to be more routing-centric). Are there use-cases when one Service Mesh is a better fit than others, or should we expect that all/most of them will more or less converged on features over the next 12-24 months? Topic 5 - Can you give us some examples of how companies are using Service Meshes today (parts or all of the capabilities) and what teams are usually driving the adoption (infra/ops, security, app-dev, etc.)?

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