Special Edition 9: Science... sort of - The Feline Phenomenon!

Derek Mead, the Editor in Chief of Motherboard came out to visit Ryan and so of course they sat down on the mic to talk about CATS! (And yes, the photo is Derek and Ryan out looking for cats in Costa Rica.) No time stamps for this one. We were drinking an Incredible Hop Series Rye IPA from the Fort Collins Brewery and a cheeky nip of some Balcones True Blue cask strength Texas corn whiskey. And here are the stories we talked about: Humans on the internet apparently prefer dogs over cats China has tiger farms, and somehow that's not illegal(and howyou can help endangered felids) Black cats get treated worse, and that not cool And we end with Derek and Ryan quizzing each other on science trivia using the Science Trivia Quiz Book by Matt Silverman which Ryan bought at a used bookstore for a buck.   Thanks for listening and be sure to check out all the great content available from the Brachiolope Media Network and our friends over at Motherboard!   Music for this episode: Black Cat - Black Mountain (Only available in the In the Future [Deluxe] album)   Image credit: Ryan and his buddy Garren

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