The Cloudcast #296 - KubeCon, DockerCon, Azure Functions and Bears, Oh My!

Aaron and Brian review KubeCon 2017 (Berlin), DockerCon 2017 (Austin) and Aaron’s trip to Seattle to learn more about Azure Functions. They also read a bunch of sponsor ads for sponsors they don't have. Use offer code CLOUDCAST to get awesome discounts and free stuff (or not).

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Get a free eBook from O'Reilly media or use promo code PC20CLOUD for a discount - 40% off Print Books and 50% off eBooks and videos CloudNativeCon + KubeCon Videos Microsoft Azure Functions Triggers and Bindings for Azure Functions Azure Logic Apps Docker to Moby Changes | LinuxKit | containerd  theCUBE at DockerCon (videos)
Show Notes:

Topic 1 - Let’s talk about CloudNativeCon + KubeCon
About 1200-1500 attendees
  Lots of Kubernetes projects (60+)
  Microsoft bought Deis
  IBM now supports Kubernetes
  New focus on making the UI/UX better Topic 2 - Let’s talk about your visit to Seattle to learn more about Azure Functions Azure Functions  Languages they use  Event Driven and Trigger Based Code  Terminology is very developer friendly, specifically Enterprise Developer friendly  Use cases were very real world, customer references were presented well  I could see the use case and the problem it solves (compared to others it seems abstract at times)  Bindings were a differentiator  I was surprised by the number of external bindings. Of course there were all the MSFT internal ones, but you had JIRA, github, Trello, Asana, etc. It was impressive to see the binding ecosystem App Insights - ability to debug/trace/monitor  Logic Apps is like a visual pipeline to build step functions into a workflow  Came in not knowing really anything and came away with a very clear picture of how they plan to be successful and I give them good odds for sure. Hell, they're Microsoft... Topic 3 - Let’s talk about what got announced at DockerCon 2017  Docker to Moby (what does that mean??)
  LinuxKit - DIY Linux, UniKernel, Windows
   Enterprise Apps, Oracle, Microsoft Topic 4 - Let’s talk about what we expect to see/hear at ServerlessConf Austin  Differences between various implementations
 Users vs. Vendors vs. Consultants Are they all cloud-specific or will we see a cloud-agnostic serverless emerge
  Understand the Serverless Framework 
  Better understand use-cases and application patterns

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