An ITOps & Infrastructure Look Ahead for 2019

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Description: Brian talks with Ethan Banks (@ecbanks, co-founder of @PacketPushers) about the state of ITOps and Infrastructure heading into 2019.Show Sponsor Links:Datadog Homepage - Modern Monitoring and AnalyticsTry Datadog yourself by starting a free, 14-day trial today. Listeners of this podcast will also receive a free Datadog T-shirtShow Interview Links:Ethan’s Blog - Pushers Homepage - Podcast -
Show Notes:Topic 1 - Happy New Year. Welcome to the show. For anyone that isn’t already a listener to one of the many Packet Pushers podcasts, give us a little bit on your background.Topic 2 - From an ITOps perspective, it seems like the last few years have been focused on “Software-defined” or “Hyper-Converged”, “Hybrid Cloud” and various forms of Automation. How much of those are real concerns of ITOps, and how much of that is vendor hype?Topic 3 - As the usage of the public cloud grows, how much do you see ITOps professionals feeling like they can influence architecture and design, or feel like they are having to shift their focus to other tasks?Topic 4 - You’ve been around the industry for a while, both as a practitioner (hands-on engineer) and now with a broader industry perspective. What are the biggest changes you’ve seen over the last couple years, and what are the areas that just never seem to change/evolve?Topic 5 - We know that application teams are becoming more ingrained in business decisions (lines-of-business, etc.), but is that same thing happening with the ITOps teams as well?Topic 6 - What are some of the ITOps and Infrastructure trends that you expect to be following/exploring more in 2019?
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