Sacrifice It All to be A Med Student? Don’t Do It!

The world of work, and medical school, is often about adjusting for a number of "top" priorities. Dave's been having one of those weeks where his work is pulling him in several directions at once, and thought to ask his co-hosts Erin Pasaski, Patrick Brau, Elizabeth Shirazi, and Kaci McCleary what techniques they use when they, inevitably, find themselves struggling to manage all of the important tasks med school throws at them. Also, since the CCOM Writing and Humanities Program exists to bring art into the lives of busy med students, Dave went out and bought playdough so his co-hosts could flex their sculpting skills on common patient complaints. Visit our Facebook page for the gallery! Speaking of priorities, a research letter in JAMA takes note of the FDA's somewhat lackadaisical interest in surveilling the cosmetics and hair care industry, and why that should probably change. Will flu shots (and other vaccination injections) soon be replaced by a tiny bed of nails? And Dave warns medical students not to study with their phones in the same room. If you have something to say or a question to ask, and think we are the best people to do so, who are we to question your judgement? Call us at 347-SHORTCT any time, and email The post Sacrifice It All to be A Med Student? Don’t Do It! appeared first on The Short Coat Podcast.

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