Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Recompense MatterAug 18, 2017 Listen
EP2280: Boston Blackie: The Stolen Radway’s FaustAug 17, 2017 Listen
EP2279: Richard Diamond: Dead Man’s LetterAug 16, 2017 Listen
EP2278: That Hammer Guy: The More You Kill The Simpler It GetsAug 15, 2017 Listen
EP2277: Night Beat: FearAug 14, 2017 Listen
EP2276: Dragnet: The Big TestAug 12, 2017 Listen
EP2275: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Stope of Death MatterAug 11, 2017 Listen
EP2274: Boston Blackie: The Rockwell DiamondAug 10, 2017 Listen
EP2273: Richard Diamond: The Kidnapped PolicemanAug 09, 2017 Listen
EP2272: That Hammer Guy: Some Kind of SatisfactionAug 08, 2017 Listen
EP2271: Night Beat: Juke Box RomanceAug 07, 2017 Listen
EP2270: Dragnet: The Big PaperAug 05, 2017 Listen
EP2269: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Five Down MatterAug 04, 2017 Listen
EP2268: Boston Blackie: The Arson Triangle MurderAug 03, 2017 Listen
EP2267: Richard Diamond: The Homing Pigeon CaseAug 02, 2017 Listen
EP2266: That Hammer Guy: Who’s Got the Last LaughAug 01, 2017 Listen
EP2265: Night Beat: Big John McMasterJul 31, 2017 Listen
EP2264: Dragnet: The Big DriveJul 29, 2017 Listen
EP2263: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Real Smokey MatterJul 28, 2017 Listen
EP2262: Boston Blackie: The Smuggled Diamonds MurderJul 27, 2017 Listen
EP2261: Richard Diamond: The Pete Rocco CaseJul 26, 2017 Listen
EP2260: That Hammer Guy: Jim Gordon-Suicide or MurderJul 25, 2017 Listen
EP2259: Night Beat: The SlasherJul 24, 2017 Listen
EP2258: Dragnet: The Big ImpressionJul 22, 2017 Listen
EP2257: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Too Much Money MatterJul 21, 2017 Listen
EP2256: Boston Blackie: The Witness-Tampering MurdersJul 20, 2017 Listen
EP2255: Richard Diamond: The Hatpin Murder CaseJul 19, 2017 Listen
EP2254: That Hammer Guy: Mike Hammer Sees RedJul 18, 2017 Listen
EP2253: Night Beat: Black CatJul 17, 2017 Listen
EP2252s: Suspense: Library BookJul 16, 2017 Listen
EP2252: Dragnet: The Big SignetJul 15, 2017 Listen
EP2251: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Killer Kin MatterJul 14, 2017 Listen
EP2250: Boston Blackie: Murder Aboard the SwanJul 13, 2017 Listen
EP2249: Richard Diamond: The Bald Head CaseJul 12, 2017 Listen
EP2248: That Hammer Guy: What You Don’t Know About DamesJul 11, 2017 Listen
EP2247: Night Beat: The Doctor’s DaughterJul 10, 2017 Listen
EP2246: Dragnet: The Big HateJul 08, 2017 Listen
EP2245: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Deadly Debt MatterJul 07, 2017 Listen
EP2244: Boston Blackie: The Murdering Cuckoo ClockJul 06, 2017 Listen
EP2243: Richard Diamond: The Lexington Murder CaseJul 05, 2017 Listen
EP2242: That Hammer Guy: A Peppery AdventureJul 04, 2017 Listen
EP2241: Night Beat: Judge Arnold’s DaughterJul 03, 2017 Listen
EP2240: Dragnet: The Big TrioJul 01, 2017 Listen
EP2239: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Twisted Twin MatterJun 30, 2017 Listen
EP2238: Boston Blackie: The Green Line Trucking MurderJun 29, 2017 Listen
EP2237: Richard Diamond: The Misplaced Laundry CaseJun 28, 2017 Listen
EP2236: That Hammer Guy: Sophisticated LadyJun 27, 2017 Listen
EP2235: Night Beat: Einar Pearce and FamilyJun 26, 2017 Listen
EP2234: Dragnet: The Big RollJun 24, 2017 Listen
EP2233: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Paradise Lost MatterJun 23, 2017 Listen
