314 Pokémon GO Friends and Trading

Regice, friends, and trading all added to Pokémon GO. Pokémon beats out Star Wars in over all sales of merch and product. Man fights other man because of Pokémon GO dispute. No real news on the Let's Go front now that E3 is over. 00:00:20 - Introduction 00:06:30 - Pokémon overtakes Star Wars 00:12:00 - Switch Failure 00:15:00 - Pokémon GO Arrest 00:26:00 -Break Music 00:27:00 - New Pokémon in 2019 00:28:10 - Pokémon GO Friends/Trading 01:06:30 - House Cleaning 01:11:20 - Post Credits www.pkmncast.com twitch.tv/pkmncast reddit.com/r/supereffective twitter.com/pokemonpodcast patreon.com/itssupereffective

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