The Cloudcast #297 - Bonsai and Enterprise Industrial AI

Aaron talks with Dave Cahill (@dcahill8, VP Sale and Marketing, Bonsai) about Enterprise/Industrial AI and emerging use cases. Topics include understanding various forms of AI, developer integration, and where and how AI will fit.

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Topic 1 - Tell everyone a little bit about Bonsai? What problem are you trying to solve? Topic 2 - Everyone thinks robots when they think AI but this isn’t the case most of the time, correct? It’s more about sensors and data and the ability to make more accurate decisions faster? Topic 3 - In a recent blog post, you mentioned that their is a Use Case Spectrum for AI that ranges from Augmentation to Autonomy. Help everyone wrap their head around that. Topic 4 - Mark Hammond (Founder and CEO) talks about the democratization of AI, what does he mean by this? Topic 5 - Mark has mentioned, AI will become a low level toolkit the way databases have. It took me awhile to wrap my head around what he meant by that. But, as I understand it, no one “builds” a database into their app anymore, is he saying that in order to reach mass adoption, most developers won’t build in AI in the future? Topic 6 - You have three main phases to Bonsai BRAINs: Build, Teach, Use. Explain to folks out there what what that means. There is an example of teaching an AI to play the old Breakout style game on the front page of the website. Feedback?
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