E895: News Roundtable! Anthony Pompliano & Mick Liubinskas do a Crypto deep dive: the state of bitcoin, ideal use cases, Ripple trouble, IPO flame-outs & scams, incremental improvements & exponential potential; plus, Black Swan events, aliens arriving, markets collapsing & accreditation laws strangling the American DreamJan 19, 2019 Listen
E894: How do you know when to hire a CEO? Owl Labs Co-founder & outgoing CEO Max Makeev & new CEO Frank Weishaupt on applying robotics thinking to transform video conferencing, shaping the future of distributed teams, & hitting the gas on growth by handing over the reinsJan 15, 2019 Listen
E893: All #AskJason! Working in VC, prospects for non-revenue projects, cliche entrepreneur phrases, effective networking tips, recession-proof industries, what makes a great investment, negotiating co-founder title, misguided startup advice, SV v. NYCJan 12, 2019 Listen
E892: News Roundtable! Peter Rojas & Monique Woodard: CES (5G, bread robots, double standards & more!), tech backlashes & what lies beneath, the dilemmas of regulation, have we reached peak Apple?, political deja vu, online harassment & the rise of fake internetJan 10, 2019 Listen
E891: #AllAskJason Call-In: right approach to metrics, customer acquisition & retention, landing qualified leads & true feedback from the front lines, to take or not to take investor money, relentless focus as a strategyJan 04, 2019 Listen
E890: #StartupTuneup: 16 founders pitch for Jason’s candid feedback on scaling: from social networks to smart contact lenses, flying on-demand to subscription freelancers, multi-purpose boxes to blockchain for litigants & many more @ LAUNCH SCALEJan 01, 2019 Listen
E889: Union Square Ventures Partner & Co-founder Brad Burnham shares insights on market forces, innovation impinged by dominant players & consolidating network effects, the enduring benefits of open systems, potential for distributed trust, & continued conviction for crypto to create a platform that is not evilDec 28, 2018 Listen
E888: Honor CEO & Co-founder Seth Sternberg (prev. Meebo, Google) turns his tech expertise toward human betterment, combining care professionals with machine learning for quality home care; shares lessons as serial entrepreneur, raising money, assembling teams, navigating execution & market risksDec 21, 2018 Listen
E887: #StartupTuneup @ TWiST Live! Jason’s candid feedback to founders on teledentistry as a service, tax management for cannabis, stylish activewear bras, data science for software engineering, online 3D printing, integrated traveling platformDec 18, 2018 Listen
E886: Samasource Founder & CEO Leila Janah is reducing poverty by training people in Africa in AI & future technologies to earn 400% more; shares her LXMI organic skincare products, the rewards & challenges of running two startups, raising VC, & the profitable art of doing more with lessDec 14, 2018 Listen
E885: Year-end special TWiST! Top 2018 trends, prominent players & 2019 predictions for products, AI, podcasting, platforms, entertainment, politics & much more – with Nick Abouzeid, Lon Harris, Rob May, Skye Pillsbury & Austin SmithDec 13, 2018 Listen
E884: News Roundtable! Kim-Mai Cutler, Initialized Capital & Ryan Carson, Treehouse talk IPO heat: Uber & Lyft file, more on deck, effects to ricochet across transportation & housing; diversity in tech & the future of education; the latest in Facebook & Google moral bankruptcyDec 12, 2018 Listen
E883: #AllAskJason: low-cost marketing, protecting stealable ideas, decacorns & superunicorns, early-traction momentum, advice for non-tech founders, transparency best practices, unique ideas, advice for kid entrepreneurs, running out of money – with LAUNCH CMO PreshDec 10, 2018 Listen
E882: TWiST Live! OpenAI Co-founder & CTO Greg Brockman on our rapid acceleration toward artificial general intelligence: shares achievements in deep learning, the death of Moore’s Law (300,000x compute increase), & the risks of malice, competition & unintended consequences as OpenAI races to build AGI that benefits humanityDec 07, 2018 Listen
E881: Helm CEO & Co-founder Giri Sreenivas built a personal server to safeguard your online data in this era of runaway surveillance; insights on hacking, Snowden, the unceasing exploitation of information by government, advertisers & big tech, & a $4m raise led by Initialized Capital to protect us at this privacy tipping pointDec 04, 2018 Listen
E880: Brandless CEO & Co-founder Tina Sharkey (prev., iVillage, AOL) shares how her ecommerce platform eliminates inefficiency, builds community & disrupts retail with products reflecting the values of consumers, not brands; shares insights from early internet, creating a culture of intention, raising $240m from SoftBank Vision Fund & moreDec 01, 2018 Listen
E879: News Roundtable! Antonio García Martínez (“Chaos Monkeys,” WIRED) & Iain Thomson (The Register): Facebook’s embattled leadership & unraveling internal culture, world’s 1st gene-edited babies, bitcoin zero-bound?, deep-fakes, Amazon HQ2 fiasco, social-media genius of Ocasio-Cortez & moreNov 27, 2018 Listen
E878: Founder.University #StartupTuneup: 9 startups in drone recovery, automated architecture, daily newsletters, soccer software, SMB marketing, design management, shoe commerce, tech recruiting, boutique delivery & more get candid feedback from Jason & Kirby Harris, Base VenturesNov 23, 2018 Listen
E877: Fairygodboss CEO & Co-founder Georgene Huang built a career marketplace for women, shares insights on best companies, equal pay, forced arbitration for misconduct, work-life balance, & results from her Sexual Harassment in Workplace Survey that shows, even post- #MeToo, how far we have to goNov 20, 2018 Listen
E876: “Founder Lessons”: 5 founders whose startups range from shut down to scaling share their best advice, mistakes they will never repeat & strategies they will double-down on for future success @ LAUNCH ScaleNov 18, 2018 Listen
E875: Founder & CEO Andrew Parker built Papa to solve loneliness across generations with “grandkids on demand” companionship & non-skilled assistance, shares progress since YC, expanding & pursuing partnership w/ Medicare, & securing $2.4m from Alexis OhanianNov 16, 2018 Listen
E874: #AllAskJason Call-In: Jason’s candid feedback on getting investors’ attention pre- product-market fit, selling the big vision, conquering small markets before big, optimizing potential in apparel, breaking into tech from outside SVNov 13, 2018 Listen
E873: The Syndicate Showcase: Jason presents 3 portfolio startups & reveals why he invested; founders demo & share accomplishments resulting from Jason’s accelerator & syndicate, w/ Cafe X (robotic coffee), LeadIQ (sales prospecting), Kush Marketplace (wholesale cannabis)Nov 11, 2018 Listen
E872: David Cohen, Techstars founder & world’s top angel with investments creating $80b+ value in 30 cities across 13 countries, shares insights on picking over-performers, prioritizing quality before quantity, data dilemmas & misplaced outrage, & the early-stage exhilaration of helping founders figure it outNov 10, 2018 Listen
E871: Craig Newmark on founding & scaling profitable legend Craigslist with dogged dedication to customer service & no VC, now driven to fund the good work in the world, reverse misinformation & stay in touch with what’s real to get our country back on trackNov 05, 2018 Listen
E870: CEO Bentley Hall brings Good Eggs back from the brink to raise $50m Series C led by Bill Gurley, stays focused on foundation & happy customers before hyper-growth, shares inventory & plans to expand on a mission to make fresh food the default not the exceptionNov 02, 2018 Listen
E869: Mar Hershenson, Pear VC: “Building Companies from 0 to 1” & what startups need to know to get from idea to Series A; & James Currier, NFX: “Network Effects Produces 70% of the Value in Tech” & how startups can create network effects for defensibility & scale @ LAUNCH SCALEOct 30, 2018 Listen
E868: Calm Co-founder Alex Tew shares lessons on hyper-growth done well, finding the right investors, creating a new market & making a positive difference in the world with 1m+ subscribers, $80m revenue & a $250m valuationOct 26, 2018 Listen
E867: Superhuman CEO Rahul Vohra (prev., Rapportive) created instantaneous email to democratize productivity, demos why customers not only pay but evangelize (w/ 70k on waitlist), shares insights as 2nd-time founder on fundraising, churn, marketing & the workflow of the futureOct 23, 2018 Listen
