Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Wrong One MatterJul 20, 2018 Listen
EP2568: Boston Blackie: Mayor Bob Rogers AssassinatedJul 19, 2018 Listen
EP2567: Rocky Jordan: Twenty Fathoms UnderJul 18, 2018 Listen
EP2566: Nick Carter: Kidnapped for Sale, Parts Three and FiveJul 17, 2018 Listen
EP2565: Mister Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons: The Yellow Talon MurderJul 16, 2018 Listen
EP2564: Dragnet: The Big SlipJul 14, 2018 Listen
EP2563: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Monticello Mystery MatterJul 13, 2018 Listen
EP2562: Boston Blackie: Boston Blackie In WaxJul 12, 2018 Listen
EP2561: Rocky Jordan: Red Stands for BloodJul 11, 2018 Listen
EP2560: Nick Carter: Kidnap for Sale, Parts One and TwoJul 10, 2018 Listen
EP2559: Mister Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons: The Case of Murder and the Bloodstained NecklaceJul 09, 2018 Listen
EP2558: Dragnet: The Big CabJul 07, 2018 Listen
EP2557: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Bee or Not to Bee MatterJul 06, 2018 Listen
EP2556: Boston Blackie: The Construction Gang Bank RobberyJul 05, 2018 Listen
EP2555: Rocky Jordan: Champagne, Caviar, and Hot IceJul 04, 2018 Listen
EP2554: Manhunt: The Case of the Clue in the Column and the Clueless CrimeJul 03, 2018 Listen
EP2553: Mister Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons: Murder and the Star of DeathJul 02, 2018 Listen
EP2552s: Suspense: Two Sharp KnivesJul 01, 2018 Listen
EP2552: Dragnet: The Big LiftJun 30, 2018 Listen
EP2551: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Three for One MatterJun 29, 2018 Listen
EP2550: Boston Blackie: The Harmonica Man MurderJun 28, 2018 Listen
EP2549: Rocky Jordan: The Baksheesh BoyJun 27, 2018 Listen
EP2548: Air Mail Mystery Episodes 11-13Jun 26, 2018 Listen
EP2547: Mister Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons: The Case of the Glamorous WidowJun 25, 2018 Listen
EP2546: Dragnet: The Big BopJun 23, 2018 Listen
EP2545: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Medium Rare MatterJun 22, 2018 Listen
EP2544: Boston Blackie: Johnny ‘Cash’ Burns’ Imported WoolJun 21, 2018 Listen
EP2543: Rocky Jordan: The Case of the Sleepy CamelJun 20, 2018 Listen
EP2542: Air Mail Mystery Episodes 8 and 9Jun 19, 2018 Listen
EP2541: Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons: The Strange Case of Charlie LorimerJun 18, 2018 Listen
EP2540: Dragnet: The Big HamJun 16, 2018 Listen
EP2539: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Double-Barreled MatterJun 15, 2018 Listen
EP2538: Boston Blackie: The Joe Nelson MurderJun 14, 2018 Listen
EP2537: Rocky Jordan: Escapade with PaulaJun 13, 2018 Listen
EP2536: Air Mail Mystery: Episodes 5 and 6Jun 12, 2018 Listen
EP2535: Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons: The Case of the Absent-Minded ProfessorJun 11, 2018 Listen
EP2534: Dragnet: The Big RevoltJun 09, 2018 Listen
EP2533: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Buyer and Cellar MatterJun 08, 2018 Listen
EP2532: Boston Blackie: The Donald Carver Frame-UpJun 07, 2018 Listen
EP2531: Rocky Jordan: Death in the SandJun 06, 2018 Listen
EP2530: Air Mail Mystery Episodes 3 and 4Jun 05, 2018 Listen
EP2529: Mister Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons: The Nightmare MurderJun 04, 2018 Listen
EP2528: Dragnet: The Big LilyJun 02, 2018 Listen
EP2527: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The All Wet MatterJun 01, 2018 Listen
EP2526: Boston Blackie: Blackie’s Framed for Killing A WatchmanMay 31, 2018 Listen
EP2525: Rocky Jordan: Up in FlamesMay 30, 2018 Listen
EP2524: Air Mail Mystery: Episodes 1 and 2May 29, 2018 Listen
