Should you recruit people at work plus James Chmielinksi

Two guests today.  1. @TylerAdobe felt violated when a recruiter called him at work. And when a recruiter emailed at work, he found that jarring. It was so upsetting he wrote an article about it. -- Tyler on LINKEDIN  I was sitting in our corporate offices in a training session with 20 of my colleagues when my phone rang. It was a recruiter. It felt violating for the call to come through one of my employer's official channels. This week, I received a recruiting email on my official Adobe email. Having this email show up in my corporate inbox was jarring. 2. @TechStardust --  Jimmy C (James Chmielinski) ON LINKEDIN   I grew up in the family-owned, tech-staffing enterprise. A lefty pitcher originating in Manhattan, NY and raised in Arizona's valley of the sun. I enjoy high-stakes and maintain a championship state of mind. I am passionate about building teams, software startups, and creating tools to make life easier for sourcing and recruiting professionals. I enjoy sourcing and auditing talent acquisition systems with the goal of accelerating hiring, optimizing it, and reducing cost. 

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