The Cloudcast #306 - PaaS Adoption from Around the World

Aaron and Brian talk with Thurupathan Vijayakumar (@ThuruTweets, Solutions Architect | Developer | Microsoft Azure MVP) about cloud deployments in Asia, the business drivers for using public cloud services, the challenges of data sovereignty, and how companies are managing their organizations to align to microservices.

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Thuru's Book - Practical Azure Application Development: A Step-by-Step Approach to Build Feature-Rich Cloud-Ready Solutions Thuru’s Blog Interested in ServerlessConf in NYC, Oct 8-11? 20% Discount on all passes Start Serverless Skills Bundle (4 courses) - (only $49 instead of $79) FREE Alexa Development for Absolute Beginners
Show Notes
Topic 1 - Welcome to the show. You’re our first guest from Asia, joining us from Sri Lanka. Tell us about your background and the types of technology projects you’re working on today. Topic 2 - Recently you wrote a book about building cloud applications on Azure. Can you talk about what attracted you to use Azure (vs. AWS or other clouds) - discuss some of the types of applications you’re building. Topic 3 - You have an interesting perspective having worked with companies from multiple parts of the world. Can you give us some perspective on trends in Asia vs. other areas? What business demands are driving their technology decisions? Topic 4 - How do the companies you work with manage data sovereignty and the location of public cloud data centers? Topic 5 - What are some of the core technologies that you’re using these days? How much do you use native Azure services vs. containers vs. other technologies? How are you keeping up with learning those technologies? Topic 6 - As you’re beginning to focus on microservices architectures, how are you finding global customers adapting to what that means within their internal IT cultures and processes?
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