The Cloudcast #314 - Managing the Container Herd

Aaron talks with Shannon Williams (@smw355, Co-Founder Rancher Labs) about the state of the container ecosystem, the evolution of Rancher, and the explosive growth of Kubernetes.

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Show Notes
Topic 1 - Welcome to the show. Shannon, How many times has it been now? The last time we spoke to Rancher was at DockerCon EU, 2015 and we spoke to Darren Shepherd. A lot has changed as we’ll get into but first, introduce yourself and how are you doing these days? Topic 2 - Before we dig into details, what is your take on the state of the container industry currently? What are some themes you’ve seen over the last two years? Topic 3 - For those that don’t know, explain both Rancher and RancherOS. What problem are you trying to solve with each? Topic 4 - Rancher as I understand it specializes in application provisioning to both Kubernetes and Docker Swarm either on-prem on to public clouds, correct? Where does Rancher leave off and Kubernetes or Swarm takes over? How is long term management of the application handled? Folks should check out the whitepaper on comparing orchestrators, I took a look last night and it is well done and “down in the weeds” Topic 5 - Let’s talk about Rancher 2.0. There are some really great things in there, tell the folks about what’s just released. Topic 6 - What are the common use cases you are seeing with your early customers? Are customers using Rancher for existing projects (Hadoop, ELK Stack) using the catalog or are they integrating directly in their CI/CD pipelines? Both? Feedback?
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