E866: “Future of Early-Stage Investing” with Garry Tan (Initialized Capital), Hunter Walk (Homebrew), Andrea Zurek (XG Ventures): Insights on founder-market fit, the value of operators, outdated venture models, & helping startups break through Series A bottleneckOct 19, 2018 Listen
E865: Nextdoor CEO & Co-founder Nirav Tolia on getting to 90% of US neighborhoods & 100m users globally with organic growth & hard choices, shares thoughts on parody, possible IPO, & becoming the unique social network that protects, as well as connects, its membersOct 16, 2018 Listen
E864: Social Capital’s Chamath Palihapitiya on how he fell for the mythology & Ponzi scheme of Silicon Valley, is now getting back to solving problems that matter; urges founders to grow real, grow slow, & stay true to what they want to build in the world @ LAUNCH ScaleOct 12, 2018 Listen
E863: Optimism breaks barriers: Omaze CEO Matt Pohlson makes a difference through dream experiences with A-list stars, shares lessons in gratitude, family gambling, coming back from the dead (literally), Bono’s magic, & the smart business of crowdfunded charityOct 09, 2018 Listen
E862: Andela CEO Jeremy Johnson & his team are training Africa’s top talent to become the world’s software engineers, bridging the gap between a high-growth population & the global need for technical expertiseOct 05, 2018 Listen
E861: #StartupTuneup Urban-X: Founders solving for cities pitch Jason on data-driven grades for apartments, urban outdoor spaces, connecting tolls to connected vehicles, bike-safety helmets riders will actually wearOct 03, 2018 Listen
E860: Elad Gil, Angel Investor (Airbnb, Coinbase, Square) & Operator (Color Genomics, Google), shares masterclass on fundraising timeline & process, landing & optimizing investors, notes & equity terms/trade-offs, common mistakes & more @ LAUNCH IncubatorSep 28, 2018 Listen
E859: Emergency Pod! Instagram founders flee Facebook, things Jason hates/loves, tips for founders, the startup Jason wish existedSep 27, 2018 Listen
E858: #AllAskJason Call-In: Candid advice on founder mental health & the extreme pursuit of startups, syndicate investing best practices, setting up outside SV, the future of robot-enabled retail, & the dream social media platform to unseat FacebookSep 25, 2018 Listen
E857: Solving drowning: WAVE Co-founder & CEO Mark Caron demos his innovation detecting swimmers in distress, alerting lifeguards & parents; shares challenges & opportunities of changing human behavior, convincing VCs of the growing market for saving livesSep 21, 2018 Listen
E856: #StartupTuneup Equity Crowdfunding: Republic Co-founder Ken Nguyen opens opportunity floodgates for startups & investors with diversity-focused crowdfunding, joins Jason to hear pitches on enterprise collaboration, smartphone numbers on demand, & next-gen tailoringSep 18, 2018 Listen
E855: Blavity CEO & Co-founder Morgan DeBaun on how she built her media empire for black millennials based on trust in the era of fake news & Facebook fatigue, scaled to 5 brands (+counting) with 4m+ social, & landed Series A led by GV, smashing every SV barrier along the waySep 14, 2018 Listen
E854: Kairos CEO & Co-founder Brian Brackeen on innovating in facial recognition, processing over a billion faces, raising $30m via token sale, the dream & dystopia of AI, the persistence of racial profiling, & why he won’t sell his technology to law enforcementSep 11, 2018 Listen
E853: #StartupTuneup “Solving Oceans”: 5 founders share their visions for cleaning up oil spills, fishing sustainably, harnessing wave power, rapidly biodegradable products, & data to eliminate wasteSep 07, 2018 Listen
E852: News Roundtable! Clara Brenner, Urban Innovation Fund & Iain Thomson, The Register: Facebook & Twitter testify, Google misfires, free speech v. de-platforming, scooter war victors & victims, rise of IPOs & income inequality, security shenanigansSep 05, 2018 Listen
E851: Ubiquity6 Co-founder & CEO Anjney Midha on creating multiplayer AR for the real world, raising $37.5m from top SV investors to play with parallel universes, become the browser of spaces & define the future of shared mixed realityAug 31, 2018 Listen
E850: All #AskJason Call-In! Candid feedback on marketplaces, getting customers, breaking into VC, social media envy spiral, execution over ideas, abandoning your C corp, hiring & keeping great talent, networking outside of SVAug 29, 2018 Listen
E849: Ernst-Jan Pfauth, CEO of The Correspondent, on breaking the journalism crowdfunding world record, launching in U.S., & innovating by ignoring the news & creating for readers instead of advertisers & ownersAug 21, 2018 Listen
E848: Introducing Tonal smart home fitness center that measures, monitors, instructs & adapts for a personalized full-body workout; CEO/founder Aly Orady demos his invention & vision for the future of health & fitnessAug 17, 2018 Listen
E847: Emergency Pod! “Low-Burn Mindset”: Jason’s sneak preview from his next book breaks down your burn rate, why it needs to stay low & how to keep it there to extend your runwayAug 16, 2018 Listen
E846: Adam Nelson of Social Capital shares his playbook on “What it Takes to Raise a Series A in 2018”: what (& who) investors fund, optimizing team, scalability, market, narrative & the fundamentals of fundraising @ Founder.UniversityAug 14, 2018 Listen
E845: News Roundtable! Ryan Hoover, Product Hunt & Gadget Guy Dave Mathews, NewAer: Tesla going private—or getting purchased?, Twitter trolls, Discord takes on Steam, ISPs out of control & out of touch, intro PH Sip News, bike-share bike piles towering around the globeAug 10, 2018 Listen
E844: TWiST on the Town! Bumblebee Spaces demos a new dimension, creating extra living space with AI & robotics; Pure Watercraft drives Jason with its high-powered electric outboard motorAug 07, 2018 Listen
E843: CEO Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins founded Promise to provide equitable alternatives to incarceration, reduce recidivism & save counties massive costs; shares journey from Prince manager to startup founder, landing JAY-Z as investor & taking on our badly broken jail systemAug 03, 2018 Listen
E842: Bonus TWiST Breaking News: Apple & Tesla crush it, Facebook & Twitter crash, & how startups can survive a market correction or collapseAug 02, 2018 Listen
E841: Randy Komisar, entrepreneur & Kleiner Perkins VC, shares “Straight Talk for Startups” & insights on why startups fail, cultivating luck as a skill & accountability over apology, how VC has changed, the future of the market & the enduring wisdom of investing in talentJul 31, 2018 Listen
E840: All #AskJason! Live call-ins & chat room questions on finding investors, marketing your skills, Service as a Software, angel mentoring, best networking, hating on social media, future of AR & moreJul 27, 2018 Listen
E839: Mapistry CEO & Founder Allie Janoch shares her SaaS platform for environmental regulation that provides detailed & inexpensive data in real-time, flips incentives for managers toward compliance, overturns dire pollution problems & investor skepticism to scaleJul 25, 2018 Listen
E838: David Sacks on raising $350m for Craft Ventures, betting big on scooter unicorn Bird & transforming transportation, future of VR & crypto, lessons scaling Yammer from 0 to $1b, cleaning up Zenefits, keys to frictionless flywheel & great early-stage investing @ LAUNCH Angel SummitJul 20, 2018 Listen
E837: #StartupTuneup @ LAUNCH Festival Sydney: Founders pitch Jason on solutions in user-generated video, hiring salespeople fast, attention marketplace for biz, mentorship matching platform, finding nearest parking & moreJul 18, 2018 Listen
E836: News Roundtable! Peter Rojas, Betaworks & Teddy Schleifer, Recode: Gawker bought, Magic Leap: real or fraud?, Twitter bots booted, Benchmark moves, VC & vice, crypto plunges, Theranos worst, Mueller indictsJul 13, 2018 Listen
E835: Panda.af founder Daniel Singer created a voice-controlled camera that brings to life the movie in your head, takes on Snapchat & Facebook, shares the secrets of Gen Z & being a serial entrepreneur at 18Jul 10, 2018 Listen
E834: HVMN Co-founder & CEO Geoffrey Woo on creating world’s 1st drinkable ketone, disrupting the sugar market, bio-hacking for optimal performance & super-fueling the future of human healthJul 06, 2018 Listen
E833: Crushing Customer Acquisition: Andy Artz, Social Capital explains how to think about your funnel like an investor (“If Warren Buffet Were a Marketer”) & Whitney Sales, Acceleprise walks through the optimal sales process @ LAUNCH Festival SydneyJun 29, 2018 Listen
