Robert Price on Finding the Demiurge in the Bible

The volcanic personality of the Demiurge in the Old Testament is no secret, and we cover much of it. However, many overlook the reality that the Demiurge’s influence soaks the New Testament, even in many of the teachings and actions of Jesus Christ. We explore some of the questionable dogmas of the Bible that today influence Christianity and beyond, including prophecy, the Trinity, eternal damnation, and salvation by faith. Our guest also discusses his debate with Bart Ehrman at the last Mythinformation Conference, the latest revelations on Mythicism and Gnosticism, and how he became a heretic in the Atheist movement. Astral Guest — Robert Price, author of Blaming Jesus for Jehovah: Rethinking the Righteousness of Christianity. This is a partial show for our new model. For the second half of the interview, please become a member of our Archive of Past Shows. Members please go to the recent New & Complete Episodes section. Aeon Byte Home Page  More information on Robert Price Become a Patron and keep this Red Pill Cafeteria open (You'll also get access to our Archive of Past Shows).

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