The Cloudcast #341 - Modeling & Managing Enterprise Applications

Aaron talks with Rahul Ravulur (@ravulur, Co-Founder & CEO of @AppOrbit) about how companies are managing the transition from Legacy applications to Cloud-native applications, the challenges of modeling new environments, and how deployments have changed in the past decade.

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Show Notes
Topic 1 - Rahul, welcome to the show; give everyone a brief introduction and your background Topic 2 - Tell us about your journey to leave VMware and found AppOrbit Topic 3 - What are the common issues are you seeing the industry today around application deployment? What is going well and what challenges remain? Topic 4 - How are the deployment challenges around “Cloud Native” applications different from “Legacy” applications in 2018? How has this thinking evolved over the last few years as customers are educated on the differences? Topic 5 - How are customers using AppOrbit today? Topic 6 - Where and how does application security fit into this model? Feedback?
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