The Gentlemen's Guide To Sucking And Fucking A Lady

After years of hearing lament upon sad lament of women mired in the arid throes of unsatisfying sex, Jay, Matt, and the IWS Radio team chivalrously bestow their vast knowledge and skills in the area of pleasuring the ladies upon their well-meaning, yet erotically dull male cohorts.  From the science of canoodling to the fine art of cunnilingus, Jay and Matt are sharing their vaunted and until now, vaulted secrets of lovemaking. So guys out there, make sure to listen because it’s never to late to learn, and you ladies out there?  You listen in too…because it’s never to late to learn what you’ve been missing.  So listen and call-in to Jay and Matt as they reveal their secrets to moderately warmer and moister than average lovemaking on IWS Radio.    

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