News in Brief 18 January 2019Jan 18, 2019 Listen
Attack on military base in Nigeria’s Borno State displaces thousands, cuts aid supplyJan 18, 2019 Listen
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UN rights chief alarmed over ‘excessive force’, live fire against Sudanese protestorsJan 17, 2019 Listen
‘Language death’ a ‘symptom’ of struggle to save indigenous identity Jan 16, 2019 Listen
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First Yemen aid delivery in more than six months reaches Hudaydah communities Jan 15, 2019 Listen
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Saudi teen set to be ‘fully integrated’ in Canadian society: UNHCRJan 14, 2019 Listen
How blockchain technology could help developing countries’ creative sectorJan 14, 2019 Listen
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Surviving the Haiti earthquake: a UN staffer’s storyJan 12, 2019 Listen
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Eight years into Syria’s brutal war, storm in Lebanon compounds refugee ‘misery’ Jan 10, 2019 Listen
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New Myanmar Rakhine violence could escalate rapidly, warns top UN relief officialJan 09, 2019 Listen
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Lights, camera, action: new TV pilot shines spotlight on UN womenJan 08, 2019 Listen
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Tanzanian human rights champion for women and girls wins top awardJan 04, 2019 Listen
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News in Brief 31 December 2018Dec 31, 2018 Listen
‘The longer we wait to reduce emissions, the more challenging will be’, warns climate expertDec 31, 2018 Listen
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FAO aims for sustainable mechanization of farming, ‘the backbone of the African economy’Dec 28, 2018 Listen
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First World War exhibition highlights conflict’s mixed international legacy Dec 24, 2018 Listen
Appalachian cellist ditches the van, to pedal against climate changeDec 21, 2018 Listen
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‘Empty lands in Myanmar’ await Rohingya return: UNDP directorDec 21, 2018 Listen
INTERVIEW: Scene is set for more face-to-face talks on an end to war in YemenDec 20, 2018 Listen
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World Food Programme urges US to reconsider Palestine funding cuts: civilian impact ‘horrendous’Dec 20, 2018 Listen
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Saving lives with data: how the UN is developing digital tools for improved humanitarian aidDec 19, 2018 Listen
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Refugees’ plight ‘will not stop’ unless root causes of flight are addressed: GA PresidentDec 18, 2018 Listen
‘Massive funding crisis’ for Palestine relief, compounds ‘collapsing system’: UN coordinatorDec 18, 2018 Listen
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Podcast: ‘Plant-based meat’ alternatives begin to bite, in battle against climate changeDec 17, 2018 Listen
$5.5 billion appeal for millions of Syrians and host communities affected by civil warDec 15, 2018 Listen
Half a degree matters - leading UN climate change expertDec 14, 2018 Listen
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Yemen: fragile Hudaydah truce needs worldwide support, says WFPDec 14, 2018 Listen
Rap star who uses music to shrug off bullying and depression, tells his story at UN GenevaDec 14, 2018 Listen
Resilience of Libya’s people ‘astonishing’ despite seven years of severe conflict: top UN aid officialDec 13, 2018 Listen
Implementing first-ever global migration pact must involve public and private sector pushDec 13, 2018 Listen
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Beating climate change, boosting women: bike advocate takes to Damascus streetsDec 13, 2018 Listen
Cutting down plastic and pesticides, to halt climate change in IndiaDec 12, 2018 Listen
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Palestinians trapped in ‘coercive environment’, says UN rights officialDec 11, 2018 Listen
‘Time for all of us to wake up’ and save the planet: goalkeeper Karina LeBlanc at COP24 Dec 11, 2018 Listen
News in Brief 11 December 2018Dec 11, 2018 Listen
Global Compact enables ‘safe, regular, orderly migration from Africa’: former Liberia PresidentDec 11, 2018 Listen
Chad’s cattle herders welcome tech solutions to beat climate changeDec 11, 2018 Listen
Education ‘the key to social inclusion’ says Côte d’Ivoire refugee in MarrakechDec 10, 2018 Listen
News in Brief 10 December 2018Dec 10, 2018 Listen
COP24: Cleaning up industries which pollute, biggest financial opportunity of our timeDec 10, 2018 Listen
‘Still confident’ deadly DR Congo Ebola outbreak can be stopped, despite ‘negative’ factors: WHODec 07, 2018 Listen
Papua demonstrators must be allowed freedom to assert their rights: OHCHR Dec 07, 2018 Listen
Rising traffic-related deaths and injuries ‘a real issue of inequality,’ says WHODec 07, 2018 Listen
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Human Rights declaration 'wasn’t going to be much of anything', men said Dec 05, 2018 Listen
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'No question' of migration Compact's positive benefits: ArbourDec 05, 2018 Listen
UN Special Envoy heralds key 2019 Climate Change Summit to beat global warmingDec 04, 2018 Listen
Human rights on film: Festival celebrates mobile-made movies, for a causeDec 04, 2018 Listen
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International crime fighters out on patrol to boost SDGsDec 04, 2018 Listen
Afghan children used as ‘collateral’ with even babies promised in marriageDec 03, 2018 Listen
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Seeing, hearing, feeling the reality of child traffickingNov 30, 2018 Listen
‘Climate change is increasing the number of hungry people’: UN expertNov 30, 2018 Listen
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‘Genuine’ health for those living with mental disability, dependent on human rightsNov 30, 2018 Listen
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Getting young people to trust TV is the new challenge, say broadcasters Nov 29, 2018 Listen
Measles resurgence is source of extreme concern: WHONov 29, 2018 Listen
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Palestinian children ‘an inspiration’ in difficult circumstances: UN officialNov 28, 2018 Listen
South-South cooperation ‘really making a difference’ to developmentNov 28, 2018 Listen
Agriculture the ‘backbone’ of Afghan economy: FAO says amid severe droughtNov 27, 2018 Listen
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Checkpoints and searches: the daily reality for Palestinian children at Hebron schoolNov 27, 2018 Listen
Speak out to confront plague of sexual harrassment against women commutersNov 26, 2018 Listen
CAR alert as more than 60 per cent need urgent humanitarian assistanceNov 26, 2018 Listen
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2019 could be 'make or break' for Afghanistan, says top UN aid officialNov 26, 2018 Listen
Lowest rate of wage growth since 2008; gender ‘injustice’ continues: ILO chiefNov 26, 2018 Listen
‘Mixed picture’ of sustainable development in Asia-Pacific: UN regional armNov 23, 2018 Listen
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Near record funding for landmine clearance, but casualties remain highNov 21, 2018 Listen