EP2232: Boston Blackie: The Skating Rink MurdersJun 22, 2017 Listen
EP2231: Richard Diamond: The Big Foot Grafton CaseJun 21, 2017 Listen
EP2230: That Hammer Guy: There’s Something About a DameJun 20, 2017 Listen
EP2229: Night Beat: The Kenny Day Amnesia CaseJun 19, 2017 Listen
EP2228: Dragnet: The Big JulesJun 17, 2017 Listen
EP2227: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Rhymer Collection MatterJun 16, 2017 Listen
EP2226: Boston Blackie: The Uncle Frank Wilson MurderJun 15, 2017 Listen
EP2225: Richard Diamond: The Evans-Farmer Murder CaseJun 14, 2017 Listen
EP2224: That Hammer Guy: The Florentine DaggerJun 13, 2017 Listen
EP2223: Night Beat: A Case of ButterJun 12, 2017 Listen
EP2222: Dragnet: The Big DonationJun 10, 2017 Listen
EP2221: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Back to Back MatterJun 09, 2017 Listen
EP2220: Boston Blackie: The Joe Garland MurderJun 08, 2017 Listen
EP2219: Richard Diamond: The Madame Tanya CaseJun 07, 2017 Listen
EP2218: Pat Novak for Hire: John St. JohnJun 06, 2017 Listen
EP2217: Night Beat: Wanna Buy a Story?Jun 05, 2017 Listen
EP2216: Dragnet: The Big WhiffJun 03, 2017 Listen
EP2215: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Collector’s MatterJun 02, 2017 Listen
EP2214: Boston Blackie: The Masked Gang Protection RacketJun 01, 2017 Listen
EP2213: Richard Diamond: The Edna Wolfe Murder CaseMay 31, 2017 Listen
EP2212: The Lone Wolf: The Golden SantaMay 30, 2017 Listen
EP2211: Night Beat: The Hunter Becomes the HuntedMay 29, 2017 Listen
EP2210: Dragnet: The Big FourthMay 27, 2017 Listen
EP2209: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Wholly Unexpected MatterMay 26, 2017 Listen
EP2208: Boston Blackie: The Case of The Disappearing PlaneMay 25, 2017 Listen
EP2207: Richard Diamond: The Frank Bowers CaseMay 24, 2017 Listen
EP2206: Suspense: Murder Goes For a SwimMay 23, 2017 Listen
EP2205: Night Beat: Old Home WeekMay 22, 2017 Listen
EP2204s: Lux Radio Theatre: The High WallMay 21, 2017 Listen
EP2204: Dragnet: The Big ShakedownMay 20, 2017 Listen
EP2203: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Flask of Death MatterMay 19, 2017 Listen
EP2202: Boston Blackie: The Old Man Graham MurderMay 18, 2017 Listen
EP2201: Richard Diamond: The Martha Campbell Ransom CaseMay 17, 2017 Listen
EP2200: Let George Do It: The CowardMay 16, 2017 Listen
EP2199: Night Beat: Doctor’s SecretMay 15, 2017 Listen
EP2198: Dragnet: The Big MailMay 13, 2017 Listen
EP2197: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Harried Heiress MatterMay 12, 2017 Listen
EP2196: Boston Blackie: Mike Harlan Escapes from PrisonMay 11, 2017 Listen
EP2195: Richard Diamond: The Ice Pick Murder CaseMay 10, 2017 Listen
EP2194: Let George Do It: The Man Under the Elm TreesMay 09, 2017 Listen
EP2193: Night Beat: Gunner’s Last FightMay 08, 2017 Listen
EP2192: Dragnet: The Big GambleMay 06, 2017 Listen
EP2191: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Canned Canary MatterMay 05, 2017 Listen
EP2190: Boston Blackie: The Paul Blaine MurderMay 04, 2017 Listen
EP2189: Richard Diamond: The Tobias P. Briggs CaseMay 03, 2017 Listen
EP2188: Jeff Regan: The British Are ComingMay 02, 2017 Listen
EP2187: Night Beat: Old Blind PopMay 01, 2017 Listen
EP2186: Dragnet: The Big SafeApr 29, 2017 Listen
EP2185: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Red Rock MatterApr 28, 2017 Listen
EP2184: Boston Blackie: The Merry-Go-Round MurderApr 27, 2017 Listen
