The Cloudcast #234 - 2015 WrapUp + 2016 Predictions

Aaron and Brian do their annual 2015 WrapUp show. They look at the most interesting shows, trends and topics from 2015, as well as making predictions for 2016.

Show Notes:
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Topic 1 - Is Public Cloud making any money? Topic 2 - Is Open Source Software making any money Topic 3 - Everything is becoming an integrated solution. Topic 4 - Bi-Modal vs. Tri-Modal IT Topic 5 - The continued rise of SaaS applications (and who manages them) Topic 6 - The continued rise of non-vendor companies recruiting developers Show Stats and Interesting Facts 

60 Shows
  Official Podcast at Cloud Foundry Summit, MesosCon, LinuxCon, DockerCon, VelocityConf, OSCON
  Went over $5B in VC + M&A Funding for Guests

Most Popular Show(s) of 2015:

Eps.200 (Future of Connected Cloud; Christian Reilly) 
  Eps.199 (Docker Security; Diogo & Nathan)  Eps.208 (DevOps; Nathan Harvey)

Aaron’s 2015 Predictions - From 2014 show 

Container ecosystem is beginning to mature
  Docker needs to go through Trough of Disillusionment
  Skill Sets Changing - Blogging will become a lost art
  GitHub or “GetOut” - people need to learn GitHub - see 30 Days of Commitmas (GitHub learning)
  Existence of Bi-Modal IT - There is no migration path between the two.
  “Infrastructure as a Code” replaces “Software-Defined” terminology
 Infrastructure jobs will become the operations portion of DevOps (automate everything)

Brian’s 2015 Predictions - From 2014 show

Containers, Containers, Containers - competition for Docker in containers (VMware, CoreOS, etc.)? Moved from Containers to Systems.
 Containers/Docker were mentioned everywhere (AWS, Tutum, Microsoft, DigitalOcean)
  VMware pushes that “containers need VMs”
  AWS is finally starting to understand the Enterprise; bundling/integrating services
  Nobody values Cloud Management software
  How do the VCs justify all this investment in companies that drive open-source projects?
  What happens to all the SaaS tools platforms on AWS, can they survive economically?

Our Grades on Various Topics/Companies/Themes

  Other Public Clouds
  Private Cloud or Hybrid Cloud
  Cloud Foundry
  Open Source centric companies (CoreOS, Hashicorp, Mesosphere)
   Cluster-Management and Schedulers (Kubernetes, Mesos, Swarm)
  SaaS Applications

Brian’s 2016 Prediction Notes:

We’ll continue to see big bets (legacy vendors) and big failures  Very curious to watch the open-source VMware-replacements (Hashicorp, CoreOS, Docker, etc.) monetize their business
  We’ll begin to hear about some IoT success stories

Aaron’s 2016 Prediction Notes: 
Industry Predictions:

Docker Trough of Disillusionment will happen (push from last year) in favor of Open Standards
  We will consolidate down to a handful of large hardware and software vendors in one (Oracle, Cisco, Dell) and pr

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