The Cloudcast #356 - Disaggregating Networking Software

Brian talks with Devesh Garg (Co-Founder/CEO of @arrcusinc) about the launch of Arrcus, the evolution of data networking and variations in market segments, and what makes ArcOS unique in a world of network operating systems.

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Show Notes
Topic 1 - Welcome to the show and congratulations on the launch. Tell us a little bit about the founding team and what market gap Arrcus saw when starting the company. Topic 2 - Before we get into discussing the company and the technologies, let’s talk about some recent shifts in the market. We’ve seen companies moving more workloads into the public cloud, consolidation in the chip market, as well as some of the web scale companies starting to be involved in networking gear. How do some of these changes influence your thinking about the market opportunity? Topic 3 - Let’s talk about the core product, ArcOS. Gives us the basics, and some of the focus areas where you believe it provides unique differentiation in the market. Topic 4 - Networking has always been a hardware-centric game. SDNs eventually sort of skewed towards security. We’ve watched the software-defined storage market struggle with software-only solutions, because of performance or ops-consistency or just how people expect to buy (HW+SW). You have people on the team with experience in the white box technologies. How do you overcome some of those challenges? Topic 5 - With the network having very distinct areas (core data-center or leaf-spine; access, 5G edge, CDNs, etc.), what are some of the critical business-case decisions that the network directly impacts? What does that conversation look like with the business owner? Topic 6 - We’ve seen where networking skills are a very distinct category in the past, and things like CLI-awareness are critical. Do you expect the market that you’re selling to will have the need for this being a strong affinity? Feedback?
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