The Cloudcast #313 - Making Sense of New Technologies

Brian talks with Alex Williams (@alexwilliams, Founder of The New Stack) about the evolution of Cloud-Native technologies, the challenges of trying to keep up with rapid change, making sense of data that explains the industry, and how to stay connected to the communities of people driving the technology changes.

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Show Notes
Topic 1 - Welcome to the show. It’s now been 3.5 years for The New Stack. Tell us about the various ways that you’re covering all these new technologies and trends and personalities. Topic 2 - If you had to explain the 2014-2017 evolution to somebody new to all of this today, how would you summarize all the options (companies, technologies, foundations, etc.) to them? Topic 3 - How should someone try and make sense of data that is around all these projects? (GitHub stars, survey data, VC funding, the lack of vendor financial reporting, etc.)? Topic 4 - Do you feel like anything since 2014 has become “mainstream” yet (e.g. containers, DevOps, data analytics), or does mainstream mean something very different in today’s world of cloud services? Topic 5 - This marketplace moves very quickly. People look to The News Stack to make sense of it for them. How do you and your team keep up and organize your thinking around all of this? Feedback?
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