The Cloudcast #360 - Multi-Cloud Cost Modeling

Brian talks with Joe Kinsella (@joekinsella, Founder and CTO of @CloudHealthTech) about public cloud evolution, and how customers are viewing multi-cloud (or hybrid-cloud) as their planned architecture, and how well they are able to manage costs across multiple cloud environments.

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Show Notes
Topic 1 - Welcome back to the show. It’s been nearly a year since you were last on. How are you seeing the public cloud evolve in 2018? Topic 2 - Looking at market share reports, there’s still a distribution of usage - from AWS to Azure to GCP to “Other”. Are you seeing companies want multi-cloud or hybrid-cloud, or is it a matter of them really aligning with a single public cloud? Topic 3 - Do you think companies understand that each public cloud does billing and cost modeling differently? Topic 4 - Any tips or tricks you’ve seen that help to make it possible to normalize the differences between the billing and cost models? Tools exist, but how much friction is that creating on usage decisions? Topic 5 - Do you think the public clouds are doing enough to make public cloud usage understandable, or is cloud-cost complexity just an extension of how complex IT cost modeling has always been? Are there areas where this is getting better? Feedback?
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