Rejection Happens

Euthalia (not her actual name, though it probably should be. Feel free to take that name, anonymous caller) called us at 347-SHORTCT to express her sadness that she didn't get a secondary interview at Iowa. Which sucks for Iowa because...well, we might not get to meet Euthalia. Of course, she knows rejection is not the end of the road for her dream. Brett Hanson, Tony Mai, Patrick Brau, and Levi Endelman share some things she needs to do now to prepare her for the next time she applies, if that's what she decides to do. Euthalia might be feeling anxious, a good bet because just about everyone we know has anxiety up the wazoo. Luckily, Dave heard about a study in which subjects were able to decrease their anxiety by talking to themselves in the third person. This seemed like a good idea, so we gave it a try. Warning: you might want to turn down the volume. Or unsubscribe. Meanwhile the Endocrine Society has new guidelines for how young transgender kids can begin hormone therapy. And, to the surprise of no nurses at all, nurses in some places have more dangerous jobs than prison guards and police officers. Be kind to the nurses, doctors. What are your rejection stories? Call us at 347-SHORTCT anytime, visit our Facebook group, or email Do all three! The post Rejection Happens appeared first on The Short Coat Podcast.

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