EP2523: Mister Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons: The Case of the Frightened ChildMay 28, 2018 Listen
EP2522: Dragnet: The Big WillMay 26, 2018 Listen
EP2521: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Shifty Looker MatterMay 25, 2018 Listen
EP2520: Boston Blackie: The Stalking KillerMay 24, 2018 Listen
EP2519: Rocky Jordan: Ace High StraightMay 23, 2018 Listen
EP2518: Man From Homicide: The Lucille Forbes CaseMay 22, 2018 Listen
EP2517: Mister Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons: The Case of the Woman in BlueMay 21, 2018 Listen
EP2516: Dragnet: The Big Gun, Part TwoMay 19, 2018 Listen
EP2515: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Too Many Crooks MatterMay 18, 2018 Listen
EP2514: Boston Blackie: The Ghost of Florence NewtonMay 17, 2018 Listen
EP2513: Rocky Jordan: Strangers ThreeMay 16, 2018 Listen
EP2512: Man From Homicide: The Steve Morton CaseMay 15, 2018 Listen
EP2511: Mister Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons: The Case of the Leaping DogMay 14, 2018 Listen
EP2510: Dragnet: The Big Gun, Part OneMay 12, 2018 Listen
EP2509: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Wrong Doctor MatterMay 11, 2018 Listen
EP2508: Boston Blackie: Blackie Breaks Into Langley PenitentiaryMay 10, 2018 Listen
EP2507: Rocky Jordan: The Man in the MorgueMay 09, 2018 Listen
EP2506: Man From Homicide: The Wee Willie Barnes CaseMay 08, 2018 Listen
EP2505: Mister Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons: The Case of the Strange DisplayMay 07, 2018 Listen
EP2504s: The Bob Hope Show with Guest Star Jack WebbMay 06, 2018 Listen
EP2504: Dragnet: The Big False MoveMay 05, 2018 Listen
EP2503: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Perilous Padre MatterMay 04, 2018 Listen
EP2502: Boston Blackie: The Joe Adams Drowning MurderMay 03, 2018 Listen
EP2501: Rocky Jordan: Count Me OutMay 02, 2018 Listen
EP2500: Man from Homicide: The Drowned Girl caseMay 01, 2018 Listen
EP2499: Mister Keen, Tracer of Lost Person: The Case of Murder in the AirApr 30, 2018 Listen
EP2498: Dragnet: The Big JokeApr 28, 2018 Listen
EP2497: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Philadelphia Miss MatterApr 27, 2018 Listen
EP2496: Boston Blackie: The Hilda Petersen MurderApr 26, 2018 Listen
EP2495: Rocky Jordan: The Bartered BridegroomApr 25, 2018 Listen
EP2494: Man from Homicide: The Eddie Kent CaseApr 24, 2018 Listen
EP2493: Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons: The Girl Who FlirtedApr 23, 2018 Listen
EP2492: Dragnet: The Big CarneyApr 21, 2018 Listen
EP2491: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Chuckanut MatterApr 20, 2018 Listen
EP2490: Boston Blackie: Slamming Sammy SaundersApr 19, 2018 Listen
EP2489: Richard Diamond: The Hollywood StoryApr 18, 2018 Listen
EP2488: The Man from Homicide: The Muriel Smith CaseApr 17, 2018 Listen
EP2487: Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons: The Case of Mr. Trevor’s SecretApr 16, 2018 Listen
EP2486: Dragnet: The Big ScrapbookApr 14, 2018 Listen
EP2485: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Old Fashioned Murder MatterApr 13, 2018 Listen
EP2484: Boston Blackie: The Millicent Bromley RansomApr 12, 2018 Listen
EP2483: Richard Diamond: The Hatpin Murder CaseApr 11, 2018 Listen
EP2482: Rocky Fortune: Boarding House DoublecrossApr 10, 2018 Listen
EP2481: Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons: The Case of the Boy Who Used Big WordsApr 09, 2018 Listen
EP2480: Dragnet: The Big RipApr 07, 2018 Listen
EP2479: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Fiddle Faddle MatterApr 06, 2018 Listen
