Andrew Gadomski, Recruiting Process and Analytics

@AndrewGadomski - LINKEDIN - Aspen Advisors I started Aspen in 2006 because I thought too many recruiting departments were 1. wasting time and money on tools they didn't understand,  2. using training that was taught once and forgotten, and 3. engaging vendors who could not prove their service value.  There did not seem to be a company that large organizations could turn to in order to drive waste out and improvement in - whether at high volumes or for specialization. I thought why not toss up a shingle... I set out to build a firm that used real evidence and proof to for decision making rather than hot bloated consultant speak. My desire was to work with leaders who would check ego and improve recruiting without excuses. Needless to say I was broke for a while. Ego checking is not exactly a LinkedIn registered skill.   

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