EP2183: Richard Diamond: The Mary Bellman CaseApr 26, 2017 Listen
EP2182: Jeff Regan: If I Knew You Were Coming, I’d Have Wrecked a TrainApr 25, 2017 Listen
EP2181: Night Beat: A City at Your FingertipsApr 24, 2017 Listen
EP2180: Dragnet: The Big ElevatorApr 22, 2017 Listen
We’re BackApr 22, 2017 Listen
EP2179: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Man Who Waits MatterApr 21, 2017 Listen
EP2178: Boston Blackie: The Winthrop Jewelry Company TheftsApr 20, 2017 Listen
EP2177: Richard Diamond: Mrs. X Can’t Find Mr. XApr 19, 2017 Listen
EP2176: Jeff Regan: The Man Behind the RodApr 18, 2017 Listen
EP2175: Night Beat: The Devil’s BibleApr 17, 2017 Listen
EP2174: Dragnet: The Big BuncoApr 15, 2017 Listen
EP2173: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Mystery Gal MatterApr 14, 2017 Listen
EP2172: Boston Blackie: The Frances Fielding MurderApr 13, 2017 Listen
EP2171: Richard Diamond: The William Carnes CaseApr 12, 2017 Listen
EP2170: Inspector Thorne: The Society Writer Murder CaseApr 11, 2017 Listen
EP2169: Night Beat: Molly KellerApr 10, 2017 Listen
EP2168: Dragnet: The Big ShowApr 08, 2017 Listen
EP2167: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Phony Phone MatterApr 07, 2017 Listen
EP2166: Boston Blackie: The Stolen Car RingApr 06, 2017 Listen
EP2165: Richard Diamond: The Ralph Baxter CaseApr 05, 2017 Listen
State of the Podcast and Video TheaterApr 05, 2017 Listen
EP2164: Inspector Thorne: The Empty Ashtray Murder CaseApr 04, 2017 Listen
EP2163: Night Beat: Old King DeathApr 03, 2017 Listen
EP2162: Dragnet: The Big Street CarApr 01, 2017 Listen
EP2161: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Fatal Switch MatterMar 31, 2017 Listen
EP2160: Boston Blackie: The Baseball Player MurderMar 30, 2017 Listen
EP2159: Richard Diamond: Who Shot the MessengerMar 29, 2017 Listen
EP2158: Inspector Thorne: The Two Fiancées Murder CaseMar 28, 2017 Listen
EP2157: Night Beat: MartyMar 27, 2017 Listen
EP2156: Dragnet: The Big RoseMar 25, 2017 Listen
EP2155: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Silver Queen MatterMar 24, 2017 Listen
EP2154: Boston Blackie: Murder On 111 Cedar StreetMar 23, 2017 Listen
EP2153: Richard Diamond: The Man Who Hated WomenMar 22, 2017 Listen
EP2152: Inspector Thorne: The Nickles and Dimes Murder CaseMar 21, 2017 Listen
EP2151: Night Beat: The Juvenile GangsterMar 20, 2017 Listen
EP2150s: Suspense: The Cave of Ali BabaMar 19, 2017 Listen
EP2150: Dragnet: The Big BorderMar 18, 2017 Listen
EP2149: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Deadly Swamp MatterMar 17, 2017 Listen
EP2148: Boston Blackie: Murder On the Flying TrapezeMar 16, 2017 Listen
EP2147: Richard Diamond: The Mother Kali StatueMar 15, 2017 Listen
EP2146: Inspector Thorne: The Dark Cigarette CaseMar 14, 2017 Listen
EP2145: Night Beat: Vincent and the PainterMar 13, 2017 Listen
EP2144: Dragnet: The Big FireMar 11, 2017 Listen
EP2143: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Double Exposure MatterMar 10, 2017 Listen
EP2142: Boston Blackie: Pierre the DesignerMar 09, 2017 Listen
EP2141: Richard Diamond: The Photographer’s CardMar 08, 2017 Listen
EP2140: Inspector Thorne: The Mastermind Murder CaseMar 07, 2017 Listen
EP2139: Night Beat: The Football Player and the SyndicateMar 06, 2017 Listen
EP2138s: Tenth Year Podcast Anniversary SpecialMar 05, 2017 Listen
EP2138: Dragnet: The Big EvansMar 04, 2017 Listen
EP2137: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The False Alarm MatterMar 03, 2017 Listen