E832: The Future of Global VC: Seizing opportunities, markets, customers & money in the U.S., Australia & beyond with Ben Narasin (NEA), Samantha Wong (Blackbird Ventures), Stonly Baptiste (Urban.us) @ LAUNCH Festival SydneyJun 26, 2018 Listen
E831: Founder.University #StartupTuneup: 10 startups in portable PT, fashion, sustainable shrimp, Latino services, education, budtenders-brands connector, nuclear-powered space tugs & more get candid feedback from Jason & investor Monique WoodardJun 22, 2018 Listen
E830: Jeff Clavier of Uncork Capital shares seed funding strategies: understanding VC, prepping the pitch, setting valuations, targeting investors, avoiding traps & more @ LAUNCH IncubatorJun 20, 2018 Listen
E829: All #AskJason! Leveling up teams, data collection dilemmas, Masayoshi Son $100b, getting into investing in SV & beyond, valuations, pizza, China, unemployment, startup patience & moreJun 15, 2018 Listen
E828: WSJ investigative reporter John Carreyrou shares how he broke Theranos story & reveals its staggering scope of fraud & deception in his new book, “BAD BLOOD: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup”Jun 12, 2018 Listen
E827: News Roundtable! Lon Harris & Sarah Cooper: Mystery sonic attacks in Cuba & China, SF’s belligerent police-calling scooters, social media data detox attempts, Trumps twitter blocks, Oculus Go steps it up, Elon takes on fake newsJun 08, 2018 Listen
E826: “Dying for a Paycheck”: Stanford Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer shares the dire consequences of toxicity in the modern workplace & solutions for improving employee healthJun 05, 2018 Listen
E825: David Bennahum, Founder of the Ready creative building platform (@getreadyio) shares how to extend your runway and be frugal to give your startup the greatest chance of success @ LAUNCH IncubatorJun 01, 2018 Listen
E824: “Open Book Challenge”! Jason’s request for startups to replace Facebook gets underway: meet four founders with unique solutions to unseat the social media giant (applications open until 6/15/18)May 29, 2018 Listen
E823: Lambda School CEO Austen Allred created an immersive online training for software engineers at no upfront cost, disrupts education by eliminating student debt & aligning incentives of his school with those of its learnersMay 25, 2018 Listen
E822: Misty Robotics Founder Ian Bernstein (fmr Sphero) intros his programmable robot Misty II, & shares insights from developing BB-8, inspiring next generation with STEM education & creating the future of personal robotsMay 22, 2018 Listen
E821: News Roundtable! Jeff Bercovici, Inc. & Alex Kantrowitz, BuzzFeed: Facebook plays to regain trust, Google A.I. terrifies, Amazon fake reviews, autopilot dilemma, tech’s global reckoning, & this week in startups that let you avoid deathMay 19, 2018 Listen
E820: JUMP Bikes founder Ryan Rzepecki on building SF’s only electrified, dockless bike share, being acquired by Uber, gearing up for massive multi-city scale & defining the future of cities and transportationMay 15, 2018 Listen
E819: Brave founder Brendan Eich (fmr Mozilla, JavaScript) on creating the ad-blocking, anon browser for our age, rewarding users with crypto-payment tokens, & raising $35m in 30 seconds for a rare ICO resulting in an actual productMay 11, 2018 Listen
E818: Firstminute Capital founder Brent Hoberman shares insights building ecommerce pioneer lastminute.com, joys of early-stage VC & backing obsessed founders, the future of A.I., outlook for media, & the unique challenges & opportunities of pan-European investingMay 08, 2018 Listen
E817: News Roundtable! Gadget Guy Dave Mathews (NewAer ) & Austin Smith (Inside.com): Elon rants at investors, Facebook steals again w/Dating, Telegram cancels public ICO, Cambridge Analytica bankrupts, WhatsApp founder quits, scooters confoundMay 04, 2018 Listen
E816: Mike Ghaffary of Social Capital shares strategies for getting the edge with “Productivity for Your Startup: An Action Plan” @ LAUNCH IncubatorMay 01, 2018 Listen
E815: All #AskJason: Surprising founders, effective crowdsourcing, AI hot or hype?, video game startups, cannabis, holding v. selling, raising $, building expertiseApr 27, 2018 Listen
E814: Airtable Co-founder Howie Liu raises $52m Series B for his smart spreadsheets, launches “Blocks” customizable apps to supercharge database insights, shares lessons as a 2nd-time founder & vision for the ultimate workflowApr 24, 2018 Listen
E813: Andy Rachleff shares insights from co-founding Benchmark & building Wealthfront to manage $10b+ assets, announces 50% fee cut for Risk Parity, talks stock market, financial literacy & the wisdom of investing against human instinctApr 20, 2018 Listen
E812: Startup Tuneup, Down Under! 6 Australian startups pitch Jason on VR therapy, food scrap collection, tree-planting robots, entrepreneurialism for kids, vets-pet owner platform, & homeowner all-in-one custom buildingApr 17, 2018 Listen
E811: News Roundtable! Iain Thomson, The Register & Brian Alvey, Clipisode: Zuck testifies to Congress, Facebook’s data dilemma, Trump orders USPS review, YouTube demonetization fallout, self-driving car accidents & the dangers of human distractionApr 13, 2018 Listen
E810: Clara Brenner, Urban Innovation Fund: “Forming a Board: Why & When (or, To Board or Not to Board) & Domingo Guerra, Appthority “Founder Lessons from Seed to Series B” @ Founder.UniversityApr 10, 2018 Listen
E809: Abra Founder Bill Barhydt built the 1st global wallet to buy, store & invest 20 crypto- & 50 fiat currencies; shares insights on ICOs (the good, bad & ugly), bitcoin’s euphoric rollercoaster, liquidity, mining, the IRS & crypto’s immutable fate to transform the worldApr 06, 2018 Listen
E808: News Roundtable! Cade Metz, NYT & Sarah Cooper, The Cooper Review: YouTube shooting, Trump attacks Amazon, A.I. fights for talent, deconstructing Zuck, crypto plummets, the fate (& fatal) of self-drivingApr 04, 2018 Listen
E20: “Angel” podcast: Ask an Angel! Jason Calacanis & Ed Roman answer questions on startup runway concerns, syndicate hit rates, advising best practices, founder updates, due diligence, pro-rata rights, investment legal structures & moreApr 02, 2018 Listen
E807: Intercom co-founder Des Traynor explains exactly how to “Build the Right Thing” and scale strategically with principles, values, and mission @ LAUNCH IncubatorMar 30, 2018 Listen
E806: Rachel Hepworth, Head of Growth Marketing at Slack, breaks down how startups can best “Go to Market and Grow” @ Founder.UniversityMar 27, 2018 Listen
E19: “Angel” podcast: Pete Flint, NFX Managing Partner & Trulia Founder, shares insights from entrepreneurship to investing, criteria for $150m seed fund, supporting persistent founders, company-building & culture, targeting markets ripe for disruption, & the power of data network effectsMar 25, 2018 Listen
E805: Innovating Biology: next-level tech tackles the human condition with Contraline’s non-surgical, reversible male contraception & Spiral Therapeutics’ hydrogel therapy for hearing loss preventionMar 23, 2018 Listen
E804: News Roundtable! Antonio Garcia Martinez (“Chaos Monkeys,” original Facebook Ads PM) & Austin Smith (Inside.com) dissect the deepening Facebook data scandal & Cambridge Analytica’s Trump ties & info; also autonomous Uber fatality, full Theranos implosionMar 21, 2018 Listen
E803: Startup Tuneup “Solving Cities”: 6 co’s pitch to Jason innovating in autonomous tech sensors, city maps from space, ML for road monitoring, AI-improved city grids, safer construction sites, & alt. car ownershipMar 17, 2018 Listen
E802: All #AskJason! Minimizing burn rate, SV mental health, self-funding to Series A, equity splits, “sustainability” stigma, solo-founding, founder/angel bad habits, product+services & moreMar 13, 2018 Listen
E801: Open Listings CEO Judd Schoenholtz on creating a self-service real estate market, promoting affordability & returning agent costs to buyers, reducing legacy bad behavior, & driving the future of housingMar 09, 2018 Listen
E801: Open Listings CEO Judd Schoenholtz on creating a self-service real estate market, promoting affordability & returning agent costs to buyers, reducing legacy bad behavior, & driving the future of housingMar 09, 2018 Listen
E800: Startup Tuneup/#AskJason LIVE: Five founders pitch for Jason’s candid feedback (& audience votes) in co-working, healthcare, education, investing, and peer networkingMar 06, 2018 Listen
