272 The Magikarp Jump Update

Pokémon GO Raids are still fun! SBJ, Micah, and Travis talk about the Magikarp Jump update and a couple strategies in regards to that. Speaking of strategies, we talk about the 2017 US International tournament happening this past weekend. We also tackle your e-mails about overpriced Pokemon Center goods. 00:00:20 - Introduction 00:04:30 - News 00:22:50 - Pokémon GO Raids 00:49:10 - Break Music 00:50:00 - E-mails 01:27:04 - Pokémon of the Week (Chansey) 01:37:10 - House Cleaning 01:43:00 - Post Credits pkmncast.com reddit.com/r/supereffective twitter.com/pokemonpodcast patreon.com/itssupereffective

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