The Cloudcast #216 - The Evolution of Cloud Operations

Brian talks with Mark Imbriaco (@markimbriaco; Co-founder & CEO at @OperableInc) about the state of Cloud operations, the changes to DevOps, the human challenges of web scale operations and opinionated PaaS platforms.

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Operable Homepage

Topic 1 - The last time we spoke, you were part of the operations team at GitHub. Some things have changed since then. What’s new in your world?

Topic 2 - What are the biggest changes that you’ve seen over the last 18 months that impact operations? How has DevOps continued to evolve?

Topic 3 - Topic 3 - How much have things changed that require operations to deal with things in real-time? How much gets automatically remediated?

Topic 4 - Topic 4 - What is most important to operations teams today?

Topic 5 - Topic 5 - Lots of new frameworks and new ways to build applications. Any guidance that you have from an operations perspective to development teams?

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