EP2136: Boston Blackie: The Worthington Ghost MurderMar 02, 2017 Listen
EP2135: Richard Diamond: The Private Eye TestMar 01, 2017 Listen
EP2134: Inspector Thorne: The High Style Murder CaseFeb 28, 2017 Listen
EP2133: Night Beat: Girl From KansasFeb 27, 2017 Listen
EP2132s: Sherlock Holmes: Adventure of the Devil’s FootFeb 26, 2017 Listen
EP2132: Dragnet: The Big PlantFeb 25, 2017 Listen
EP2131: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Saturday Night MatterFeb 24, 2017 Listen
EP2130: Boston Blackie: The Li Chow MurderFeb 23, 2017 Listen
EP2129: Richard Diamond: The Joyce Wallace CaseFeb 22, 2017 Listen
EP2128: Inspector Thorne: The Defrosted Refrigerator Murder ClueFeb 21, 2017 Listen
EP2127: Night Beat: Harlan Matthews, Stamp DealerFeb 20, 2017 Listen
EP2126s: Lux Radio Theatre: Mrs. MikeFeb 19, 2017 Listen
EP2126: Dragnet: The Big ProducerFeb 18, 2017 Listen
EP2125: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Deep Down MatterFeb 17, 2017 Listen
EP2124: Boston Blackie: The Thomas Evers MurderFeb 16, 2017 Listen
EP2123: Richard Diamond: The Louis Spence CaseFeb 15, 2017 Listen
EP2122: Inspector Thorne: Golden Girl Murder CaseFeb 14, 2017 Listen
EP2121: Night Beat: I Wish You Were DeadFeb 13, 2017 Listen
EP2120: Dragnet: The Big Phone CallFeb 11, 2017 Listen
EP2119: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Moonshine MatterFeb 10, 2017 Listen
EP2118: Boston Blackie: The Auctioned Vase MysteryFeb 09, 2017 Listen
EP2117: Richard Diamond: The Pop Skoals CaseFeb 08, 2017 Listen
EP2116: Inspector Thorne: The Vacant Lot Murder CaseFeb 07, 2017 Listen
EP2115: Night Beat: The Night WatchmanFeb 06, 2017 Listen
EP2114: Dragnet: The Big HoneymoonFeb 04, 2017 Listen
EP2113: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Look Before You Leap MatterFeb 03, 2017 Listen
EP2112: Boston Blackie: The Benson MurderFeb 02, 2017 Listen
EP2111: Richard Diamond: The Mario Ciminio CaseFeb 01, 2017 Listen
EP2110: Inspector Thorne: The Fabulous Divorce Pay-Off Murder CaseJan 31, 2017 Listen
EP2109: Nightbeat: The Elevator CaperJan 30, 2017 Listen
EP2108: Dragnet: The Big Almost No ShowJan 28, 2017 Listen
EP2107: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Alvin’s Alfred MatterJan 27, 2017 Listen
EP2106: Boston Blackie: The Condon RansomJan 26, 2017 Listen
EP2105: Richard Diamond: The Elaine Tanner CaseJan 25, 2017 Listen
EP2104: Hollywood Mystery Time: Murder by CoincidenceJan 24, 2017 Listen
EP2103: Night Beat: Mentallo, the Mental MarvelJan 23, 2017 Listen
EP2102s: Radio Reader’s Digest: The Case of the Dormitory TheftsJan 22, 2017 Listen
EP2102: Dragnet: The Big CourtJan 21, 2017 Listen
EP2101: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The PO MatterJan 20, 2017 Listen
EP2100: Boston Blackie: The Brandon MurderJan 19, 2017 Listen
EP2099: Richard Diamond: Timothy the SealJan 18, 2017 Listen
EP2098: Hollywood Mystery Time: Hot and Low DownJan 17, 2017 Listen
EP2097: Night Beat: Tong WaterJan 16, 2017 Listen
EP2096: Dragnet: The Big Juvenile DivisionJan 14, 2017 Listen
EP2095: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Sidewinder MatterJan 13, 2017 Listen
EP2094: Boston Blackie: The Williams Inheritance CaseJan 12, 2017 Listen
EP2093: Richard Diamond: The Martin White CaseJan 11, 2017 Listen
EP2092: Hollywood Mystery Time: The Case of the Glowing EyesJan 10, 2017 Listen
EP2091: Night Beat: I Know Your SecretJan 09, 2017 Listen