E799: Introducing Skydio, 1st self-flying camera that follows you around; CEO Adam Bry discusses trustworthy autonomy, consumer to military applications & demos the drone chasing @Jason in an alleyFeb 27, 2018 Listen
E798: News Roundtable! Antonio Garcia Martinez (author “Chaos Monkeys”) & Clara Brenner (Urban Innovation Fund) dissect Facebook’s Russia problem, targeted ads & dilemmas of unrestricted growth, crypto news, harassment in VC, gun control & Gen Z activismFeb 23, 2018 Listen
E797: “Funding Your Startup”: Jenny Lefcourt, VC at Freestyle Capital & serial entrepreneur, shares anatomy of the ideal deck & ultimate pitch to raise your round right @ Founder.UniversityFeb 20, 2018 Listen
E18: “Angel” podcast: Rob May, investor 45+ co’s & founder Talla & Backupify, shares dealbreakers, successful founder patterns, using scar tissue as entrepreneur to be a better angel, creating Talla’s ICO & future of bots, blockchain, & cryptoFeb 18, 2018 Listen
E796: Othman Laraki, Color CEO & Co-founder, uses genetics to engage people in preventative health & early disease detection, draws on deep experience as entrepreneur, investor & carrier of BRCA geneFeb 16, 2018 Listen
E795: Charles Hudson, Managing Partner Precursor Ventures, breaks down how not to mess up your Seed round, manage product, team & investors, avoid distractions, critical hiring questions, future milestones & more @ Founder.UniversityFeb 13, 2018 Listen
E794: Max Levchin, co-founder Affirm, PayPal, Slide & investor 120+ co’s on SV early days, finding Peter Thiel & Elon Musk, fighting fraud, Yahoo! board tales, mentoring startups, & returning to Fintech with “beneficience” & giving credit to the consumers who really need itFeb 09, 2018 Listen
E17 “Angel” podcast: Clara Brenner, Urban Innovation Fund shares insights from ~50 investments focused on solving our biggest challenges, importance of tenacity, momentum, culture to scale & positive communication with investorsFeb 08, 2018 Listen
E793: News Roundtable! Ari Levy, CNBC & Dave Mathews, NewAer: Crazy Crypto, Bitcoin rollercoaster & exploding ICOs, Q4 “Earningsaggedon” & what’s next for Amazon/Alphabet/Apple/Facebook, Trump Tax & influx of $, tech graveyardFeb 02, 2018 Listen
E792: Patty McCord, prev. Netflix Chief Talent Officer & cornerstone of its epic success, shares strategies & actionable insights from her new book, “Powerful: Building a Culture of Freedom and Responsibility.”Jan 30, 2018 Listen
E16: “Angel” podcast: Arjun Sethi, Social Capital on bringing skills as a founder (MessageMe, Lolapps) & Yahoo head of growth to early-stage investing, being candid, overcoming hubris, taking methodical risks, & the critical importance of rapid-learning, resilient teamsJan 28, 2018 Listen
E791: All Ask Jason! FOMO strategies for investors, product managers as founders, right times to raise, investable media, crypto mania, automotive startup explosion, angel failures & lessonsJan 26, 2018 Listen
E790: “How to 10x Your People”: David Hassell of 15Five shares best strategies for setting & scaling your startup team & culture @ Founder.UniversityJan 19, 2018 Listen
E15: “Angel” podcast: Arlan Hamilton, Backstage Capital on being a self-taught VC, creating a rocket ship to fund 64+ underrepresented founders in just 2yrs, launching an upcoming studio, & mastering the art of disciplined investingJan 18, 2018 Listen
E789: “Eliminating Dealbreakers”: Clara Brenner, Urban Innovation Fund, breaks down how to avoid common pitfalls in fundraising @ Founder.UniversityJan 16, 2018 Listen
E788: News Roundtable! Jeff Bercovici (Inc.) & Ryan Block (Begin, prev. Engadget) talk Facebook newsfeed about-face, CES strange robots & Kodak’s confusing crypto play, Tesla 3, Thiel intrigue, Google diversity controversyJan 13, 2018 Listen
E787: One Concern CEO & natural disaster survivor Ahmad Wani created A.I. platform Seismic Concern to predict earthquake impact, direct response teams with greater accuracy, & save livesJan 10, 2018 Listen
E14: “Angel” podcast: Satya Patel, Homebrew, on 80+ investments, betting on founders with mission, solving problems over building biz, funding “phases” not stages, portfolio stars, & the critical importance of boards & organizational muscle memoryJan 04, 2018 Listen
E786: Startup Tuneup: 8 founders pitch for Jason’s candid feedback in healthcare, sports SaaS, marketing, (co)workspace, voter/candidate match, home repair, interactive mirror @ Founder.UniversityDec 29, 2017 Listen
E13: “Angel” podcast: Jeff Clavier, Uncork Capital, on pioneering micro VC, lessons from 200+ investments & 5 funds, strategizing at Seed for Series A crunch, risky ICOs, & the hard-won wisdom of always be raisingDec 22, 2017 Listen
E785: News Roundtable, Top Tech 2017! Ryan Hoover of Product Hunt & Adam Ludwin of Chain take on net neutrality & fallout, crypto craze & FOMO, hottest products & predictions for biggest stories of 2018Dec 19, 2017 Listen
E12: “Angel” podcast: Boldstart Founder Ed Sim on 20yrs seeding 50+ enterprise co’s, how his father’s fleeing N. Korea shaped his VC, NYC deep tech, & being 1st dollar in to guide founder-product fit to product-market fit to self-sustainabilityDec 17, 2017 Listen
E784: Introducing Descript: Founder Andrew Mason (Groupon) puts seamless audio editing & transcription directly into hands of podcasters, a tool to catapult a booming industry into the stratosphereDec 12, 2017 Listen
E11: “Angel” podcast: Urban.us Shaun Abrahamson & Stonly Baptiste seed & support startups to improve cities, solve climate/housing/transportation, & profit in expanding urban megaregions & TAMDec 10, 2017 Listen
E783: Finless Foods is creating clean fish, a biotech solution to the increasing scarcity of healthy, affordable seafood for our planet; CEO Mike Selden demos sustainability with cutting-edge cell culture techDec 08, 2017 Listen
E782: Founder.University Startup Tuneup: Jason & Brian Alvey dissect then perfect pitches in 7 verticals (stain-free clothes, outdoor marketplace, political engagement, acct data, podcast sharing, healthcare, electric scooters!)Dec 06, 2017 Listen
E10: “Angel” podcast: Matt Brezina, investor in 65+ startups (Dropbox, Cruise) & founder (Xobni, Sincerely) shares strategies for backing relentlessly resourceful founder-builders & bringing operational value in returnNov 30, 2017 Listen
E781: Matrix Partners’ David Skok breaks down how to get inside your buyer’s head to increase funnel conversion rates; Maren Kate Donovan’s lessons from building Zirtual to $11m/yr & losing it overnightNov 28, 2017 Listen
E780: News Roundtable! Peter Rojas (Betaworks, prev. Engadget), Iain Thomson (The Register): Tesla two-punch w/Roadster & Semi, Apple AR boom/VR bust, StitchFix & IPO cautions, backflipping robots & future of auto warfareNov 21, 2017 Listen
E779: Brian Armstrong, Coinbase & Tim Draper, DFJ on the state of cryptocurrency’s maturing market: ICOs as new funding vehicle, disruption of VC, the end of fiat, rise of open source, & the continued dominance & resiliency of bitcoinNov 17, 2017 Listen
E778: LAUNCH Scale: Greylock’s Josh Elman (prev. FB, Twitter) breaks down the only metric that matters for hyper-growth; Talla’s Rob May (prev. Backupify) presents his step-by-step guide for whether blockchain/ICO is right for your startupNov 15, 2017 Listen
E9: “Angel” podcast: Ask An Angel! Jason Calacanis & Brian Alvey answer investor questions on picking startups, evaluating founders, due diligence, how syndicates work, deal terms & moreNov 14, 2017 Listen
E777: Startups on a mission: AID:Tech uses blockchain to prevent fraud & corruption by issuing digital identities to the undocumented; RoboKind robots teach social & emotional skills to children with autismNov 10, 2017 Listen
E776: Social Capital’s Chamath Palihapitiya on turbulent VC ecosystem, ICO skepticism & rethinking biz models to WIN; Samsung NEXT’s David Eun on transforming industry by meeting entrepreneurs wherever they areNov 08, 2017 Listen
E775: CoinList, the collab behind Filecoin $205m+ ICO, emerges as one-stop compliance, anti-money laundering & financial services platform for all ICOs; CEO Andy Bromberg talks risks & rewards of the token explosionNov 03, 2017 Listen
E774: All #AskJason: product pitches, investment v. bootstrapping, best models & metrics for SaaS & enterprise, getting to revenue, diversity in teams, landing angels & VCs, with Brian AlveyNov 02, 2017 Listen
