The Stages of Life: Love, Body Odor, and Body Donation

Love is on the air this week, as Cole Cheney hears a declaration of listener Naomi's feelings...and then gets a Valentine's week surprise. Also, Dave, Matt Wilson, Levi Endelman, and newbie Tarek Karam confront the perils of old age (apparently, Dave is emitting 2-Nonenal as we speak). An article on the lower cost of body donation (as compared to funeral costs) has the group thinking about the contributions their own donors have had on both their education and their understanding of how important it is to do one's best to honor them. As Match Week creeps up on us, the potential for confusion is high for hospitals and residents from from countries marked for travel bans/extreme vetting/whatever by the US president. To the extent the US healthcare system depends on foreign medical graduates and international medical graduates, there may be trouble ahead. Listeners, share your thoughts with us each week. Call us at 347-SHORTCT any time, and see our Facebook page for a question to consider every Monday. The post The Stages of Life: Love, Body Odor, and Body Donation appeared first on The Short Coat Podcast.

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