295 Some Thoughts on Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

Spoiler Warning! Will, Al, Raschelle, and SBJ talk about their thoughts (up to the credits) about Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. There was some audio issues on SBJ's end, so sorry about that. We talk about the Elite 4, the changes to the story, wormholes and more. We also cover the news about the Gen 8 rumors. 00:00:20 - Introduction 00:04:35 - News 00:04:45 - Pokémon GO Switch 00:08:45 - Gen 8 Rumors 00:35:30 - Break Music 00:36:30 - Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Thoughts 01:47:00 - Pokémon of the Week (Seviper) 01:51:45 - House Cleaning 01:58:40 - Post Credits Stream Schedule: www.speq.me/pkmncast/ How to Twitch Prime: twitch.amazon.com/prime Twitch Subs: go.twitch.tv/subs/pkmncast www.pkmncast.com reddit.com/r/supereffective twitter.com/pokemonpodcast patreon.com/itssupereffective

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