The Cloudcast #255 - Serverless, NoOps and Jeff

Aaron and Brian talk about the 2016 Mid-Year State of the Cloudcast (and Cloud), what they expect to see in the 2nd half of 2016, why they are interested in the Serverless movement, and why there will be a new serverless-focused podcast soon.

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Get a free book from O'Reilly media or use promo code PCBW for a discount - 40% off Print Books and 50% off eBooks and videos Debunking Serverless Myths The next Big Thing in Cloud Computing A Personal Report from Serverless Conf Serverless could have just been called 'Jeff' WTF is Operations Operational Best Practices Show Notes:
VelocityConf is coming soon! Want to register right now? Use code PCCLOUD20 for 30% VelocityConf registration Topic 1 - State of the Cloud - Mid-2016: the dangers of public cloud revenue (lack of) transparency, money still pouring into Cloud-native platforms (too many choices?), the legacy vendors are churning, if crazy valuations crash (Uber, etc.) lead to people eventually falling off the cloud-native bandwagon? Topic 2 - The 2nd-half of 2016 - Expectations: Topic 3 - Why are we curious about Serverless? Topic 4 - What do we know about Serverless? - Go read Sam’s article. He uses the term unit of scale but I also think using the term demarcation point also works. Data Center = server, IaaS = OS, PaaS = Application, Serverless = Application Function - You can not overprovision or underprovision Lambda, it is just there like S3 and is called as needed and autoscales for you. Topic 5 - The JeffCast? Discussing our plans around a Serverless podcast - Serverless + IoT (the next 5-10 years), partnering with others, trying to consolidate some great content Feedback?
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