The Cloudcast #294 - DevOps Before It Was Cool

Aaron talks with Matthew Boeckman (@matthewboeckman, owner, ex-VP of DevOps Craftsy) about life in the DevOps trenches at a high growth startup over the course of six years. Lessons learned, and a glimpse into what’s next in the industry.

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Show Notes:

Topic 1 - We first met at AWS Re:Invent a few years ago while you were still at Craftsy and I was fascinated by your journey to where you are now. You were doing DevOps before it was cool. Tell us a little about your history and your run up to opening your own consulting business? Topic 2 - What were your keys to success running both DevOps and Operations? Topic 3 - As a practitioner, how much do you follow the DevOps community? Are there certain people or trends that you follow? What is interesting to you these days? Topic 4 - Looking back, what would you have done differently? Topic 5 - We have a lot of listeners that are just starting out, how would you recommend they get started? Topic 6 - What made you decide to leave your role at Craftsy and hang out your own signpost?
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