Nick Livingston, ex-Corporate Recruiter, CEO Honeit Interview Platform

@NLivingston -- LINKEDIN -- -- The Honeit Real-Time Interview Platform enables recruiters to record and share highlights from live phone (or video) screens. " I’ll never forget the ‘Aha!’ moment after transitioning from staffing agencies to an in-house recruiting role at MTV where I learned the difference between external and in-house recruiting. " For years it was my job to get candidates to accept the offer on the table from our clients. If my candidate didn’t accept the offer, we didn’t get paid. " However, moving in-house, you quickly find out that making the wrong hire can do much more damage than an empty desk. " The time and cost of everyone involved to on-board, train, and get a new hire up and running is astonishing and the worse thing you can do is convince someone to take a job that isn’t the right fit for the employee or for the company. " Identifying potential red flags among a candidate’s ordinary yellow flags, and preventing a bad hire can be one of the most productive things a Recruiter can do. "

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