The Cloudcast #359 - Exploring the Realities of Innovation at Scale

Brian talks with Dr. Bruce Davie (@_drbruced, VP & CTO, VMware Asia Pacific & Japan) about differences in APAC markets, what drove large-scale adoption of new technologies, how to rethink scaling new innovation, the variety across APAC and how to be constantly learning to grow your career.

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Show Notes
Topic 1 - Welcome to the show. For our audience that hasn't been around networking as much, can you share with us some of your background. Topic 2 - Sometimes our perspective on things is too US-centric. You’ve worked around the world and are now back in APAC (Melbourne). What are some of the technology things in that part of the world that would surprise people in North America? Topic 3 - You’ve been speaking about IoT recently. Is it just the population density that makes APAC a faster adopter of IoT technologies, or are there other considerations that are creating this trend? Are regulations a factor, or mobile-phone usage, or something else? Topic 4 - IoT tends to be a conversation that’s driven by a new business opportunity - it’s less about connectivity (e.g. old IT needs). How is the conversation happening between the business leaders asking for IoT and the technology leaders that have to implement it? Topic 5 - We used to (sort of) think about networking (bandwidth, routing, device density) somewhat separate than security. But if densities get really high, or IoT devices are involved in country-mission-critical functions, can people afford to think about them separately? Topic 6 - Are you finding that the APAC region is doing unique things to train up the skills needed for IoT / denser networking / SDN, or is the pace of change happening so fast that they have to learn on the job? Feedback?
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