The Cloudcast #327 - 2017 in Review & 2018 Predictions

Aaron and Brian have many, many, many thoughts on the tech that shaped 2017, and make some predictions about 2018 and beyond.

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Mergers and Acquisitions Biggest Tech M&A of 2017 and VC Funding is down
 Big Mergers: Amazon+Whole Foods; CVS+Aetna; Intel+Mobileye; AT&T+Time Warner; Disney+21st Century Fox

2017 Trends Storage companies are becoming HCI companies (thoughts on owning a server supply chain vs. software defined vs. commodity hardware)
 Containers are becoming more mainstream - but so many misleading “surveys”
 Nobody has a clear advantage in “hybrid cloud” architectures
 Public cloud is a portfolio game and data acquisition game, not a cost reduction game
 Building new applications is still a small % of corporate applications
 There’s such a big gap between cloud releases and non-cloud releases (timeframes, updates, informing the market, etc.)

2018 Cloudcast Areas of Interest What happened to DevOps? Is it now in Phase 2 as “SRE”, or is it unobtainable?
 What’s happening in China? How will it impact the rest of the Global markets? Will AI & ML become tangible to non-Data Scientists? What’s the Fantasy Football of AI & ML, for business?
 Where and how will voice technologies (Alexa, Google Home, etc.) fit in long term?
 How will we track the Public Cloud tipping point?
 What is Serverless most disruptive to, or is it additive to app-dev market size?
 Should we track “Serverless” by the ServerlessConf or AWS events?
 Should we be following “edge computing”? What are the core focus areas?

2018 Predictions Continued decline of the middleman in all industries
 Awareness of Cloud Computing “costs” becomes more mainstream
 Does Security even matter anymore? What bigger events can happen?
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