Frank Divita on The Gospel of Thomas & Defeating the Archons

Part 2 of Secret Revelations in the Gospel of Thomas. Our guest expands his views and revelations, harnessing the mysteries of the “Fifth Gospel.” We delve into the secret history of the Bible to find the truth about Paul and James, as well as insights on many of the great global myths like Osiris, the Anunnaki, Buddha, Atlantis, and the falling out of Cain and Abel. With this knowledge, esoteric channeling tools are revealed that allow oracles from the spirit world and an understanding of the creation of the cosmos. Why all of this? In the end, we discover the stunning reality and nature of the Archons that is both interplanetary and transcendental — gaining the Gnosis to overthrow their control of the universe. Astral Guest — Frank Divita, author of Voice of the Angel. This is a partial show. For the second half of the interview, please become a member. More information on Frank: Get Frank’s book (and help him and Abraxas out): Some back ground music and song at the end kindly provided by Donovan Simms. Download these and all other shows: Become a patron and keep this Red Pill Cafeteria open:

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