279 The Clickbait [Featuring Reversal]

Featuring Pokémon GO YouTuber, Reversal! Reversal and SBJ talk about clickbait on YouTube, Pokémon GO Fest, spoofers, growing up with Pokémon, and more! Small news section this week because SBJ & Will were both at Gen Con this past week! Reversal YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ReversalKnD **NOTE, There is little to no coverage on all the recent Pokémon news due to me being on vacation, we will cover that all in Episode 280! 00:00:20 - Introduction 00:02:30 - News 00:08:20 - Break Music 00:09:00 - Reversal Interview 00:56:10 - Break Music 00:57:00 - House Cleaning 00:58:25 - Post Credits pkmncast.com reddit.com/r/supereffective twitter.com/pokemonpodcast patreon.com/itssupereffective

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