Migrant Caravan Denigrated by President Trump Arrives in California

Here's what you'll find on today's show: — On Sunday, between Tijuana, Mexico, and California, about 400 migrants claimed asylum along the U.S. border. They’re part of the caravan of Central American migrants, mostly from Honduras and El Salvador, whose route has become international news because of the ire they’ve drawn from President Trump. — There are more clues into how California police were able to track down Joseph James DeAngelo, the suspected "Golden State Killer" who is facing charges for a series of rapes and killings that stretched across the state from 1974 to 1986. Investigators used genealogical websites to trace D.N.A. from one of the years-old crime scenes and compared it to online genetic profiles.  With the help of open-source database GEDmatch they were able to look at individuals in family tree profiles to narrow it down to the suspect. Investigators then were able to obtain new D.N.A. from an object he threw away while under surveillance.   — Thousands of Nicaraguans marched through the capital in a show of peaceful protest, underscoring their dissatisfaction with the leadership of President Daniel Ortega and dismay about the 43 protesters killed in clashes with police during prior demonstrations. Saturday's march, promoted by the Catholic church, resulted in an ultimatum by Managua's bishop which called for an earnest national dialogue about political reform to occur within one month's time. — It’s been more than five years since the brutal rape and murder of a young woman named Jyoti Singh Pandey on a bus in New Delhi. The crime seemed to galvanize the nation against rape and the culture and laws that permit it. Yet still today, sexual violence is rampant, and many in Indian society are furious at the government’s response under Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Now there’s a new horror that has people protesting in the streets once more, the rape and murder of a young girl, fueled by religious hatred.

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