BONUS TWiST Breaking News: Big tech testifies to congress over Russia’s interference in electionNov 02, 2017 Listen
E8: “Angel” podcast: Pear VC Founding Managing Partner Pejman Nozad shares lessons from selling rugs as an immigrant to seeding 100+ co’s & 6 unicorns, staying disciplined & backing founders who want to make a differenceOct 31, 2017 Listen
E773: Future of ICOs, Cryptocurrency & VC with Brock Pierce (Blockchain Cap, Block.one) & Vinny Lingham (Civic) @ LAUNCH SCALE 2017Oct 27, 2017 Listen
E772: LAUNCH SCALE! Investors Ben Narasin (NEA), Arlan Hamilton (Backstage Capital) & Zach Coelius (Angel, Syndicate Lead) share with founders what they look for & what it takes in 2017Oct 24, 2017 Listen
E771: Best of Europe #STHLMTech: Future of Games with Unity’s David Helgason & Future of Investing (& pitches) with BackingMinds, Norrsken, WellstreetOct 20, 2017 Listen
E770: Northvolt CEO Peter Carlsson takes on Tesla with new gigafactory; iZettle & Founder Jacob de Geer power Europe fintech-#STHLMtech FestOct 17, 2017 Listen
E769: #TWiSTLive @ WSGR: Balaji Srinivasan (21.co & a16z) on pioneering crypto & social tokens, judging ICOs, extended longevity, free speech, future tech predictions as the internet becomes world’s biggest stock marketOct 10, 2017 Listen
E7: “Angel” podcast: Dave Samuel, Freestyle Capital, on joy & risk of early-stage, qualities of ideal founder, team & product, portfolio faves, & focused investing as a former entrepreneurOct 09, 2017 Listen
E768: Freestyle Capital’s Dave Samuel on the joy & risk of early-stage VC, ideal founder & product qualities, focused investing as a former entrepreneur, creating the world’s smartest toilet, & founding then selling the 1st internet music service to AOLOct 06, 2017 Listen
E767: Jason Goldberg (Pepo, Fab.com) introduces Simple Token for apps to launch branded crypto tokens, shares serial entrepreneur highs & lows, gaining perspective with age, & building the plumbing for a decentralized webOct 03, 2017 Listen
E766: Casey Winters (Greylock, prev. Pinterest & Grubhub) shows how to measure retention & product-market fit to LAUNCH IncubatorSep 26, 2017 Listen
E6: “Angel” podcast: Ben Narasin shares his strategy behind 80 portfolio co’s (w/ 50% Series A conversions & 3 unicorns), proven thesis on successful startups & founders, & betting on the strength of convictionSep 24, 2017 Listen
E765: Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde on his P2P revolution for tech access, jail-time lessons, broken democracy, death of privacy, redefining politics, & the frightening specter of President Zuck – at #SthlmTech FestSep 19, 2017 Listen
E764: News Roundtable! Molly Wood (Marketplace Tech) & Sarah Frier (Bloomberg): Facebook takes Russian money (& next bombshell predictions), divisive ads, Zuck run amok, $1000 Apple, AI predicts orientation, Bodega blow-upSep 15, 2017 Listen
E763: Front CEO Mathilde Collin on reinventing team & customer communication with collaborative inbox, unseating enterprise giants, Paris v. SV entrepreneurship, integrating A.I., & building a culture of transparencySep 12, 2017 Listen
E5: “Angel” podcast: Zach Coelius, founder-turned-angel & Syndicate leader with a $1b exit after only 2yrs investing, shares insights on advising, hustling, deal flow, & the thrill of first market validationSep 09, 2017 Listen
E762: Leap Motion uses high-fidelity hand tracking to make AR/VR come to life; CEO/co-founder Michael Buckwald talks mission, predictions, & successfully funding a 10yr journey pre product-market fitSep 08, 2017 Listen
E761: Tim O’Reilly & new book “WTF: What’s the Future & Why It’s Up to Us” use tech’s history & lessons to reveal the true nature of our economy, & the difficult choices we need to make now for our future economic survivalSep 05, 2017 Listen
E760: MedAware & uHoo: two emerging international health startups aiming to eliminate prescription errors & toxic airSep 04, 2017 Listen
E759: Tezos CEO/Co-founder Kathleen Breitman on her record-breaking $232m ICO for a new self-governing smart contract blockchain, fundraising in Switzerland’s Crypto Valley, innovating beyond skepticism, the rise of cypherpunks & the world-changing potential of cryptocurrencySep 01, 2017 Listen
E758: Blockchain CEO Peter Smith on scaling his cryptocurrency wallet to 16m+ users, new Etherium & bitcoin cash integration, ICO predictions, the state of the dark web, regulation speculation, & the power of monetary velocityAug 29, 2017 Listen
E4: “Angel” podcast: angel & syndicate leader Ed Roman on optimizing for outsized outcomes, leaning on gut & market analysis, not learning the wrong lessons, avoiding fraudulent customers, & swinging for fences (only) in SVAug 26, 2017 Listen
E757: Kevin Kelly, “Wired” Founding Executive Editor & “The Inevitable” author/futurist, on transformative A.I. & soft singularity, our global identity crisis, radical optimism about employment, & finding ourselves at only the beginning of the internetAug 25, 2017 Listen
E756: Technology pioneer Jim Clark, Co-founder Netscape & Silicon Graphics, launches CommandScape, a building management system for commercial & premium properties, & shares vision on future of security, jobs & the core of entrepreneurshipAug 22, 2017 Listen
E755: News Roundtable! Ari Levy (CNBC) & Dave Mathews (NewAer): Trump’s disbanded panels, Cloudflare & other co’s boot white supremacists, Amazon reigns (still), rough summer for IPOs, Uber settles with FTC, Bitcoin predictionsAug 18, 2017 Listen
E754: Atipica Founder & CEO Laura Gomez combines artificial & human intelligence in recruiting to tackle SV’s talent & diversity crisis, helping businesses excel in the workforce of the futureAug 15, 2017 Listen
E3: “Angel” podcast: Andrea Zurek, XG Ventures (Facebook, Twitter) & angel since 2006, shares startup selection criteria, lessons building Google, ideal terms & valuations, solving hard problems & finding right combination of money, fortitude, disciplineAug 12, 2017 Listen
E753: LAUNCH Angel Summit: Esther Dyson on early days of angel investing, jobs with purpose, improving America’s health, & future of AR, VR, & self-driving carsAug 11, 2017 Listen
E752: All #AskJason: Bootstrapping in flyover states, beating powerful competition, product v. pitch deck, hardware traction & metrics, advice for non-accredited investors, online communities dos & don’tsAug 04, 2017 Listen
E751: Live at Spotify NYC: Charles Duhigg, Pulitzer Prize winner & author (“The Power of Habit,” “Smarter Faster Better”), on social responsibility of tech, science of habits, self-motivation & winning teams, anti-intellectualism in Trump era, immigration & moreAug 01, 2017 Listen
E2: “Angel” podcast: super angel & syndicate leader Gil Penchina on 20 yrs & 200+ investments, learning the game & making your own rules, which founders to back & avoid, optimizing deal flow, minimizing failure, & enjoying the chaosJul 29, 2017 Listen
E750: LAUNCH Angel Summit: Sequoia Partner Alfred Lin on backing mission-driven founders, seed stage strategies, the rise of A.I., & the future of tech startupsJul 28, 2017 Listen
E749: James Altucher interviews Jason on his new book “Angel”: a guidebook to becoming a world-class investor — or founder — in America’s new system of wealth creationJul 25, 2017 Listen
E748: LAUNCH Angel Summit: Top VC Brian Singerman, Founders Fund (fmr Google, angel) shares portfolio bests (Stemcentrx, SpaceX, DeepMind) & favorite betsJul 21, 2017 Listen
E747: The Syndicate 2: Top startups pitch to world-class investors: w/RecoverX, Stowaway, Zembula, Vow To Be Chic, Elemeno Health, MailHavenJul 19, 2017 Listen
E1: “Angel” Podcast Premiere: Cyan Banister, angel investor now Founders Fund VC, shares portfolio hits/misses, deal flow strategies, finding founder-product fit & backing startups that change human behaviorJul 18, 2017 Listen
E746: Talla CEO Rob May on using A.I. & machine learning to automate HR & IT, the power of bots, the future of jobs, & the age of verticalized A.I.Jul 14, 2017 Listen
E745: Tovala founder & CEO David Rabie introduces his smart, cloud-connected oven to cook ready-made meals with a smartphoneJul 11, 2017 Listen
E744: Initialized Capital Operating Partner & TechCrunch contributor Kim-Mai Cutler on affordable housing crisis in San Francisco Bay Area at intersection of race, class, & Silicon ValleyJul 07, 2017 Listen
E743: News Roundtable! Robert Scoble & Iain Thomson talk new Apple AR, iPhone’s 10 yrs, data collecting destroying privacy for everybody, Amazon gets Whole Foods, Google stops Gmail scan, Trump attacks, Binary Capital, Uber futureJun 30, 2017 Listen