EP2478: Boston Blackie: The Phonograph Record MurderApr 05, 2018 Listen
EP2477: Richard Diamond: The Wheat Germ CaseApr 04, 2018 Listen
EP2476: Rocky Fortune: Rocket RacketApr 03, 2018 Listen
EP2475: Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons: The Case of a Girl Who Sang Too WellApr 02, 2018 Listen
EP2474: Dragnet: The Big CompulsionMar 31, 2018 Listen
EP2473: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Well of Trouble MatterMar 30, 2018 Listen
EP2472: Boston Blackie: The Aggie Rogers MurderMar 29, 2018 Listen
EP2471: Richard Diamond: The Kidnapped PolicemanMar 28, 2018 Listen
EP2470: Rocky Fortune: Psychological MurderMar 27, 2018 Listen
EP2469: Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons: The Case of the Missing WitnessMar 26, 2018 Listen
EP2468: Dragnet: The Big ChetMar 24, 2018 Listen
EP2467: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Imperfect Crime MatterMar 23, 2018 Listen
EP2466: Boston Blackie: The Cy Gardner MurderMar 22, 2018 Listen
EP2465: Richard Diamond: The Rifle CaseMar 21, 2018 Listen
EP2464: Rocky Fortune: The Twice-Murdered ManMar 20, 2018 Listen
EP2463: Mister Keen Tracer of Lost Persons: The Moonless NightMar 19, 2018 Listen
EP2462: Dragnet: The Big DreamMar 17, 2018 Listen
EP2461: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Low Tide MatterMar 16, 2018 Listen
EP2460: Boston Blackie: Blackie Framed for Horse Room TheftsMar 15, 2018 Listen
EP2459: Richard Diamond: The Missing Night WatchmanMar 14, 2018 Listen
EP2458: Rocky Fortune: Honor Among ThievesMar 13, 2018 Listen
EP2457: Night Beat: The “Bug” KillingsMar 12, 2018 Listen
EP2456: Dragnet: The Big InformantMar 10, 2018 Listen
EP2455: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Big Date MatterMar 09, 2018 Listen
EP2454: Boston Blackie: The ‘Sam Fisher’ MurderMar 08, 2018 Listen
EP2453: Richard Diamond: The Cover-Up MurdersMar 07, 2018 Listen
EP2452: Rocky Fortune: A Sitting Duck for DeathMar 06, 2018 Listen
EP2451: Night Beat: The Policy Wheel RacketMar 05, 2018 Listen
EP2450s: Police Woman: The Case of the Scheming BridegroomMar 04, 2018 Listen
EP2450: Dragnet: The Big ImpossibleMar 03, 2018 Listen
EP2349: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Stock in Trade MatterMar 02, 2018 Listen
EP2448: Boston Blackie: The Joe Easton Car Theft RingMar 01, 2018 Listen
EP2447: Richard Diamond: The William B. Holland CaseFeb 28, 2018 Listen
EP2446: Rocky Fortune: One Husband Too ManyFeb 27, 2018 Listen
EP2445:Night Beat: Larry, the UnderstudyFeb 26, 2018 Listen
EP2444s: Hercule Poirot: Rendezvous with DeathFeb 25, 2018 Listen
EP2444: Dragnet: The Big LaughFeb 24, 2018 Listen
EP2443: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Yaak Mystery MatterFeb 23, 2018 Listen
EP2442: Boston Blackie: The Fight-Fixing RingFeb 22, 2018 Listen
EP2441: Richard Diamond: The Enigma of Big EdFeb 21, 2018 Listen
EP2440: Rocky Fortune: The Catskills Cover-UpFeb 20, 2018 Listen
EP2439: Night Beat: The Bomb On Flight 63Feb 19, 2018 Listen
EP2438s: Suspense: Frightened CityFeb 18, 2018 Listen
EP2438: Dragnet: The Big WantFeb 17, 2018 Listen
EP2437: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Lone Wolf MatterFeb 16, 2018 Listen
EP2436: Boston Blackie: The Joe Barton MurderFeb 15, 2018 Listen
EP2435: Richard Diamond: Mr. Walker’s ProblemFeb 14, 2018 Listen
EP2434: Rocky Fortune: The Football FixFeb 13, 2018 Listen
EP2433: Night Beat: The Man with the Red HairFeb 12, 2018 Listen
EP2432: Dragnet: The Big SmokeFeb 10, 2018 Listen
EP2431: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Simple Simon MatterFeb 09, 2018 Listen
EP2430: Boston Blackie: The Florence Wells MurderFeb 08, 2018 Listen
