The Cloudcast #304 - Ansible, DevOps and Containers

Brian talks with Robyn Bergeron (@robynbergeron, @Ansible Community Architect) about managing large OSS projects, how teams adopt DevOps culture and tools, the role of Containers with Ansible, the spread of OSS operations tools, and the role of automation with Serverless.

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Show Notes
Topic 1 - Welcome back to the show. Let's talk about the Ansible community. You've been around large and fast moving communities for a while. What makes a healthy OSS community or project? Topic 2 - I've been reading a number of surveys recently about important tech skills and Ansible is always near the top of the list. What do you think is driving that level of importance? Topic 3 - We’re were both at a DevOps event with Gene Kim last week. Where do you see DevOps in the industry today in terms of success, best practices, etc. and what role does Ansible play with DevOps? Topic 4 - Let's talk about containers. How is this space evolving? Lots of new tools, etc. Topic 5 - Let’s talk about Serverless. Lots of talk about this being the ultimate NoOps movement. What do you hear from Ops engineers about how they plan to evolve with these new abstractions. Feedback?
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