E742: Stockholm Startup Showcase with Tyler Crowley: Tictail connects world’s best designers; FishBrain levels up fishing with data; Simris pioneers agribusiness with algae; Venue crowdsources live music experiencesJun 27, 2017 Listen
E741: Kevin Rose, True Ventures PT2: Best ways to pitch, lessons from investing & Google Ventures, cryptocurrency, housing crises, tech & politicsJun 23, 2017 Listen
E740: Kevin Rose, True Ventures PT1: early Digg days, what it takes to make great products, building Oak meditation app w/fan engagement & real-time data, evaluating founder-investor fit, advice for pitchingJun 20, 2017 Listen
E739: “Gut Feel” in angel investing: Wharton Prof of Entrepreneurship Laura Huang on how early investors make decisions, quantifying the unquantifiable, questioning meritocracy, the role of gender & other biases (& how to hack them)Jun 13, 2017 Listen
E738: Treehouse online coding school & founder Ryan Carson get aspiring programmers & developers “zero to job-ready” & use the power of apprenticeships to close the tech skills gap for underrepresented groupsJun 06, 2017 Listen
E737: Brit + Co founder & CEO Brit Morin on building her digital media & ecommerce powerhouse at intersection of creativity & tech, connecting users w/makers, partnering w/Target, inspiring women & Gen Z, & defining the future of retailJun 02, 2017 Listen
E736: Robinhood uses free stock trading to open access to the entire American financial system; co-founder Vlad Tenev talks mission, building a billion dollar startup & the business of millennial money managementMay 30, 2017 Listen
E735: All #AskJason: Failing after product-market fit, consumer app VC & monetization, the (un)necessity of patents, (un)fundable b-corps, hard lessons, focus above everythingMay 26, 2017 Listen
E734: Live Crowdfunding Startup Showcase: product pitches & investor inquiries w/Swiftmile, Lendsnap, Kylie.ai, LEAF, NowRX & Laugh.ly – presented by SeedInvest & LAUNCHMay 23, 2017 Listen
E733: News Roundtable! Molly Wood (Marketplace) & Ben Parr (Octane AI): future of net neutrality, Google Lens & iPhone-less predictions, Uber Freight, Biz Stone’s return, how to save Twitter, Elon’s tunnel vision, breaking Trump chaosMay 19, 2017 Listen
E732: “The Syndicate”: 7 top startups across 7 verticals pitch to 20 world-class investors, w/Cafe X, Connected Signals, Blokable, Tueo Health, Interviewed, PowerScout, Underground CellarMay 12, 2017 Listen
E731: Inside LAUNCH Incubator, PT2: Ready: Cross-platform programming for personal robotics; Keepster: Curating messages to keep what matters most; Genius Link: Fixing broken links for global brands; Poppins: Child care reimagined with invitation-based serviceMay 09, 2017 Listen
E730: Inside LAUNCH Incubator, PT1: Transported: Virtual Reality Tours for Real Estate & FitBod: Personalized strength-training powered by machine learningMay 05, 2017 Listen
E729: Founder Richard Craib shares his A.I. hedge fund Numerai, built with an anonymous network of 15,000 (& counting) data scientists, encryption, the blockchain, his own currency to reward collaboration, and a mission to manage the world’s moneyMay 02, 2017 Listen
E728: “Angel” Sneak Peek + Startup Tune-up: Founder Institute students get first-look at Jason’s upcoming book on angel investing, as he refines their pitches & shares career lessons, insights & adviceApr 28, 2017 Listen
E727: Future of Food: ROBOTS! w/Alex Garden (Zume Pizza), Henry Hu (Cafe X), Deepak Sekar (Chowbotics); bonus: Hotel Tonight’s Amanda Richardson shares how to grow revenue by giving away your productApr 25, 2017 Listen
E726: Investor Outlook with Hunter Walk (Homebrew), Megan Quinn (Spark Capital), & Jalak Jobanputra (FuturePerfect VC); bonus: Rishi Garg, Mayfield (prev. VP CorpDev, Twitter) shares how to stay sane while selling your companyApr 21, 2017 Listen
E725: 500 Startups’ Dave McClure shares strategies as SV’s most prolific investor, common early-stage startup mistakes & advice to founders; Greylock’s Sarah Tavel on 10 lessons from scaling PinterestApr 18, 2017 Listen
E724: Investor Outlook with Gil Penchina (Flight.vc), Cyan Banister (Founders Fund), Ryan Feit (SeedInvest); Jed Katz of Javelin Venture Partners on a step-by-step practical guide to getting your Series BApr 14, 2017 Listen
E723: Stripe CEO Patrick Collison on building his online payment powerhouse, creating Atlas to incorporate the world’s entrepreneurs, public/private markets, & increasing the GDP of the internetApr 11, 2017 Listen
E722: Bill Gurley of Benchmark, SV leader & legendary investor (Uber, Twitter, Snapchat) at LAUNCH Festival April 6 2017Apr 07, 2017 Listen
E721: News Roundtable! Iain Thomson (The Register) & Austin Smith (Inside): ISP privacy shattered, Palmer Luckey leaves, FB rips off Snap (again), Elon’s Neuralink & SpaceX hits, Trolls & Idiots of the WeekMar 31, 2017 Listen
E720: Capital Factory founder Josh Baer on making Austin a startup hub & beacon for talent, investing hits & spectacular failures, nailing deal flow, crowdfunding & rising tide of opportunities for entrepreneurs @ at Cisco Spark Haus, SXSW 2017Mar 28, 2017 Listen
E719: Pear.vc Managing Partner Mar Hershenson on Clinching the Series A: Creating & executing your Ops plan, success metrics, critical data, investor engagement, effective leadership, & navigating fundraising & future marketsMar 24, 2017 Listen
E718: NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson on building to $1b run rate, early days at Oracle, McAfee & Sun, pioneering enterprise, prioritizing sales, going public, the CEO’s toughest job & the future of employmentMar 21, 2017 Listen
E717: News Roundtable! Rolfe Winkler (WSJ) & Tess Townsend (Recode): Google, voice-assistant wars & fax-sending bots, political ads & activism, Trump tweets & Twitter slump, Zenefits former CEO starts over, PewDiePie & moreMar 17, 2017 Listen
E716: People & Product: Intercom co-founder Des Traynor on importance of alignment, building a product-first co., hiring by values, scaling carefully, & avoiding churnMar 14, 2017 Listen
E715: News Roundtable! Liz Gannes and Ben Parr talk Snap IPO & predictions, Trump tweets & H1B, FB & fake news, Uber seeks no. 2 exec, drone-bearing cars & 3D-printed houses & moreMar 07, 2017 Listen
E714: SeedInvest co-founder Ryan Feit on the equity crowdfunding revolution, giving new access to startups & non-accredited investors, & opening the door for Wolf3D founder Timmu Tõke to integrate humanity within VRMar 03, 2017 Listen
E713: All #AskJason, PT2: How to break into VC, building social networks, disrupting housing & transportation, taking risks, & the meaning of successFeb 28, 2017 Listen
E712: All #AskJason, PT1: VC ethics, investing strategies, picking winners, patents & NDAs, women in entrepreneurship, bootstrapping to success & moreFeb 24, 2017 Listen
E711: IFTTT co-founder & CEO Linden Tibbets on building his leading IoT connector of services & 3rd-party devices, essential applets, Alexa everywhere & the dominance of digital assistanceFeb 21, 2017 Listen
E710: REstore founder Jan-Willem Rombouts solves the electrical grid & balances renewable energy with virtual power stations; Bonus LAUNCH SCALE: Greylock’s Josh Elman on making your product viral in 5 easy waysFeb 17, 2017 Listen
E709: VC Outlook w/Jeff Clavier (SoftTech), Omar Hamoui (Sequoia), Patricia Nakache (Trinity) & Aydin Senkut (Felicis): lessons learned, greatest misses, Series A crunch, SV v. int’l, startups behaving badly, & the Trump factor — at Upfront Summit 2017Feb 14, 2017 Listen
E708: Filmed at Upfront Summit 2017! Vinod Khosla on his journey from entrepreneur to VC, early days at Sun Microsystems, changing the trajectory of the internet, advice to founders & investors, future of cleantech, AI & job growthFeb 10, 2017 Listen
E707: Jam Session! Startup founders, growth & marketing experts share best practices for communication: use landing pages to capture free traffic, run your marketing department like a tv newsroom, & grow with exponential long-term impactFeb 07, 2017 Listen
E706: Part 2: Sam Harris, “Waking Up” host, philosopher & neuroscientist on Trump’s asymmetric warfare, Muslim ban, the Jihadism problem, Zuck’s moral compass, fake news & how to avoid the A.I. apocalypseFeb 03, 2017 Listen
E705: Sam Harris, “Waking Up” host, author, philosopher & neuroscientist, on dawn of A.I. & the uncanny valley of robotics, science of morality, mindful meditation & Trump’s lies – PART 1Jan 31, 2017 Listen
