Fareed's Take; Trump After Asia Trip: "America Is Back!"; Europe's Far-Right Resurgence; What In The World; America's New Gilded Age; Is Islamic Terrorism On The Run?; GPS Challenge

Crisis in Zimbabwe; Ferguson: Zimbabwe, Once One Of the Richest Countries In Sub-Saharan Africa, Was Pretty Much Ruined By Mugabe; Ferguson: The Obama Admin's Handling Of N. Korea Situation Was Disastrous; Ferguson: Obama Officials Said It Would Be 5 Years Before N. Korea Had An ICBM. It Was 5 Months; Last Saturday, Poland's Independence Day Events Were Disrupted By Groups Of Nationalists and Fascists Burning Flares and Chanting Xenophobic Slogans; Ferguson: "It Turns Out That Actually There;s Plenty Of Pretty Nasty Right-Wing Populism In Central Europe;Would Britons Vote For Brexit Again Today?; McElvoy: Brits Would Vote For Brexit Again Today, As They Would If You Had Called The Vote Almost Anytime Since the 1990's; McElvoy: 52% Of Brits Voted In Favor Of Brexit - That's Not Just The Fringe Of Society; McElvoy: The Question We Need To Ask Ourselves Is WHY Brexit Happened; In A Major Speech In Warsaw In July Trump Said, "The Fundamental Question Of Our Time Is Whether The West Had The Will To Survive.'; Sikorski: Trump Praised Poland For The Warsaw Uprising- The Biggest Disaster In Our History; Ferguson: If You Talk About Western Civilization, You're Not Necessarily A White Supremacist; Sikorski: Whatever Pain EU Member States Will Suffer From Brexit, Britain Will Suffer 3 to 5 Times More, Under A No-Deal Scenario; Ray Dalio's Hedge Fund, Bridgewater Associates, Is The Largest In The World, With About $150 Billion Under Management; Does Radical Transparency At Work Actually Work?; Dalio: Bridgewater's Culture Of Radical Transparency Fosters Independent Thinking And Smart Collective Decision -Making; Rushdie: A French Journalist Friend Told ME ISIS Members Make Good Terrorists But Bad Soldiers; Rushdie: The Cancer Within Islam Isn't I Remission, But It's Having A Bad Time Right Now, And That's Good For All Of Us; In 1989, Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini Issued A Fatwa Calling For The Death Of Salman Rushdie For His Allegedly Blasphemous Novel "The Satanic Verses"; Urban VS Rural: A Global Struggle; Salman Rushdie Is The Award-Winning Author Of 12 Novels, Which "Have Been Translated Into More Than 40 Languages. "The Golden house" Is His Latest; Rushdie: We've Moved from The Incredible Optimism of Obama's Election To Its Antithesis; A Novelist Inspired By Real-Life Politics; Rushdie: If I Had Presented The Trump Presidency To My Editors As A Piece Of Fiction, They Would Have Told Me To Go Away. It's Implausible; Rushdie: It's Very Difficult Sometimes For People To Judge The Truth From Untruth via Knit

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