EP2429: Richard Diamond: The Hank Burton CaseFeb 07, 2018 Listen
EP2428: Rocky Fortune: Hollywood or BoomFeb 06, 2018 Listen
EP2427: Night Beat: His Name is LukeFeb 05, 2018 Listen
EP2426: Dragnet: The Big ToothFeb 03, 2018 Listen
EP2425: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Rat Pack MatterFeb 02, 2018 Listen
EP2424: Boston Blackie: The Duke Collins MurderFeb 01, 2018 Listen
EP2423: Richard Diamond: The Dixon CaseJan 31, 2018 Listen
EP2422: Rocky Fortune: The Museum MurderJan 30, 2018 Listen
EP2421: Night Beat: Somebody Stop AnnJan 29, 2018 Listen
EP2420: Dragnet; The Big PressJan 27, 2018 Listen
EP2419: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Latrodectus MatterJan 26, 2018 Listen
EP2418: Boston Blackie:The Walter Peters Murder Mix-UpJan 25, 2018 Listen
EP2417: Richard Diamond: The Eddie Burke CaseJan 24, 2018 Listen
EP2416: Rocky Fortune: The Rodeo Murder MysteryJan 23, 2018 Listen
EP2415: Night Beat: Flight from FearJan 22, 2018 Listen
EP2414: Dragnet: The Big StripJan 20, 2018 Listen
EP2413: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Captain’s Table MatterJan 19, 2018 Listen
EP2412: Boston Blackie: The Willibrand DiamondsJan 18, 2018 Listen
EP2411: Richard Diamond: The Garrabaldi CaseJan 17, 2018 Listen
EP2410: Rocky Fortune: On the Trail of a KillerJan 16, 2018 Listen
EP2409: Night Beat: The Smell of PeachesJan 15, 2018 Listen
EP2408: Dragnet: The Big Lay-OutJan 13, 2018 Listen
EP2407: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Wrong Sign MatterJan 12, 2018 Listen
EP2406: Boston Blackie: The Copycat FirebugJan 11, 2018 Listen
EP2405: Richard Diamond: The Al Brenners CaseJan 10, 2018 Listen
EP2404: Rocky Fortune: The Prize Fight FixJan 09, 2018 Listen
EP2403: Night Beat: The Old ItchJan 08, 2018 Listen
EP2402s: Studio One: Anthony AdverseJan 07, 2018 Listen
EP2402: Dragnet: The Big StringJan 06, 2018 Listen
EP2401: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Two’s A Crowd MatterJan 05, 2018 Listen
EP2400: Boston Blackie: Blackie Framed for Fur TheftsJan 04, 2018 Listen
EP2399: Richard Diamond: The Simpson CaseJan 03, 2018 Listen
EP2398: Rocky Fortune: Companion to a ChimpJan 02, 2018 Listen
EP2397: Night Beat: ReformerJan 01, 2018 Listen
EP2396: Dragnet: The Big SmallDec 30, 2017 Listen
EP2395: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Informer MatterDec 29, 2017 Listen
EP2394: Boston Blackie: The Candy Store MurdersDec 28, 2017 Listen
EP2393: Richard Diamond: The White Cow CaseDec 27, 2017 Listen
EP2392: Rocky Fortune: Murder on the MidwayDec 26, 2017 Listen
EP2391: Night Beat: Lost SoulsDec 25, 2017 Listen
EP2390:Dragnet: The Big Little JesusDec 23, 2017 Listen
EP2389: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Karmen Kringle MatterDec 22, 2017 Listen
EP2388: Boston Blackie: Santa Claus and the Stolen RingsDec 21, 2017 Listen
EP2387: Richard Diamond: The Christmas ShowDec 19, 2017 Listen
EP2386: Rocky Fortune: The Plot to Murder Santa ClausDec 19, 2017 Listen
EP2385: Night Beat: Five Days off for ChristmasDec 18, 2017 Listen
EP2384: Dragnet: The Big Mask, Part TwoDec 16, 2017 Listen
EP2383: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Ring of Fire MatterDec 15, 2017 Listen
EP2382: Boston Blackie: The Carl Brown MurderDec 14, 2017 Listen
EP2381: Richard Diamond: The Merry Go Round CaseDec 13, 2017 Listen
EP2380: Rocky Fortune: Murder Among the StatuesDec 12, 2017 Listen
EP2379: Night Beat: RailroadedDec 11, 2017 Listen
EP2378: Dragnet: The Big Mask, Part OneDec 09, 2017 Listen
EP2377: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Morning After MatterDec 08, 2017 Listen
EP2376: Boston Blackie: The Harry Perkins MurderDec 07, 2017 Listen