E704: Napster co-founder Jordan Ritter & his new Atlas Informatics are redefining search to solve digital chaos in the age of contextual intelligence; the future of cybersecurity, privacy, AI/machine learning, & political turbulenceJan 27, 2017 Listen
E703: News Roundtable! Katie Benner (NYT) and Amir Efrati (The Information): self-driving, Trump & tech, SV apocalypse preppers, the future of net neutrality, Snap readying for IPO, Zuck campaigning?, moreJan 24, 2017 Listen
E702: Stellar startups at CES ‘17 PART 2: wearable interactive lightshow, Raspberry Pi bests, smart garbage that shops, hack-free home security, paper airplane drones, connected baby, tech hubs & moreJan 20, 2017 Listen
E701: PART 1: The best of future tech & stellar startups at CES with Dave Mathews (NewAer): Alexa everywhere, drones rising, autonomous everything, carsharing & the surging of electric vehicles, w/ChargePoint & VULOGJan 17, 2017 Listen
E700: Ring CEO & Chief Inventor James Siminoff on reinventing home security with 1st wi-fi-enabled video doorbell, reducing neighborhood crime, & the future of home automationJan 13, 2017 Listen
E699: Mighty Networks founder & CEO Gina Bianchini builds smarter social networks for business and lasting online communities, using lessons from Ning & the best tools for efficient entrepreneurshipJan 10, 2017 Listen
E698: Best of SCALE! SaaStr Founder Jason Lemkin on getting from $1m to $10m in ARR; Calm Founder Alex Tew demos how to land 100,000 users before you launchJan 03, 2017 Listen
E697: Sunflower Labs co-founder Alex Pachikov on modernizing home security with world’s first smart sensor & drone technology; Bonus LAUNCH SCALE: Homebrew Partner Satya Patel on locking down Series ADec 27, 2016 Listen
E696: The Distracted Mind’s Adam Gazzaley on our mental degradation, designing products for health, safety & performance, & how we can rescue our brains from high-tech addictionDec 23, 2016 Listen
E695: News Roundtable! Dave Mathews (NewAer) & Iain Thomson (The Register) on 2016 best & 2017 bets: Apple follies, drones rising, hacking everywhere, Putin in play, Trump’s tech, self-driving bets, fake FacebookDec 16, 2016 Listen
E694: Leade.rs Founder Loic Le Meur on building Europe’s tech with LeWeb, investing in SV powerhouses LinkedIn & Evernote, and now creating a marketplace for the world’s greatest speakersDec 09, 2016 Listen
E693: Founder Tom Patterson on growing Tommy John 2.5x YOY in a $41b industry; Future of Fundraising with Paul Judge (Luma), Christine Tsai (500 Startups), Ryan Feit (SeedInvest)Dec 02, 2016 Listen
E692: CEO David Sacks on scaling Z2, the next generation of Zenefits; Founders Fund Partner Cyan Banister shares 10 strategies for scaling company cultureNov 29, 2016 Listen
E691: LAUNCH SCALE: Yossi Vardi shares insights from 85 investments & 26 exits: execution over ideas, mastering persistence, and winning the game that is based on failureNov 22, 2016 Listen
E690: Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman on reinventing & revitalizing real estate for the consumer; Pear Founding Partner Pejman Nozad on his journey to America, from selling carpets to building a $20b portfolioNov 18, 2016 Listen
E689: News Roundtable! Molly Wood (Marketplace) & Eric Newcomer (Bloomberg) on Trump’s triumph, tech, Thiel, the flaws of polling & data journalism, the future of jobs, & the fate of Silicon ValleyNov 11, 2016 Listen
E688: R/GA Ventures’ Nick Coronges & Richard Ting help startups scale and build enduring brands, forge founder partnerships with major players, and invest in creative capital to dominate the NYC ecosystemNov 04, 2016 Listen
E687: Harry’s co-founder & co-CEO Andy Katz-Mayfield shares e-commerce expertise and the science of customer acquisition, vertical integration & direct-to-consumer marketingNov 01, 2016 Listen
E686: Douglas Rushkoff on “Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus: How Growth Became the Enemy of Prosperity,” exposing the downside of the digital revolution, income inequality & growth agendas of large companiesOct 28, 2016 Listen
E685: CEO John Shahidi on evolving Shots Studios from selfie app to mega-talent content creator, making videos with Justin Bieber & Floyd Mayweather, & discovering the next generation of comedy superstarsOct 25, 2016 Listen
E684: Jam Session! Startup founders & growth experts share best strategies to become an influencer, build a channel sales program, & engineer your way to content successOct 21, 2016 Listen
E683: Founder Nancy Lublin (DoSomething.org, Dress for Success) takes on suicide prevention with Crisis Text Line, partnering the power of human empathy with machine learning to save livesOct 18, 2016 Listen
E682: Unity co-founder David Helgason on creating world’s leading 2D & 3D game-making platform, gaming industry trends & challenges, & the future of VR & AROct 14, 2016 Listen
E681: Tala founder Shivani Siroya on transforming microfinance & loans in emerging markets, using untraditional data & behavioral variables to build a global industry & being the CEO of Chris Sacca’s favorite portfolio companyOct 11, 2016 Listen
E680: Farmers Business Network co-founder & CEO Amol Deshpande on using data to empower farmers, how food supply actually works, GMOs & organics pros/cons & the future of feeding humanityOct 07, 2016 Listen
E679: Internet Harassment & Free Speech: Quinn Norton & Kevin Marks join Jason to debate how trolling, human rights, and anonymity v. transparency play out online and in real lifeOct 04, 2016 Listen
E678: Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Edward Humes on his book “Door to Door,” the world of transportation, the tech behind on-demand, & the future of alternative fuel, autonomous travelSep 30, 2016 Listen
E677: Chris Sacca & Matt Mazzeo, Part 2: Shark Tank, investing in diversity, Lowercase Alpha, eSports, voting, & the privilege & pressure of spending OPM (other people’s money)Sep 27, 2016 Listen
E676: Chris Sacca & Matt Mazzeo, Lowercase Capital, Part1: Universal principles of building startups, investing with integrity, major Twitter stumbles & best solutions for its future growth (or purchase)Sep 23, 2016 Listen
E675: Chain CEO & Co-founder Adam Ludwin on creating the tool helping the top financial firms deploy blockchain, history & future of bitcoin, relevance & the long-term effect of DAO hack, Twitter, Apple, Tesla & a multitude of tech tangents & predictionsSep 20, 2016 Listen
E674: Upfront Ventures’ Mark Suster shares secrets from both sides of the table: advice for pitching to VCs, best founder qualities, investing in lines not dots, skipping demo day, missing Uber, being pro-a16z & pro-IPOSep 16, 2016 Listen
E673: News Roundtable! Cade Metz of Wired & Ellen Huet of Bloomberg talk Apple event, a16z & WSJ haggle over returns, Theranos, startups tightening belts, Airbnb anti-discrimination policy, burrito-bearing drones, Burning Man & moreSep 09, 2016 Listen
E672: SumoMe & AppSumo Founder Noah Kagan on being Facebook emp #30, getting fired & losing $185m in co. shares, why email marketing reigns supreme & tips to grow your website traffic, lists & audienceSep 06, 2016 Listen
E671: All #AskJason: Wooing investors after failure, advice for introverts, approach to pricing, tackling growth, B2B vs. B2C & moreSep 02, 2016 Listen
E670: Munchery CEO & Co-founder Tri Tran on escaping Vietnam and pioneering a food movement in America with his healthy dinner-delivery powerhouseAug 30, 2016 Listen
E669: Moon Express’ Bob Richards on being 1st private co. to get permission to go beyond earth’s orbit, plans for moon mining, creating an 8th continent, & unlocking resources of the universeAug 26, 2016 Listen
E668: News Roundtable! Jeff Bercovici (Inc.) & Olivia Zaleski (Bloomberg): Hampton Creek controversy & SEC inquiry, Peter Thiel’s revenge & the end of Gawker, robotics & self-driving carsAug 23, 2016 Listen
E667: Redpoint VC & analyst Tomasz Tunguz on his new book “Winning with Data,” advice for startups, using data to transform business, key investment outlook predictions, the best data-driven co’s & moreAug 19, 2016 Listen
E666: PT2-Ed Catmull, President Pixar-Disney & author “Creativity, Inc.” on Disney merge, the art of good filmmaking, building creative culture through radical support, risk-taking to triumph & failure, & storytelling struggles that led to timeless classicsAug 16, 2016 Listen
