Putting 2016 behind us…waaaay behind us.

Dave and the gang (Kaci McCleary, Rob Humble, Elizabeth Shirazi, and later in the show Anthony Hunt (an Iowa pharmacy student to whom Rob is affianced) say goodbye to what many acknowledge was an itchy, prurient rash of a year. Fortunately, medical students around the country are working to make medical school a better place, including some Michigan students who have formed a consult service for those who need help not being terrible oral presenters. NASA technology is doing its part, taking Mars lander technology and using it to detect bed sores, which is a far bigger deal than you might expect. Another group of researchers has created a cool bit of nanotech that can effectively diagnose 17 different disorders just by 'smelling' your breath. Can today's co-hosts smell any better than a bunch of high tech nano-whatis? We do a little experiment to find out. Share your thoughts and ideas with us each week: call us at 347-SHORTCT any time, send us emails at theshortcoats@gmail.com, and follow us on Facebook. The post Putting 2016 behind us…waaaay behind us. appeared first on The Short Coat Podcast.

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