E665: PT1-Ed Catmull, Pixar-Disney President & “Creativity, Inc.” author on his early days as a pioneer in computer animation, learning from George Lucas & Steve Jobs, struggles with Disney, the creative necessities of loyalty, change & failureAug 12, 2016 Listen
E664: News Roundtable! Ari Levy (CNBC) & Rolfe Winkler (WSJ): Walmart snags Jet.com – Google, gov’t & anti-trust – U.S. debt crisis – Uber & the China market – Elon & future of energy – startups behaving badlyAug 09, 2016 Listen
E663: “Godfather of SaaS” Jason Lemkin shares the early indicators of hyper-growth SaaS & his investment strategies with LAUNCH IncubatorAug 02, 2016 Listen
E662: Jam Session! Startup founders share best practices for e-commerce: Leveraging data, optimizing paid & offline acquisition, & thinking beyond digital to create trustJul 29, 2016 Listen
E661: George Hotz, founder of Comma.ai, on the vision & technology behind his Tesla rival, autonomous driving startupJul 22, 2016 Listen
E660: Antonio Garcia Martinez shares insights from his bestselling ”Chaos Monkeys: Obscene Fortune and Random Failure in Silicon Valley,” revealing the secrets of Facebook, Twitter, Y Combinator, dodgy SV deals & startup strugglesJul 19, 2016 Listen
E659: Founder Institute CEO Adeo Ressi shares lessons from running his global startup powerhouse, characteristics of successful founders, funding strategies & hardshipsJul 12, 2016 Listen
E658: #AskJason at The Last Mile tech accelerator & training program at San Quentin State PrisonJul 08, 2016 Listen
E657: SeedInvest Co-founder Ryan Feit on his role in passing JOBS Act, spearheading Title III & the equity crowdfunding revolutionJul 05, 2016 Listen
E656: News Roundtable! Robert Scoble (Upload VR) & Iain Thomson (The Register); Tesla’s fatal crash, useless jetpacks, VR craze, gun control, national security & moreJul 01, 2016 Listen
E655: Journalist Virginia Heffernan on her new book, “Magic and Loss: The Internet as Art,” the web’s earliest days, Twitter poetry & pain, free speech, minimalist theism, TV triumphs & moreJun 28, 2016 Listen
E654: Producer David Gluck brings JOBS Act Title III to life with his immersive “The Speakeasy,” the first equity crowdfunding theater project in the U.S.Jun 24, 2016 Listen
E653: #AskJason @ Microsoft Global Startup Roadshow: global economic engagement, universal CEO challenges, China’s B2C market, fundraising metrics & moreJun 21, 2016 Listen
E652: News Roundtable! Katie Benner, NYT & Eric Newcomer, Bloomberg: More Gawker-Thiel, 1st amendment, FB moral obligations, Microsoft buys Linkedin, Theranos slow-motion train wreckJun 17, 2016 Listen
E651: Trello CEO Michael Pryor on scaling internationally to 1.1m daily users, benefits to hiring remote devs, and the future of work and communicationJun 14, 2016 Listen
E650: Jam Session! Startup founders share best practices for customer management, satisfaction & successJun 10, 2016 Listen
E649: News Roundtable! Jessica Lessin (The Information) & Nellie Bowles (The Guardian) talk Thiel v. Gawker, the Trump effect on SV & the moral obligations of FBJun 07, 2016 Listen
E648: All #AskJason: cannabis, education, diversity, real estate, funding & more at #TWiSTlive, Microsoft ReactorJun 03, 2016 Listen
E647: IBM SmartCamp 2015 showcase: Winner Jessika Lora’s CarForce connects customers & dealers; finalists Mike Holt of Singapore’s gridComm makes smart street lights & Yoly Avalos of Bquate rocks music distribution in Latin AmericaMay 31, 2016 Listen
E646: TWiST Live at Microsoft Reactor! Eric Ries, author of “The Lean Startup” & upcoming “The Leader’s Guide,” on the science of startup success & pro-entrepreneurship public policyMay 27, 2016 Listen
E645: David Bennahum, Alpha Venture advisor & Founding Maker of Ready, shares his new coding education program for kids & the urgency of computational literacyMay 24, 2016 Listen
E644: Accelerator panel with Dave McClure (500 Startups), Emily Kirsch (Powerhouse), Cameron Teitelman (StartX); Joel Spolsky of Stack Overflow on his developer Q&A juggernautMay 17, 2016 Listen
E643: Vicarious co-founder Scott Phoenix on innovating in AI & the race to unlock the human brain to create artificial general intelligence, the last tech humans will inventMay 13, 2016 Listen
E642: News Roundtable! Veronica Belmont & Dave Mathews talk Bots galore, best VR, Twitter security v. privacy, Facebook curation controversyMay 11, 2016 Listen
E641: Tony Xu, DoorDash Co-founder & CEO, on building a thriving business in the difficult on-demand marketMay 03, 2016 Listen
E640: AOL co-founder Steve Case on the internet revolution & innovation roadmap in his new book, “The Third Wave: An Entrepreneur’s Vision of the Future”Apr 29, 2016 Listen
E639: All-star angel investors Gil Penchina (FlightVC), Paige Craig (ArenaVC) & Jenny Fielding (Techstars); FanDuel’s Nigel Eccles on explosive success, mass appeal of daily fantasy sportsApr 26, 2016 Listen
E638: Blake Scholl, CEO & Founder of Boom Technology, resurrects the dream of fast flight with his supersonic passenger airplaneApr 19, 2016 Listen
E637: Foursquare CEO Jeff Glueck on using data to map the global economy, bridging digital with physical; Houzz CEO & Co-founder Adi Tatarko designs home dreams for 35m users worldwideApr 12, 2016 Listen
E636: Pioneers of space tech & 3D printing: Planet Lab’s Will Marshall & Carbon3D’s Joe DeSimone at LAUNCH FestivalApr 08, 2016 Listen
E635: VCs Hunter Walk (Homebrew), Aileen Lee (Cowboy Ventures), Jed Katz (Javelin Venture Partners) on the state of investing; Cyanogen’s Kirt McMaster demos his new platform MODApr 01, 2016 Listen
E634: Hadley Wickham, RStudio Chief Scientist & open source pioneer, on breakthroughs in data science, visualization, statistics & the biggest philosophical questions facing humanityMar 31, 2016 Listen
E633: News Roundtable! Ben Parr & Lon Harris dissect A.I. gone bad, robots taking over, Hulk Hogan, free speech, political scandal, low-paying jobs, & the future of citiesMar 25, 2016 Listen
E632: Parker Thompson, a.k.a. @StartupLJackson, shares insights from creating his wildly popular Twitter persona & turns full focus toward new work at AngelListMar 22, 2016 Listen
E631: Sebastian Thrun (Udacity, fmr GoogleX) & George Zachary (CRV) on democratizing higher ed & the future of jobs; bonus: Ludlow Venture’s Jonathon Triest on authenticity & successMar 18, 2016 Listen
E630: Keith Rabois on his home-buying disruptor Opendoor, the political storm, advice for founders & the rules of innovation; bonus: Cyan Banister on investing with purposeMar 15, 2016 Listen
E629: Hyperloop Tech co-founders Shervin Pishevar & Brogan BamBrogan are making the dream of high-speed travel a reality, changing the future of transportation & citiesMar 11, 2016 Listen
E628: SocialCapital’s Chamath Palihapitiya on the state of the tech industry, politics, diversity, four keys to picking investors, and the changing morality in America at LAUNCH Festival 2016Mar 08, 2016 Listen
E627: Pinterest product growth lead Casey Winters gives a crash course in growing a startup (or, WTF is growth?)Mar 04, 2016 Listen
E626: Zapier CEO & Co-Founder Wade Foster on creating the ultimate app connector, & the future of automation and integrationMar 01, 2016 Listen
E625: Jonah Greenberger’s Bright brings affordable solar energy, and new career opportunities, to Mexico; Jennie Ripps shakes up the first tea cocktail mixer w/Owl’s BrewFeb 26, 2016 Listen
E624: Thinking through the funnel: Des Traynor, Intercom founder, teaches the LAUNCH Incubator how to acquire & retain customersFeb 23, 2016 Listen
E623: Dennis Mortensen’s startup, x.ai, is an AI assistant that sets up meetings like a human, and that’s only the beginningFeb 19, 2016 Listen
E622: Alec Ross, Sen. Advisor for Innovation during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Sec. of State, discusses his new book & the “Industries of the Future” propelling us forwardFeb 16, 2016 Listen
E621: Science rules! Rowbots transforms agriculture with robotic farming & Experiment.com crowdfunds cutting-edge researchFeb 12, 2016 Listen
E620: Sprig co-founder & CEO Gagan Biyani scales sustainable, on-demand healthy food up to the next levelFeb 09, 2016 Listen
E619: News Roundtable! Marketplace’s Molly Wood & The Guardian’s Nellie Bowles: Theranos, LinkedIn, Yahoo!, what’s up w/YC, warped SF, & the land customer service forgot (hint: SV)Feb 05, 2016 Listen
E618: Brock Pierce (Blockchain Capital Partner & Bitcoin Foundation Chair), breaks down blockchain protocol, bitcoin mining & scalability, innovative use cases, & the future of cryptocurrencyFeb 02, 2016 Listen